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01 November 2008 - 30 August 2009
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K. Webb --- kacker27sbcglobal.net --- 30 Aug 09 - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Thank you for providing such a wonderful website and preserving the history of the 303rd Bomb Group. I am one of three very proud nephews of 1Lt Carl J. Fyler (P)(POW) shot down on Mission #84, 29 Nov 1943 Bremen, Germany. POW Stalag Luft I at Barth, Germany. To all the brave men and woman who made the ultimate sacrifice and to their families "God Bless" and thank you.
Cindy Mixon --- denalidogscomcast.net --- 28 Aug 09 - Hillsboro, Or
I am trying to locate any living member from the 305th Heavy Bomb Group,422nd BS, Chelveston, England. My Father's name is Capt. Ralph L Ricks. He was there 1943 through April 1945. He lives now in Oregon. Thank you. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Glenn Bowman --- gmbmanoptonline.net --- 26 Aug 09 - Sayreville, NJ
My friend is John Schwollow, B-17 Co-Pilot / Pilot
Barbara Del Buono Ritschel --- britschelnycap.rr.com --- 23 Aug 09 - Latham NY
My Dad's first cousin is Thomas J Del Buono and my dad is deceased and I wonder if the cousin he spoke so highly of is still alive. It was great seeing his photo...I have some photos of him too, so I do recognize him Can you put me in contact with him or his childred?
Scott Moselle --- smosellehotmail.com --- 22 Aug 09 - San Diego Ca USA
I was looking up my uncles big band era group and found this website. I was lucky to know him. he was a wonderful man.
Lorna Corrigan --- 20 Aug 09 - USA
Hi! I'm trying to locate information on my dad (deceased), Donald T. Corrigan, who was a radio gunner on a B-17 flying out of a base outside of London. His discharge papers say that he was a "Radio Operator Mechanic Gunner 757", and his army serial number was 16 081 650. Can you help me determine whether he was with the 303rd, or another group? Thanks! Lorna Corrigan
Shane Cadlolo --- MindweaverSDyahoo.com --- 19 Aug 09 - Modesto, CA
I just wanted to point out that Sgt Raymond Cadlolo was the waist gunner onboard the Shoo Shoo Baby. He had mentioned that he was planning to trade with the nose gunner (who perished) on the eighth mission, but was fortunate that he did not.
Jenny Hutchinson --- candaimagesyahoo.co.uk --- 13 Aug 09 - Britain
I'm an american living in britain and my partner found an old paper dated back to february 2009. It was mentioned in the article about your plane crash and how you managed to miss the steeple of the village church in alton. I'm learning so much since moving here to britain. I read your website info and WOW!! It really is an honor to read about a truly remarkable man! God Bless you!!
Sherry Schaefer --- slaschaefersbcglobal.net --- 12 Aug 09 - Dayton, Ohio
Herman G. Moening was my uncle who was my godfather. He was my mother's brother; the youngest and only boy in a family of 4 children. I have no memory of him because I was only month's old, but have quite a bit of 8mm footage that I put on video tape. The video shows what a humorous guy he was and I am sorry I missed meeting him. I understand he volunteered for his last mission which was supposed to be the last before he could come home. Thank you for putting this site together. God bless all of you 303rd members and family
Mike Oberschmidt --- obrschmaol.com --- 09 Aug 09 - King George, VA
Looking for anyone who knew or worked with Leander Piker (LP) Ratliff, Jr. We have a letter indicating he was in the 328 th Service Squadron. Thanks
Susan Auman Berry --- seaberrycfl.rr.com --- 06 Aug 09 - Cocoa, Florida
My daughter, whose husband is stationed in Ramstein, was doing an assignment for one of her college courses. It had to do with the Air Force and she wanted to know how her grandfather had gotten to be an officer. She did a search of his name and came upon this website. She showed me one of the photos and asked me, "Would one of these men be your father?" I spotted him right away. His name is Rictor Hamilton Auman. Unfortunately, my daughter never met him, as he passed away from a heart attack in 1977. Having just spent a month in Germany with my daughter, I found the information in some of the documents I've found very interesting. Some of the places we visited, I saw were targets of his squadron during WWII. One of the places - Kaiserslautern - is where she lives (off-base), and it was one of the targets, although not when my father was stationed there. Reading these reports certainly can change one's perspective on a place!
Cathy Brooks --- lamarbrookswindstream.net --- 04 Aug 09 - Moultrie, Ga
I finally found some information on my Grandfather. This is a wonderful tribute to the memories of the past. My Grandfather was Sergeant William M Magruder. He passed away last week. He was 97 years old. He was a Surgical Technician assigned to the 358th Bomber Squadron. He never talked much about these days. We did not push him because the memories always brought him to tears. He was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed. I would love to learn more about him and this website has helped tremendously. Thanks to all who contribute and maintain. Cathy Brooks
Kathilyn Baltes --- katinkaspawyahoo.com --- 03 Aug 09 - Lafayette, OR
Thank you for this site. It's very cool being able to show my sons their great-grandfather and the list of missions he flew. My oldest wants to be a pilot, so it's extra neat for him to see it's in his blood.
Heather G. Burr Haley --- jhaley2553aol.com --- 01 Aug 09 - Acworth, GA.
I googled my father, Howard G. Burr, and to my ecstatic surprise, I found him on the Malcolm F. Damon Crew - 427th BS. Howard was the navigator of the B-17, 303rd bomb group. I was so happy to see the photo of the crew and my father standing there..what an amazing treat...I would like to know if anyone from that crew is still alive...or if anyone that knew my father is alive. Howard passed away in 1996. I have a story he told me about his mission to bomb the Skoda works in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia...Howard said they crash landed near the Belgian border...they eventually walked into Brussels...the story is great. I'd love to know if there is anyone out there who was part of it. Please contact me. Thanks, Heather G. Burr Haley
Gary LaFrenier --- glafren152aol.com --- 01 Aug 09 - Grand Rapids, MI
I am doing some research for my Sons who want to know more about their Grandfather..S/SGT James LaFrenier from Saginaw, MI. Tailgunner in a B-17 Nick named "Betty Jane" I have a detailed diary of his 31 missions with buddies and SS numbers. It would be great to know more. He was in the 303rd Bombardment Group, 427th Bombardment Squadron. Anyone who has any idea on how to track information down would be appreciated.
John R Kruger --- montana_butte_ratymail.com --- 30 July 09 - Johnson City Tn
I met a fomer member of the 303rd Bomb Group, 360th Squadron at a Walmarts parking lot. Capt Hand saw my retired U.S.A.F decal on my vehicle, came over and told me he was a Bombardier in the 360th Squadron at Molesworth U.K. WWII. Bob Hand was quiet an artist and story teller. I got a copy of the "Last Raid" he wrote, from original notes and drawings he made while serving with the famed "Hell`s Angels" B-17 Fortress Group at Molesworth, U.K.
Dave Henderson --- legshendersoncomcast.net --- 24 July 09 - Santa Clara, CA
I am the son of a former B-17 pilot. It's good to see such an incredible web-site devoted to this part of WWII. To honor the men and women of our nation, both still with us and those who have been taken from us is worthy of our highest praise. I know the size of this undertaking can be daunting to say the least, but I discovered some errors that I would like to correct and I would like to know the correct chain of command for resolving these errors and how I can submit more photos and other information to the webmaster for posting. Thanks for the great web site and thanks for your time.
James Herman --- Jim.Hermanashgrove.com --- 23 July 09 - Kansas City KS
I am looking to do find info on a 449 bomb group. How do I go about that?
Darren Blake --- darren181170yahoo.co.uk --- 23 July 09 - Doncaster,South Yorkshire,U.K.
I would like to Commend all involved on a fantastically well organized and presented web sight . My purpose for visiting this sight was to reasearch a 303Bg air craft one of which was My Yorkshire Dream (G) 42-38051 427-P. I am a Volunteer member of Aeroventure The South Yorkshire Air Museum Based at th Former Airfield R.A.F. Doncaster Nr Doncaster,South Yorkshire in the U.K. and i like to conduct reasearch on the museums behalf. Our Interest in My Yorkshire Dream is what led to the aircraft getting its name.We hope some one could shed some light on this.
Thomas Adams --- tradams1wi.rr.com --- 22 July 09 - Wisconsin
I've decided to try and fill in and find pictures of my father, Curtis Ray Adams, who served in the 303rd bomb wing out of Tucson, AZ, from 1959 to sometime in the early 60's, i don't know if he considers this even remotely one of the best times in his past but I really want to see if I can find any pictures or stories from people who he would have known then, if anyone has any information or think they might? I would so appreciate it, even if its a group shot, like I know we used to take when i was in the service, Thanks again!
Floyd G. Marcusson --- namfgmaol.com --- 17 July 09 - Fallbrook, Ca,
I was in the 388th B.G. (560th Sq.) I had friends in the 303d who were shot down and died Jan 11th 1944 Carrothers crew.Some are buried in the Netherlands Cemetery. I met Guy Lance (Brinkley Crew) in 1995 and we spoke via phone several times before he passed away. I flew 29 missions between Nov. 26, 1943 to June 15, 1944. O'Neil' book, Half A Wing, Three Engines and a Prayer is among the very best I have ever read depicting air combat in WW2. Marc Marcusson P.S. You i.e. 303d have a fantastic website.
Keith Pollock --- kpollockngrain.com --- 17 July 09 - Point Roberts, WA
With the passing of an American Hero, Pilot George E. McCutcheon (http://www.nelsonsfuneralhome.com/obituary_view.cfm?obituaries_id=571), its a time to reflect on the life, successes and committment of this very generous man.
Vic Lowe --- vurdunlowetiscali.co.uk --- 14 July 09 - United Kingdom
Hi My name is Vic. I got interested in 303rd BG when I pulled details of B17 "MY YORKSHIRE DREAM" from your web site. I am a long standing Member of the "SOUTH YORKSHIRE AIRCRAFT MUSEUM" here in Doncaster.I have we have on display a Photo of the crew along side the Aircraft on display at the Museum it has received a lot of attention. I have permission to display the Photo although I have tried to obtain details of Dave C Headlee i have failed CAN you help.I can send more detail if requested. Vic Lowe. vurdunlowe@tiscali.co.uk Radio Ham Call G1IND
Christer Bergstrom --- christer.bm (at ) telia.com --- 10 July 09 - Sweden
I am looking for a contact with veterans from the 303rd BG for a book on the air war over Europe in 1942-1945. My name is Christer Bergstrom. I am a Swedish author and aviation historian, focused on the air war during World War II. I have had about twenty books on the subject, and those books have received good critics. See my website: http://www.bergstrombooks.elknet.pl/ In my writing, I always try to give the full picture, i.e. I tell the story from both sides and I am always objective. I am now starting the research for an upcoming pretty large project on the history of the air war between the USAAF and the Luftwaffe over Europe between 1942 and 1945. In this book, I find it vital that the men who participated in this epic air battle shall speak. I am looking for a contact with veterans of the 303rd BG who would be interested in contributing to my book with maybe two accounts of their experience during World War II, and maybe answering a couple of questions. That would be most valuable, and I would be most grateful. Please send your reply to my e-mail adress: christer.bm (at) telia.com All the best, Christer Bergström
MARCIA F KLEIN --- mytkleinoptonline.net --- 09 July 09 - PLAINVIEW, NY USA
my uncle was Henry G. Moss--a bombardeer killed in one of the last battles of wwII--what a great site! my brother told me about it!!
Henry George Fein --- hgfeinaol.com --- 09 July 09 - Rockville, MD
What a wonderful site, obviously created and maintained with love and respect. I am the nephew and namesake of 2LT Henry George Moss, the bombardier KIA on the last B17 lost (25 April 1945). He was my mother's kid brother, crazy about flying, who turned down an appointment to West Point to enlist in the Air Corps. I never knew my uncle, since I wasn't born until 1949, but his memory lives on. I am a COL(Ret) from the Army Medical Corps, having spent most of my career at Walter Reed Hospital and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. I showed the photo of Henry and the rest of his crew in the program for my retirement ceremony in November, 2005.
christine fink --- dissarmingyahoo.com --- 07 July 09 - Payette, Idaho
This is a wonderful site. Thanks so much for all the information and Pictures. My Grandfather, Clarence Houseman, talked frequently about these flights. It's so nice to be able to look at the pictures and understand what these brave men went through.
James B. Trivette Jr --- jbtrivettescottstringfellow.com --- 07 July 09 - Richmond, Va
This site is truly unbelievable. It took only seconds to find information on my wife's grandfather, BOM F/O Paul L. Mazey, his fortress, pictures of him and his crew and his flight details. Truly remarkable. Keep up the good work on the site!
LEIF ERICKSON --- www.laerickson5charter.net --- 06 July 09 - Greenville SC
I am a decendent of 1 Lt Roger W. Erickson. Looking for more info. Leif Erickson
L Archer --- 04 July 09 - USA
Freedom has never been free. Thank you for paying the price you paid so that my children and myself may know our freedoms. God Bless you all.
Ed Nored --- 30 June 09 - California

The story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American pilots to fly in a combat squadron during World War II.
Photo and Story by Ed Nored / photo © copyright Lucasfilm

All of us WWII buffs can look forward to seeing the movie about the Tuskegee airmen, entitled "Red Tails," planned for a 2009 release. The movie, made by Lucas Films, takes place during the last year of the war as the Tuskegee Airmen flew out of Italy. The cast includes Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Terrence Howard. The costume designer, Ali Mitchell, contacted me through Gary Moncur after viewing the flight gear section on the 303rd Bomb Group website. She wondered if she could see my collection personally, and we arranged to meet.

I saw this as a chance to do something positive with my collection and to try make sure the fighter pilots and bomber crews shown in the movie wore the correct gear. Most previous movies concerning the air war in the ETO showed inaccurate flight gear. In the movie "Red Tails" you can look forward to seeing 100 percent accurate flight gear, with over 70 percent of it authentic. The reproduction items were excellent -- Ali Mitchell made sure of that and sent back several items until they got it right. Ali is a young and bright woman from England who did an outstanding job. The credit is all hers. I was able to spend two weeks near Prague, Czechoslovakia where they shot the airfield scenes.

Some of the items shown on the 303rd Bomb Group website are worn by the actors in the movie. For example, the O.D. A-3 harness and F-2 heated uniform are from my collection and have turned into Hollywood stars.

You can see the uniform collection exclusively on the website at: http://www.303rdbg.com/uniforms-gear.html Information on the movie "Red Tails" can be found here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0485985/ and here: http://movies.about.com/od/moviesinproduction/a/red-tails.htm

There is a lot of great free information here at the 303rd Bomb Group website. Gary Moncur spends a lot of time keeping this site up. Show your appreciation and make a contribution. All the best to all of you who made the sacrifices, and have taken the time to read of the sacrifices the 303rd Bomb Group veterans made a long time ago.

Sincerely, Ed Nored

gerald lee Fegette --- geraldfegetteatt.com --- 23 June 09 - dallas texas
william whitman (flickengers crew) died dec 17 2007 in san angelo texas his daughter (one of them) is dianna canada. gerald lee fegette
Dr. Jim Roberts --- usmc_jcryahoo.com --- 21 June 09 - Edmond, Oklahoma
I teach an online class and a student made a passing remark: "We'll they can't get over Pearl Harbor". Lit my fire! I reminded them not only of Pearl but of NYC Ground Zero, Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial; and a little place called Colleville Sur Mer and gave your webpage URL. I hope I snapped that students' head back! Thanks, Jim
Daniel Marin --- samsunny1videotron.ca --- 21 June 09 - Montreal, Quebec Canada
I was looking to find nformations about my grandmother's brother! And imagine my surprise when I saw theses pictures... I'm very gratefull that someone took the time to built this site!!! thank you sooooo much ... and be sure that .. I'll send you pictures !!!
Vic Lowe --- vurdunlowetiscali.co.uk --- 20 June 09 - Doncaster South Yorkshire UK
I am a member of the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum in Doncaster.I have a picture of Dale C Headlee and crew on show here. The reason is the Name the B17 has.We would like to make contact with any members of the crew who survived if this is possible, I am ex British Army and Merchant Service.
Derek Evans --- tinkertoybtopenworld.com --- 17 June 09 - Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
A first class website for those interested in not only the 303rd Bomb group but also as additional information for those interested in the Mighty Eighth. I have spent many years visiting what remains of the airfields fo the 8th and 9th AF and only just this weekend visited the Polebrook memorial and drove past Molesworth. I have not studied this airfield much in the past so here I am learning new thing. As a nation we here in the UK forget how much we owe the US and those who served and lost their lives in military service defending and freeing Europe during the second world war. My grand parents and my parents and now my daughter thank you all.
Diana Brunello --- magoo1cableone.net --- 17 June 09 - Meridian Idaho
My father was John C. Woolpert. He was on the John Scott crew (360th). Years ago I sent in his crew picture. I have since found the "Short Snorter" he carried with him. This is a $2 bill with the signatures of all the crew. If caught without it, he would have to buy a drink for the person who challenged him. He personally considered it a good luck charm and was never without it. I notice that there is not a picture of one on this site.
Carl H. Rossman --- chrossmanverizon.net --- 16 Jun 09 - Chino Ca.
I refer to this websight often for many reasons , like learning about my deceased crew members , and i am now seving as a Doceant at our ( Planes Of Fame ) air musium at our local airport to help educate the newer generation of what the WW2 was all about . I was a Flight Enganeer ,and top turret gunner with 31 missions from March 44 to Sept. 44
Dana J. Gates --- dgatesblc.edu --- 15 June 09 - Winnebago, MN
Hello, I stumbled upon this site out of curiosity. My Grandfather, Cecil J. Gates flew in what I now know was the 303rd Bomb Group. He never spoke much of his experience in the military. However, he did speak about the two notable events that are listed in this sites compliation by Historian Harry D. Gobrecht. Thank you so much. I'm positive my Grandfather will be interested in the material here. Thank you so much. Best, Dana J. Gates
Andrew Grovo --- 15 June 09 - Iowa
I made two visits to this memorial when I was stationed in the U. S. Air Force Security Service at RAF Chicksands (6950th Security Group 1963-1967) and was so honored to have been able to visit this hollowed ground in honor or our WWII heroes. May they forever rest in peace.
Ron Neely --- 82dustoffgmail.com --- 14 June 09 - Panhandle, Texas
Gary I know dad is looking down and smiling.
Ed Stembridge --- edpeachtreeprairie.com --- 14 June 09 - Toulon, IL
On the way to work last week, I stopped to change a flat tire for an elderly woman who had hit a piece of jetsam in the road. While talking with her, I learned her husband was James Fulks, a B-17 Co Pilot who served in 1944 and was shot down on the Magdeburg raid. She said he passed about a year and a half ago, and as I didn't see his name on your TAPS page, thought I'd pass that along. I just finished reading "Half a Wing, Three Engines and a Prayer," and it was really neat to meet Mrs. Fulks and hear her husband's story, and then find the mission report on your site. I have 3/10 hour logged in a B-17 (EAA), and greatly appreciate the sacrifice all you men made during the war. Thanks, and Lord bless! Ed Stembridge
Capt. James W. O'Leary, 427th --- SQDNLDR427GMAIL.COM --- 12 June 09 - Denver , CO
I hope some of my wonderful combat buddies are reading this. I attended the last reunion of the 303rd bga, in Washington DC, in 2007. I had a great visit with Col. Bill Heller, and his gracious wife, Ruth. Bill Heller, was the man I used as a model Lead Pilot, that I strove to be.
Kenneth M Crawford --- kcrawford10cfl.rr.com --- 12 June 09 - Winter Springs Fl
My older brother SSGT James W Crawford is listed on the wall of the missing in action. He was in the 3rd Army serving under Gen Patton when he was killed in action.Our family was not aware of this memorial until about two years ago. In fact I spent six years in the Air Foorce stationed @ Soesterberg Air Base in Holland.I left there in 1968 and was not aware of this memorial. KMC CMSGT USAF Retired. May they all rest in peace.
Shannon Neaves --- 10 June 09 - Louisville, KY
I am a granddaughter of A.K. (Arthur Kenneth) Sauer, a veteran of the 303rd. Thank you so much for the wonderful site and for giving me a better understanding of a very important part of his life.
Dawn --- dawn392yahoo.com --- 07 June 09 - Sierra Vista , Arizona
I was very happy to be able to take a photo of the grave of Edgar Snyder. This is a beautiful website that you have put together to honor these men and women. Terrific job!
Dave Soria --- dav264gmail.com --- 06 June 09 - Illinois
Thank you for providing this information. Our family has been trying to find out military information on various family members. Your site provided everything we could have hoped to find. In memory of Sgt. Peter Soria 360th BS, KIA 1/23/43. You are missed.
Sherry Newton Vieth --- viethnavarreaol.com --- 06 June 09 - Navarre, FL, USA
My Uncle Sgt. Robert E. Newton was killed in action during World War II on 9 November 1944 in France. He is buried at Epinal American Cemetery. I would like to find out more about him, to tell his story in our family history.
Bill Chandler --- chiefnqueensbcglobal.net --- 05 June 09 - Rockwall, Texas
I first visited Lorraine in 1983 during Memorial Day Ceremonies. It was a very moving experience for me and although I didn't loose any family in this theatre during WWII, many served in the Pacific, many have since passed, all served with pride.
Wesley Loosemore --- wesleyup.net --- 05 June 09 - Skanee, MI
A remembrance. Sixty five years ago today, our crew (Jenkins) flew from Bangor ME to Gander Field, Newfoundland, where we were to top off our fuel tanks and then head to Great Britain to join the air war over Germany. We were stood down at Gander because all the air bases in Great Britain were alerted to stand by in case of need to support the D-Day invasion. We took off on the evening of June 6 and arrived in Nutt's Corner, Ireland the following day. This was the beginning of the biggest adventure of our lives, and for me it ended in October after completing 35 bombing missions as a radio operator.
COL Scott Horton --- scott.horton1us.army.mil --- 05 June 09 - Carlisle, PA
I returned from a personal leave recently. It was Memorial Day weekend 2009 and the driver of the long term shuttle and I shared some old war stories. He is SGT (retired) Donald Conley and he mentioned he was in a B-17 Bomber group in the 8th Air Corps. I said you must have been based in England (because I had a recent 2 year assignment in UK). Don Conley said, "yeah, small little place called Molesworth". I told him I had been stationed in the same base for 2 years, 2004-2006. The history of your Group is alive and well at Molesworth. Anyway, Don is very well and continues to work for the HArrisburg International Airport. God bless Don and the veterans of WWII. Scott Horton
Jim Synan --- Blawnoxboygmail.com --- 01 June 09 - Apollo PA
I am the son of Bartholomew R Synan, who was a waist gunner on a B17 in the 305th BG 365th Squadron. I am trying to find a picture of him with some of the guys he went through gunnery school with. I visited his tailgunner and he had books that he got from gunnery school but my dad was not in that group. Could you gunners from the 303rd look through your books and see if my dad's name or picture would be in there. I was visiting the tailgunner, John Doback, from my dads plane and his brother came over to talk to me. He was a member of the DeCamp crew. His name is Charles Doback and was a waist gunner.He wanted me to see if any crew members are still around. He is living in his home town ,Naugatuck Conn.
Jerry Coykendall --- coykendalljerryyahoo.com --- 31 May 09 - Pinckney, Mi. USA
My uncle was tech.sargent ralph coykendall (my dads brother) he served in the 303rd bomb group and flew on many missions with guy mclung crew, he was a flight engineer and top turett gunner...He was also a pow until germany was liberated.
Timothy Healy II --- thealytampabay.rr.com --- 29 May 09 - Palmetto, Florida
Grandson of Edward Patrick Healy
Susan Davis Jones --- riverrun8verizon.net --- 28 May 09 - Dunnellon, FL
Great site. I am the daughter of Lt. Roscoe Davis (POW navigator - deceased) and would like to contact any veteran who remembers him, his crew or is a relative of his crew listed below: Pilot - CD Crook
Co-Pilot EN Evans
Bomb - J. Deluca
Engineer - Britenbach
Radio - Hannan
Asst. Radio Williams
Tail Gunner - Chavez
Ball Turret - Hensley
Gunner - Roy A Cheek
Henry F Cotar III --- rick.cotardavita.com --- 27 May 09 - Austin Texas
I am the son of Henry F Cotar.
James Burns --- jlbbellsouth.net --- 25 May 09 - Morganton,N.C.
I enjoyed your website in remembering those who fought and died for our freedom..Thanks to all for their service...James Burns
Becky (Clarke) Rogers --- brog46hotmail.com --- 25 May 09 - Saline, Michigan
I am the daughter of Benjamin Clarke Jr. He was a waist gunner on the B-17F Shangri-La Lil in the 360BS. I am writing to see if there are any crew still alive or if anyone remembers my Dad. He will turn 90 this November. He was a POW in Stalag 17-B for 22 months. I would appreciate any information you could share with me. Thank you. Becky (Clarke) Rogers
Regina Hughes Pelham --- rpelhamweldwire-tx.com --- 25 May 09 - Houston, TX
I am currently working on scanning and archiving old photos and letters from my Grandfather Roy David Hughes who served with the 303rd Bomb Group and was killed in action on August 15, 1944. I have come across letters from the family of a Staff Sergeant Charles H. Johnson who was killed after my grandfather in 1944. The letters are copies of the replies sent to a Miss K. Rebekah Johnson (sister of Charles) in early 1945. I have found this website to be very interesting and have learned about the his final mission as well as that of others. Are there any persons that were in this group that post or families of persons from this bomb group? I would be interest to learn more. Regina
Peggy Mead --- peggooaol.com --- 24 May 09 - USA
This is not my first visit. I love coming here. Today my daughter posted the picture of my father, Frederick A. Stewart, and his crew on her facebook page in his honor for Memorial Day. What a good kid. She is a grown woman and the mother of three. When I asked her where she found the picture she indicated the 303rd website, which of course always brings me here. My dad flew the Thunderbird on it's last mission, his first. Happy Memorial Day to all of our veterans. I miss you , Dad.
terry smith --- terytinanetwitz.net --- 24 May 09 - centralia, il
GEORGIA --- misstina92hotmail.co.uk --- 24 May 09 - ENGLAND
Eddie Deerfield --- ED303fsraaol.com --- 23 May 09 - Palm Harbor, FL
On this Memorial Day weekend, I was honored to make the keynote speech at a service to honor our military veterans. Here are three of the quotations I used and would like to pass on to the visitors to this, the very best of all World War II bomb group web sites:
During the Second World War, President Franklin Roosevelt observed that the men and women we honor on Memorial Day fought and died “not for the lust of conquest, but to end conquest, to liberate, to let justice and tolerance and good will arise among all God’s people.”

Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky called the men and women we honor “democracy’s children… less eager than willing, more dutiful than brave, victors not conquerors in freedom’s name.”

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes called this “our most sacred holiday.” He urged that “we not ponder with sad thoughts the passing of our heroes, but rather ponder their legacy—the life they made possible for us by their commitment and their pain.”

Eleeza Littlejohn Rex --- eleezacomcast.net --- 17 May 09 - Delray Beach, Florida
My Uncle was Raymond Boulter and his plane was shot down when my mother was young. I was very close to his brothers, my other uncles and have always felt that I missed so much by not knowing him. I'd love to know about Raymond's character and what he was like. If anyone knows anything about him, I'd love to hear from them. Thank you.
BILL HELLER --- wheller2cox.net --- 17 May 09 - LAS VEGAS
I was greatly impressed by CHRIS BARLOW'S dissertation of his visit to Molesworth. Having spent two years there and having been a Squadron Commander, I was touched deeply. That Molesworth should remain a monument and memorialized by our English friends, is proper. It is one more reason why our deep friendship with Britain remain unsullied forever. BILL HELLER, Sq.. CO, 360th Squadron.
Chris Barlow --- barlowfamily32hotmail.com --- 17 May 09 - Nottingham, England
A few days ago I was travelling along the A14 heading back north towards home.After passing Cambridge the traffic became unbearable,i decided to find somewhere to stop and finish off the coffee in my flask.Just off the main road i pulled over next to RAF Molesworth which I vaguely knew was one of our bases used by the Yanks in the war.I looked across and saw what turned out to be the AAF memorial,made of marble in the shape of a tail fin bearing a BS I/D letter.Walking through the rubble which was once part of your barracks I pressed my face against the fence to get a better look.As the evening twilight came on it was very easy to imagine B17s or B24s coming roaring overhead from the direction of the North Sea,limping home after a raid with those on board who were still in one piece praying they got down ok.Suddenly getting stressed out in a traffic jam meant nothing when I thought of all those brave lads who gave all of their tomorrows for our today.God bless all of the them and those who are still remain,your gallantry will be spoken of in old England forever.
Karen Jackson --- 16 May 09 - Montpelier, Vermont
My brother Harley steered me to this site. My dad Harley Hansen died almost three years ago. I think of him a lot. I miss him a lot. I am very glad to have my brother Harley in California and my sister Madlyn in South Dakota. We will gather in South Dakota in July and think of Dad and and my mom, Georgene, where they are together in Sturgis. Thank you for having this site. Karen Jackson
Paula Beamer --- paulabeamergmail.com --- 14 May 09 - Kamuela, HI
My father, Victor T. Gorecki, passed away on Saturday, May 9, 2009.
Billy A. Cunningham Jr. --- 13 May 09 - USA, Rockdale,Texas
I just want to say thank you for the recognition that has been given to my father. I have learned somethings from this site that I didn't know about him and the crew.
William Patrick Maher Jr --- wpmaheryahoo.com --- 09 May 09 - Richardson, TX
The email address for Tina Clark - Pete Clark's daughter - no longer is valid. I was lucky enough to meet with Pete twice, several years ago, to learn more of the Monahan Crew that he and my father flew with. Tina - if you're reading this, please email to me. I am gathering more information from different sources on their 13 missions and would like to share it with you. Thank you. And once again, Gary, thank you for this website.
Jim Stimpert --- js.3601gmail.com --- 09 May 09 - Baltimore, MD
I found your site while searching for the lyrics to the Statler Brothers' "Silver Medals and Sweet Memories," and I've enjoyed exploring here. My father is an Army veteran (ground forces) of the Second World War who served in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy, and I have a deep interest in WWII history, especially aviation. I truly enjoyed the photos of Thunderbird. She was a remarkable ship who "brought 'em all home." Thanks for your sacrifices. You're all heroes - those who came home as well as those who never made it back.
Kim Keith Tate --- kimk4298att.net --- 07 May 09 - USA. Cedar Hill, Texas
My Brother found this web site while he was searching for information about our uncle Olwin Humphries. Olwin died while serving on the B-17 War Bride.(358BS). I want to thank you for the web site! It does make me feel much better to see his grave even though I never got a chance to meet him. I have been told by mother and father that he was a good man.
Gary R Tate --- rdpd2835msn.com --- 05 May 09 - Cedar Hill, Texas
My uncle was sgt Olwin C. Humphries, my mother's favorite brother. I think she will want to see this website. I have always wanted to know more about his time in the military. This site helps. Thanks
Tim McCue --- timothymccueinsightbb.com --- 03 May 09 - Louisville, Ky
Was given a 303rd BG CD after my uncle passed away. Lt. William (Bill) Preston. He was the navigator on Capt. Loyd Griffin's crew. The airwar over Europe is the era in history that I'm most interested in. Enjoyed the site
Mike Hall, Flt Lt RAF (ret'd) --- enigmars_2hotmail.com --- 02 May 09 - Tavistock, Devonshire, ENGLAND
With Compliments and Memories, In 1939 I was evacuated to Riseley, Bedfordshire, 2 miles from the home of the 306th Bomb Grp, RAF Thurleigh. I was approaching my eigth birthday. When the wind favoured the appropriate runway, the B17s used to turn baseleg using our farmhouse as a datum point. They used to thunder overhead showing their nose art and the scars of battle, no more than 150 feet up. The little London boy that was me "adopted" B17 - Devil's Workshop. I have spent years trying to find out what happened to her and her crew. I finally found her today on this, your web-site and I am devastated to discover that she ditched in the English Channel with the loss of her entire crew. I am 77 years old now, but spent my defining years as a Cold War fighter pilot and subsequently as a helicopter pilot. I have had the good fortune to fly, amongst other types the F86 Sabre and the UH-1H "Huey" - this legendary machine in a little known Middle East war in the 70s - during my Service years. It has been a signal honour to follow in the footsteps of the US Army Air Force - small recompence for the sacrifice you all made on our behalf. It is even more vital today, in this troubled world, that we do not forget all those who fought and died in the cause of Freedom during the conflagration that engulfed us. From time to time I have visited Madingley. It is a beautiful place to spend a quiet few minutes in contemplation. I hope I have an opportunity to visit again. God Bless you all. Michael
My high school classmate RAY HOLLOWAY spoke so highly of MR. Harry Gobrecht remembering his business dealings with him in Chicago...I wanted to read his accomplishments during the war years. I am a retired career naval officer, up through the ranks from enlisted to officer status, and my son is a Master Chief Navy Seal...we are a Navy Family, and wish to thank you for your military service to our country in time of need. God bless. Bob Hastings, Proudly Retired US NAVY
julie pendered --- juliedeborahupton.orangehome.co.uk --- 25 Apr 09 - northants england
hi there just wanted to say what a great website. the cat o nine tails crashed in my dads (john t gell) garden in riseley beds when my dad was 6, my dad traced the crew and spent many years in contact with them to gather as much imfo on the cat o nine tails and the crew.my family and i still make a wreath and lay it at madingley every october. (as my dad used to before he died) i am now a life member of the s.s.m.a in the u.s.a and am proud to take over from my dad and enjoy being in regular contact with the s.s.m.a.aint the internet great! we also enjoyed a few visits to the molesworth hanger dances with my dad, bye for now julie.
jill crossett --- jilllovesjazzhotmail.com --- 24 Apr 09 - ireland
This site is just bursting to the seams with information. Very Exciting Excellant site!!!
James Smith --- ironmanxbigriver.net --- 24 Apr 09 - Memphis, TN
Very nice web site, well written and designed. This is truely a Memorial to the brave Men and Women who have served our Great Country. There are very few of our Heros left who fought during this time, and I pray that we as a Country and as a Great Nation never forget what they have all done for us. May God Bless All those still living and Bless those who have gone on before us.
William R. McCamy --- bmccamysc.rr.com --- 20 Apr 09 - Columbia, SC
My younger brother James E. McCamy directed me here in search of information about our uncle James A. McCamy.
Susie Glass --- 15 April 09 - San Diego, CA
Thank you for helping me find out more about my dad (2nd Lt. Roy Allen Kirkpatrick) who flew 27 missions as copilot in Daddy's Delight. He passed away unexpectedly in Dec. 1975, so we never got to talk about his 303rd war experiences much.
Mark Lewis --- sntrafnhotmail.com --- 11 April 09 - Dallas, TX
My Pastor, Samuel A Rowlett, Jr is a veteran of the 303rd. I just recently found Andrew T Panos (Formerly Panopolous) and put the two together in correspondence. I am looking for Ralph T Strong, Danny Sheehan and Lafon Wesley to put in contact with Samuel Rowlett. Please contact me if you know how I might get into contact with any of his crew. Thank you, Mark
Bob Waltman --- r.waltmanmchsi.com --- 06 Apr 09 - Navarre, FL
In a word, thanks! Thanks for keeping this chapter of our "Greatest Generation" alive and for all to see.
LTC(Dr) Joe Goeppner, USA(Ret) --- winner1bellsouth.net --- 04 April 09 - Central, South Carolina
I was a crew member of the Lead B-17E, of 13 plane formation of aircraft from the 301st and 303rd Bomb Group flying from Hamilton Field to Bellows Field in late May l942 to fly support for the Battle of Midway. I am seeking contact with anyone who was also in the flight.
Gordon Stone --- cstoneiendeavor.com --- 04 April 09 - IN
I am the grandson of Robert Stone. I believe he was a flight mechanic onboard the B-17. I have his Hells Angel patch and flight goggles.I grew up hearing stories.He loved aircraft!His plane had a (C) inside a triangle.I have to look this up but your site is the first stop in my research.He passed away a few years ago. Thanks for the great website =Gordon Stone
Roger L. Schlueter --- luckyhagaraol.com --- 29 March 09 - Winterset, IA
A good friend who I fly with is Gary Snider, son of Harley Snider, pilot 358th BS, 303rd BG. Gary told me of this site, which is terrific. Thanks so much for what the 303rd did in WWII and for maintaining this site for current and future generations. Best Wishes, Rog
Stephanie Perrotto Haines --- stephaniehainesyahoo.com --- 27 March 09 - Peterborough NH USA
I write again to tell you about my grandfather, Alfred R. Buinicky. After the war, he returned to his family in NH, and married Edith Chase. They had two children, a son, Thomas, and a daughter (my mother) Carol. Eventually, 4 grandaughters were born. Family and community were the center of Al's world, all the days of his life. He was generous with all that he had-his earnings from his Electrician business, his time (which he filled with snowmobiling,fishing and helping out in the community) and with his spirit. I am the oldest grandchild, and the only one to have memory of my grandparents. They were loving and kind. My sister Megan, and two cousins, Amy and Alison, know Al and Edie only through the stories that our parents and other friends and relatives share. My favorite is how Al promised he would never complain about food or drink if he ever got out of the POW camp...and according to my mother, he never did-no matter how bad my grandmother's cooking was! He never spoke of the horrors of war. He spoke only of gratitude for the opportunity to have such a wonderful life.

Alfred R. Buinicky and his beloved wife, Edith Harriet Chase Buinicky, were killed in an automobile accident in March of 1983 while on vacation in Florida. Al had just retired in January. I am told that a few days before they died, they were visiting friends from back home in Claremont NH, and they were beaming about how proud they were of their children and granddaughters.

Thank you for having a forum to share memories and to honor those that have served. There isn't a day (not a single day!) that I don't think of Al or Edie. My mother and Uncle would tell you the same. Thanks again. May God Bless you and your family, And May God Bless America, Stephanie Haines

Chris Carter --- tarsiercomcast.net --- 24 Mar 09 - West Linn, Oregon
My father-in-law is Elmer L. Peterson of Butte, Montana. He is still with us and is living in Beaverton, Oregon. He was part of the 303rd bomb group and 360th bomb squadron. I just had coffee with him on Sunday, March 22nd, 2009 and he is doing well considering he is 88 years young. He was primarily a bombardier on the flights he was on. I believe he crash landed four times on his way back from missions once going into the English channel with his crew. He was rescued by friendly fishermen thankfully.
Pertti Paatelainen --- pertpaahotmail.com --- 24 Mar 09 - Finland
I think that it's good thing that you also remember these men which served in ground support duties, usually there are only pics of flying personnel.
Neal B. Gahimer --- nealg50yahoo.com --- 22 March 09 - Kendallville IN
My Father was a CO Pilot Loyd D. Gahimer in ww2, he has passed and allthough I have been to this sight before, he was on my mind today and just wanted to tell someone how Very Proud I am to be his son. I love coming here to veiw all the Great MEN who have fought for our country, and I'm just so glad to be an american, and for the people that keep this sight going.keep up the good work and thanks again. Neal B. Gahimer
Fred P. Reichmann --- fredp2000cox.net --- 22 March 09 - Pensacola, Fl.
It has been a long time since I visited this sight. My wife, Doris and I visited Savannah last November. Enjoyed the museum. It has added lots since we were there, last. We had our 63 anniversary last November. I will try to visit site more often.
Donna Scott --- dreamgirl1223gmail.com --- 16 March 09 - Bloomington, IL
I had the opportunity to visit the American Cemetery in Normandy in August, 2008. It was included in a tour of France. It was a most humbling experience and one I will never forget. My Dad served in WWII in Germany and France. He was wounded in action and received the Purple Heart. I feel blessed that he was able to return from the war and meet his baby daughter who was born while he was there. God Bless all our military, past and present, for their courage and bravery in defending this wonderful nation.
Joann --- jhccc9aol.com --- 16 March 09 - PA
Hello, I wrote this poem which I am sharing with you; my mother passed away in 2006 and my father, Joseph Ogurchak, WWII Vet, 303rd, recently passed on as well. This in memory of all:

In Remembrance

We think of you often,
Not just on this day...
When God took you away.

And, even though we're
Now miles apart,
Your memory will always
Live in our hearts.

So, we send you our prayers,
And we send you our love,
And hope you found peace
in Heaven above.

~Joann Crystal Hutton/copyrighted
(may be used with permission)

Rick Collier --- joeosceolayahoo.com --- 11 Mar 09 - Pompano Beach, Florida
My first cousin was 1st Lt. George Sterling McClellan. He was the pilot of the Bad Check, 427th Squadron. He was shot down on Jan. 11, 1944. He was killed but six of his crew members survived. In the photo of his crew you mistakenly name him in the front row as being the first man on the left. He is the last man on the right. I wonder if you could correct this? Your website is terrific and honors all the brave men who served in the 303rd bomb group. Thank you, Rick Collier
Robert Van Antwerp --- bobbyvanoneaol.com --- 04 Mar 09 - Lakewood, CA
A close friend of mine sent the web page link to me and asked if the Co-Pilot and Pilot of picture shown with the squad in front of a B-17 was my dad. His name Robert G. Van Antwerp and flew about the same missions listed below the group photo. He is the person standing in the back row second from the left BUT my sister and I do not think that is is picture. I interviewed him Nov. 2005 just before he passed away and discussed his missions on video tape. He also received the dis. flying cross and other medals of honor which my sister had encased in a special wall mount unit in her house. Just wanted to send a note to you. If you need for me to scan a picture of him with his uniform on and send to you let me know. This is an excellent website and I know he would have enjoyed viewing it. We signed him up for a year's newsletter for the B-17 pilots and crewmembers that met at the Long Beach Airport in Long Beach, CA just before he passed away. He was 84 years old. Thanks again and a great website. I know he would have been proud of all the work engaged in this site. Robert Van Antwerp Lakewood, CA
Rena Edelen --- edelenrjmsn.com --- 24 Feb 09 - Greenbank, WA USA
Joseph Haas is my uncle... my mother, Maxine Haas Wight's brother. It's wonderful to find more information about him. Thank you so much! His brother, my uncle Larry Haas lives in California and I'm going to email him a link to this site.
Bill Heller --- wheller2cox.net --- 22 Feb 09 - Las Vegas, NV
For "Bill" Valdez .... Your friend Joe Vieira was one of the greats of the 303rd. You should be proud of your friend. He also flew more than his required tours of duty. BILL HELLER (former 360th CO)
Carole Jean (Anderson) Whitten --- rockfarmwhittenaol.com --- 22 Feb 09 - Rock Farm in Martin County, Texas
Gary, thank you so much for your faithfulness to this 303rd site. We have all been blessed by your faithfulness. I am still able to live on the "Whitten home place". I am blessed. Cleveland Woodward Whitten, Jr.'s Sioux City Sue
William "Bill" Valdez --- wjvaldezbellsouth.net --- 21 Feb 09 - Pembroke Pines, FL
I was introduced to this wonderful site by my friend Radio Operator, Joseph Vieira who served with the 359th. This is a wonderful site and I know it brought pleasure to my buddy Joe.
Linda S. (Winters) Roe --- roelindayahoo.com --- 16 Feb 09 - Quaker City, Ohio
My dad was a member of the 303BG. He passed away in July 2002.
John O. Bullock --- john.oryan.bullockus.army.mil --- 13 Feb 09 - Falls Church, VA
Admiration and respect for the heavy bomber crews of WWII
Faye Beyeler --- fayebeyeleryahoo.com --- 12 Feb 09 - Southern California
I tutor children in the "No Child Left Behind" program, and during a conversation of where we each came from, it came out that my dad was born in Detroit, MI and my mom was born in England. He wanted to know how that happened. So I told him they met during WWII, and that my dad [Milton Jansky] was in England flying in B17's over Germany. We work on English together, and I found your website because he is interested in learning more about B17s and WWII. Thank you for your wonderful website! Respectfully, Faye Beyeler
E Vance --- 09 Feb 09 - Vancouver, Canada
If anyone has contact with the family of the presumably late Frank Zasadil (8th AAF 303rd BG Grouping), a number of items belonging to him are currently up for auction on ebay from someone in Iowa who picked them up in a garage sale. That includes uniforms, DFC and certificates.
Scott --- scott1ramseygmail.com --- 09 Feb 09 - Florida
WWII veterans are a National Treasure with the history they have shared and patriotism shown today by the Greatest Generation. I do interviews and collect any written materials I can from WWII veterans. Last year I traveled to six different WWII Reunions trying to record their history. If anyone from the 303rd, or any other WWII veteran would like to share your story please contact me anytime. Thank you!
Paul Wegemann --- wegemannfrontiernet.net --- 08 Feb 09 - Victor, NY
I lived in Munich from 1938 to 1946
Ed Miller --- emille7TAMPABAY.RR.COM --- 07 Feb 09 - Florida
Dear Gary and Susan --
Jill and I have been spending several hours reviewing your work--Gary. What a wonderful gift you have given to so many families!! My memory tells me that you are starting your fourteenth year -- am I correct?

If all of our remaining comrades knew and tried to print out their contributions it would be wonderful. I suspect that of the approximately 400 members we still are fortunate enough to have, I believe that less than half of them have printed out their names. What a shame. Maybe, and hopefully, in the months and years to come, their children, and grand children will start a search and find the wonderful work of Mr and Mrs Gary L. Moncur.

There are not enough THANKS that get directed toward you Two!!!!
Sending along all our Love and our Thanks. Ed and Jill Miller

Sara Kipfer-Mitchell --- mitchell.saraverizon.net --- 06 Feb 09 - Sheboygan, Wi
My grandpa is James Frederick Kipfer. I miss him so much. Thank you for posting this website in their honor.
Brian Sullivan --- btsullivan3gmail.com --- 06 Feb 09 - Austin Texas
Good evening, My name is Brian Sullivan. I am the grandson of Harold Fulghum, who was a navagator on the Irl E Baldwin crew, 358th BS B-17F Hell's Angels #41-24577 (VK-D). I am very proud of my grandfather and his accomplishments over the years. He is still with us and living in Gold River, Ca. I am the son of his daughter Dana Sullivan (Dana Fulghum). I also have a brother Brad Sullivan who lives in Folsom Ca. I try to get home as much as possible to visit but don't get a chance to see him as much as I would like since I live in Austin TX. My grandfather passed down aviation to me and taught me how to fly. I am now a Captain at a major airline and I owe all my success to him. Once again, it is great to see a site dedicated to such brave men and woman who made this county what it is today.
Bill Heller --- wheller2cox.net --- 05 Feb 09 - NV
For RON FOSTER anent his desire to see Jack Watson buzz Yankee Stadium, be advised that whenever there is a World Series game at Yankee Stadium they show those B17s buzzing the Stadium. They all wound up in the 303rd at Molesworth. Bill Heller (former 360th Squadron Commander)
Ron Foster --- rfostergershmanbrowncrowley.com --- 03 Feb 09 - Indianapolis, Indiana
I am looking for a photo of Jack Watson's Hel'en Hiwater clearing the flag poles of Yankee Stadium during the 1943 World Series. If any one has information on where I may find this, please contact me via email or at 317-590-1030. Thank you.
Thomas Turner --- turnerroanoke.edu --- 02 Feb 09 - Roanoke, Virginia
A friend of mine Warren Douglas Kidd passed away on January 31, 2009 in Roanoke, Virginia at age 87. Doug Kidd was co-pilot on the William C. Crawford crew, 360th Squadron. Thanks for your web-site. I found some pictures of Doug Kidd and the Crawford crew. I am preparing a memory book for my two nieces and one nephew. Mr Kidd was their grandfather. Thanks so much. Tom Turner
Bill Heller --- wheller2cox.net --- 30 Jan 09 - Nevada
For STEVE CHURCH ... re Cases Air Base near Casablanca ... I was there in mid 1945 after leaving England with our 303rd Cadre. NO Fighters at Cases. The only Bombers there were the FEW B17s which we flew down from England. That Base was for the North African Ferry Division of the ATC. Mostly transports ... i.e., C46 - C47 and C54. For a few months I flew C54's out of there to South America via Dakar. Cheers! Bill Heller (former 303rd Squadron Commander)
Steve Church --- churchsvcomcast.net --- 29 Jan 09 - Lansing, Michigan
I was searching on Cases Air Base and this is the best hit. I recently met Ernest Gibner who maintained a warehouse of radio and phone equipment on this base near Casablanca in 1944-45. Any one know anything about this? He mentioned fighters on his base but not bombers.
Harold D. Cornwell --- cornwell-px-azhotmail.com --- 29 Jan 09 - Phoenix Az.
I was in the cadre out of the 34th BG.,18sqd.that helped to form the 303rd BG. As a mechanic I flew engineer with some of the original Pilots out of Gowen Field, Boise Idaho. As a crew chief at Molesworth, Captain Jacob Fredricks flew several missions on my Plane.I also flew with then Major Lewis Lyle when we delivered a damaged plane to the depot for some major repair. Two fine Officers I was privileged to know. I would enjoy hearing from any of my old buddies in the 360th Sqd. In March of 1944 I was assigned to the Eastern Command that was sent to Russia to service the shuttle bomber sorties. We returned to England about the first of December, but was never reassigned. We boarded ship VE day and I was discharged in May of 1945 Harold D. Cornwell
Marilyn (Heathershaw) Halverson --- marihshannon.ws --- 28 Jan 09 - Gordon, NE
Every so often when remembering my dad, I just like pay a visit to this sight and see what a great dad I had.Sgt Charles L Heathershaw was my father, he had 9 children 6 boys and 3 girls, and there are lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren. So just a thank-you for the site-Marilyn
Brock Strain --- brocks1mindspring.com --- 28 Jan 09 - St Louis, MO
I am looking for any information anyone might have on my grandfather Louis Enloe. He was Flight Engineer/Top Turret gunner. I've been told he flew on the Fightin Pappy when he was shot down over Germany. I've also been told most of his records were destroyed in a fire at the records facility. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Robert Loessin --- robertloessincomcast.net --- 26 Jan 09 - Wilmington, DE
I found an old photo in a trunk in my dad's attic that led me on a google search. The amount of info you have collected here is astounding. I've even got my father looking at this site and he has never touched a computer in his life. The more I read here the prouder I become of my father. Thanks for all your hard work. If not for this site I would have probably never gotten my father to speak of any of his WW2 experience.
john Cunniam --- 26 Jan 09 - UK
Thank you all, I have lived in peace for fifty years because of you all.
Joe Haralson --- joe.haralsonus.army.mil --- 22 Jan 09 - Ft. Polk Louisiana
As a young man at West Jefferson High School in Harvey La in the early 70's. I found myself many times standing in the office of the school disciplinarian, Jack W. Riseden. I was always told that he was a WWII B-17 bomber pilot and never really thought much about it at the time especially after several suspensions. After high school I became best friends with his son Jeff and went to their house many times. I always respected Jack and I don't remember ever hearing a single war story and don't ever remember any wartime memorabilia hanging in his house as to me he seemed very proud and humble. To this day some 35 years after the fact I still think of him which led me here after an internet name search. I wish I would have talked to him more back then and had the opportunity to ask him about his time in the 303rd. I was floored to find out that he had so many missions and glad to be able to see some of the photos of him from that time so long ago. I have found the mission reports fascinating and I'm very happy to have found your web site and to finally know more about LTC Riseden. Thank you for everyone's hard work and determination in building this web site!
Wayne C. Perkins --- wperkin2comcast.net --- 21 Jan 09 - Venice, FL
I was stationed in Munich, Germany in the 1950's. Seeing some of the bombing results - you guys were pretty GOOD! Especially what at that time was the BMW plant, which was leveled to the ground. Good Job.
ALAN HULL --- alan.hull9ntlworld.com --- 20 Jan 09 - HERTFORDSHIE ENGLAND
I am hopeing someone might be able to help me,i am looking for any information on the following two people.
SERVICE NO 0734462
(flew on B-17 42-29955 MR FIVE BY FIVE)
(flew on B-17 42-5177 FAST WORKER MK2 & 42-5257 MII BEA HAVEN)
Any information/photos etc would be very much appreciated.
Thank you
Bill Heller --- wheller2cox.net --- 19 Jan 09 - Las Vegas, NV
In answer to MARIENNE STUDLEY who asked about her Dad, Bert Bordelon, be advised I was a member of the 360th Squadron and later Commanded the Squadron. I knew your Dad quite well and he was an able pilot and was liked by all who knew him. I was proud to have known him.
Marlene Studley --- ms418earthlink.net --- 19 Jan 09 - Louisiana
My dad, Berton Bordelon, was a pilot with the 360th. I am trying to contact anyone who new him or was a part of his crew. He passed away in 1997 but seldom talked about his war experience even though he kept every paper it seems from his days in the service. I will try to forward copies of some of these things I have because they are very interesting. Thanks for having this link to some of the greatest generation.
Hans Broberg --- hansbjorknasvarv.se --- 15 Jan 09 - Stockholm Sweden
I am trying to find the histori of Arni Sumarlidason after the war.
Paul Wegemann --- wegewmannfrontiernet.net --- 13 Jan 09 - Victor, NY
I lived in Munich from 1938 until 1946.
Michael Dennehy --- mike_dennehysky.com --- 10 Jan 08 - Wales
My father is 87 and has a goldfish card following a ditch in the Bay of biscay in a whitley bomber during WW2.I am interested in further detail and looking for information.
Ray Hobbs --- ray.hobbsearthlink.net --- 09 Jan 08 - Greensboro, NC
I am searching for Willard L. Hobbs, born 1909, son of Isaac W. and Mary E. Hobbs of Nansemond/Gates County, North Carolina. I found photo on your website of pilot Willard Hobbs and his crew. In looking at the photograph Would appreciate any information about Willard Hobbs you may be able to supply. Thank you, Ray Hobbs
allan yap --- njy066tahoeyahoo.com --- 08 Jan 09 - Honolulu, Hawaii
My uncle is David KS Chang bombardier of the original crew of the thunderbird. I'm sorry to inform, that David passed away on December 18th 2008 after a short illness. Our family are very proud and honered that he was part of the 303rd and the Thunderbird. Please pass this on to the rest of the crew who are still alive, and have a moment of silents in his honor. Mahalo nui loa
Maggie Warren --- maggieusmcgmail.com --- 05 Jan 09 - Panama City Florida
My mother was a Sgt Major in the Army Air Corp. I found the original snapshot of the crew members on the Vicious Virgin. Thank you for the history on the aircraft and its members. Would you like a scanned picture of them or the original pic. It shows 11 members in front of the aircraft
Todd --- thollrittyahoo.com --- 04 Jan 09 - New Jersey
With all the interest in the movie Operation Valkyrie in theaters, I would like to see who might have information about 8th Air Force Mission #488. My father flew his one and only night mission from England that night. He recalled that they were scrambled for a "Night leaflet" mission. This was an odd occurrence as a regular "lead crew" flying daylight raids, they were notified and briefed for a night mission. They never did this before! It was common for the 8th to send a few B-17s on these runs every night into France from Chelveston by a dedicated Squadron, the 422nd I believe, he was stationed here at the time. Now his regular base was with the 303rd BG 427th Sq. at Molesworth, but when they flew ”Lead” with the first H2X radar equipped B-17G’s they temporally moved to the 305th BG (H) at Chelvestion. This mission was very different from any the 8th had flown. An assassination attempt was made on Adolph Hitler on July 20, 1944. 8th Air Force Mission #488 dispatched seven B-17s (3 305th & 4 306th) to Bremen, Hamburg & Kiel on the night of July 22, 1944. The bombers were loaded with leaflets proclaiming Hitler was dead, and thay also dropped German counterfeit currency to disrupt the economy. All dad remembers is flashing a beacon code for the letter “G” out the tail gunner’s position for the other 305th aircraft (They used triangle G on the tail of the aircraft), he said he never saw any of them due to the horrible weather conditions from England to Germany, it was a very long night. Records also show the 4th fighter group provided "night" escort for this mission! A first and only time I think for any 8th fighter group according to the records I have found using Roger Freeman’s books on the subject. Thirty four P-51s flew from England as fighter cover that night, one even crash landed in Audley End after takeoff killing the pilot and another P-51 crashed on return to England in Carlton Hawthorne, but the pilot sustained no injuries. I would be interested if anyone reading this was involved in this interesting mission.

Thanks again to Gary for keeping the 303rd flying on the internet, this remains the best internet based WW II bomb group… it was so sad to see they completed their final mission, I am honored I was in Washington DC to see the event in person a couple years ago, and to witness the final visit to Molesworth in 2000.

Jessica Yeager-Flynn --- Emberheartrochester.rr.com --- 04 Jan 09 - Rochester Ny
Thank you for your website, and the hard work that goes into such an undertaking. I was able to see the first picture of my great grandfather here. T/Sergeant John DeMarco. Your site has educated me in many ways, and I was able to share with his great-great grandsons.
Derek Oxley --- oxley_derekhotmail.com --- 03 Jan 09 - Jefferson city, MO
greetings, My grandfather, Robert T. Dennis was part of orginal crew on the B-17 "EAGER BEAVER" in Africa. I have been trying to find additional pictures of the Beaver, mostly of the nose art itself so I can have a larger print made. My research has brought me to this web page which has a comment saying someone did the nose art for the "EAGER BEAVER" and some other aircraft as well. If anyone is willing to assist me with this I would greatly appreciate it.
Holly Ward --- hollyhollylin.com --- 02 Jan 09 - Lake Dallas, Texas
This is just a wonderful site. My grandmother recently gave me a photo of my grandfather, Duane G. Ward, in front of "The Queen of Hearts", but she gave me no information. I was curious about his service, and a web search led me here. I am fascinated and wish I could talk to someone who knew more. If there is anyone that knew my grandfather or knows where I can find additional information please feel free to contact me.
thomas highfill --- riverviewsignscox.net --- 30 Dec 08 - westerly, rhode island
Flew in the Ackerman Crew as a ball turret gunner.
Jason P. Franklin --- jason.franklinme.com --- 28 Dec 08 - Westwood, CA
Thanks for maintaining this site. I write historical fiction and found this site a great resource for background information.
Fred Lanting --- Mr.GSDjuno.com --- 23 Dec 08 - Union Grove, Alabama USA
I would like to correspond with veterans of WW2 and Korean War who are knowledgeable of intelligence and infantry doings in those wars. Possible proofreading excerpts... it's for a novel I'm working on. I want to be as acurate as possible.
Edward D. Beard --- edonaldbmsn.com --- 22 Dec 08 - Aurora, CO
To all of you who gave us who followed, a mighty broad set of shoulders to stand on, my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and and a Happy New Year. Thanks for a job well done!
Hal Susskind --- hasusskindhotmail.com --- 22 Dec 08 - Austin, Texas
Understand that sons of Lt. Goolsby were looking for some info on their dad. Our crew (Stoulil) were roomies with the Goolsby crew until we got sent to Pathfinder school. Believe it or not I have been looking for your dad since I retired in Austin, Texas. in 1973. There are a lot of Goolsby"s in Texas. To show how friendly we were Look at the last photos on the Stoulil crew and see what we did to your dad's aircraft. Hal Susskind
June Tomlinson-Syx --- pugnutsyxyahoo.com --- 21 Dec 08 - Willis, Virginia
Remembering my dad and finding old photos with him in them. If you have any others you could send I'd appreciate it. His name was Alfred Tomlinson.
Doug Anderson --- a741sonyahoo.com --- 21 Dec 08 - Bainbridge NY USA
Hello Gary,
After spending an entire evening (4 hours or more ?) viewing what you have put together, I felt I would be a slacker if I did not write and tell you how wonderful this memorial to the 303rd is...

My Dad went thru WWII in a Sherman Tank of the famed 741st Tank Battalion from D-Day onward through The Bulge, to Germany and he made it home to have a hell of a party with m' mom to make me. But dad was always in love with flight. I have one of the many handmade wooden models he made in the 30's as a boy. It is one of my most cherished possessions. Given his choice I'm sure dad would have become an airman... But alas he wasn't able to. Yet through him I learned of,-and to love airplanes -and history. I ramble, but to me that was no better airplane to bring it's crew back than a B-17. They have (the airplanes, the crews,and the support crews...) my utmost respect. Again congratulations on your labor of love. You've done your father proud.

Sandi Bachom --- getreelearthlink.net --- 20 Dec 08 - New York City
Hi, my uncle Dude Bachom was shot down December 20, 1942 and I have a blog link about the story I'd like to send you. UNCLE DUDE BACHOM'S FIRST AND LAST MISSION: December 20, 1942 Thanks so much
Hal Susskind --- hasusskindhotmail.com --- 18 Dec 08 - Austin, Texas
I always got a great kick out of Bill Dallas in Austin. You should be proud of your dad. He was a great guy. Hal Susskind
Bruce A. Ames --- bames13465comcast.net --- 10 Dec 08 - Olathe, Kansas
I am the nephew of S/Sgt Harold A. Brown (RWG on mission # 90) over Bremen, Germany. Aircraft # 42-39764 (Santa Anna). The records show that Harold was wounded when his plane was shot down and repatriated to the USA. In fact, Harold was captured and sent to Sandbostal Hospital. He stayed there until about May 1944 a Which time Harold was sent to Luft IV in Tychow, Poland. Harold remained at Luft IV until January 1945. Harold was then sent, by train, to Luft I at Barth, Germany and was liberated in May 1945 by the Russian Army. Harold barely missed the Black March out of Luft IV. Harold's name is on the roster for both Luft I and Luft IV. Harold passed away in 2000 in Ottawa, Kansas. I have all of Harold's letters and war documents and would like to share this info with anyone that is interested in learning more.
Ric Johnson --- rjohnsontouchintl.com --- 08 Dec 08 - Austin, Texas
I miss my dad terribly and enjoy finding out about his past. We lost him (William J. Dallas) earlier this year. But he will forever be in my heart.
Sally Kirkpatrick --- JohnKirkpatricksjrcc.edu --- 08 Dec 08 - St. Johns River Community College
I'm desperate to locate a copy of a squadron picture including my wifes uncle, Lt. Thomas F. Kahler, pilot of Earthquake McGoon of the 303rd BG / 427th BS. Although there is one posted on the 303bg website it is blurry, thus very hard to recognize the crew members. Please contact me by phone (904) 276-6854 or e-mail JohnKirkpatricksjrcc.edu if anyone can be of help.
Pete Tracy --- inyomonostanfordalumni.org --- 07 Dec 08 - Bishop, California
Wonderful site. I am in awe of what happended just before I was born in January, 1946.
Dave Dalik --- davedalik.org --- 05 Dec 08 - Odessa, Delaware
VERY nice site!
Jim Considine --- jimconsidinegmail.com --- 04 Dec 08 - Baltimore, MD
My father (James I. Considine) flew in the 323rd sq.
Lois Brown --- itsloisrochester.rr.com --- 01 Dec 08 - Pittsford, NY
My big brother, Howard George Weinberg, attended Columbia University. Very recently, Columbia University found me through your website. The university was planning to honor its alumni who had served during our various wars. I sent them Howie's photograph and a short history. They said my information was "personal," whereas they wanted "facts." I wrote back, "Death IS personal." Here is what they would not use:

HOWARD GEORGE WEINBERG - Howie was tall, gentle, mischievous, and charming. Mom used to say he feigned helplessness because it attracted girls. He was his father’s dream, his mother’s hope, everyone’s hero.

World War II came to our door. Howie enlisted in the Army Air Force. He became a bombardier, and was sent overseas. When he was on a mission over Germany in April, 1945, two B-17s in his formation collided, both went down, everyone died. Howie was twenty-three years old. The War in Europe would be over in a month.

It was a tragedy of such proportion that all our lives were changed forever. Gone was that infectious laughter. Gone was the gaiety, the twinkle, the fun we had when Howie was home. We once had been a joyous family. We took it for granted. But nothing -- ever -- was the same again.

Ronda Owens --- 01 Dec 08 - Brandywine, MD
My grandfather served in WWII and he was a belly gun shooter on the B17. His name was Louis Walters. He passed on November 25 at the age of 86 years old. My father was telling me the history of Poppy in WWII. I was interested to see if there were others out there that may have flown with him. He was a special man and we will miss him lots.
Cliff Stamper --- newrivercliffaol.com --- 29 Nov 08 - NC
I am searching for any information about my brother William Bryan Stamper, SGT Bombadier 303rd bomb group, serial number 6996501. I found a great photo here and some information about missions, but I'm sure there were other missions not listed. I would like to hear from anyone who heard any stories about him from their relatives. He did not talk much about his experiences there. Thanks.
angel gordon --- 26 Nov 08 - victorville ca
Hello :-) I read with interest a great webpage on the Mathis brothers. I live in the Victorville area and have a wooden sign I believe is from the school where some of your pilots went. It reads: BOMBARDIER SCHOOL STATISICAL SECTION HEADQUARTERS 18TH ENG C BN. I also ahve another sign that reads 3035 BASE UNIT SECTION C FLIGHT I ENGINEERING AND OPERATIONS Both signs appear to be made around the same time. They are wooden, blue and yellow painted. I think they might be from the old Victorville field. Would any of your members be able to help? Thanks in advance...always lovely to learn about our history of brave fighting men. Angel
bob brown --- seaharvestercomcast.net --- 22 Nov 08 - NJ
My neighbor was on the Luscious Lady flew many missions in WWII his name is Al Kosher His wife just passed this summer 08 so he is staying with his daughter when he returs I will direct him to this site. Bob Brown
Charles L. Kent --- chuckkent99gmail.com --- 22 Nov 08 - Roslindale MA 02131 (Part of Boston)
My uncle Amos Kent was a member of the 358th McClure crew. I'm the son of his brother Edmund B. Kent (deceased). I was looking for his Group number and plane type. I found your site using Google. Uncle Amos has 3 sons: Keith, Allen and Dennis. His wife's name is Rosemary. He lives in Arizona. I haven't heard from them in several years. Best Regards, Chuck Kent.
Wm Ben Marion --- benmariongmail.com --- 22 Nov 08 - Liberty N.C. USA
Cousin To C.E Marion, Group Commander
Kevin Root --- aktravellermsn.com --- 21 Nov 08 - USA , Napa, CA.
Really like the site that you have put together. My Dad would have liked it also, Thank you.
peter dunn --- padunn60tiscali.co.uk --- 20 Nov 08 - uk
I'm trying to find any infomation on a Lt Ross Cartee Bales, who was i beleive a crew member of an aircraft named "idaho potato peeler" stationed at molsworth during ww2. I'm a freind of Lt bales family who live in boise idaho usa
Edgar C "Ed" Miller --- emille7tampabay.rr.com --- 20 Nov 08 - Crystal River, FL
Passing along Sad News -- One of our Flight Crew, Lt. Harold Lee Scott, the Bombardier on Captain Earl N. Thomas crew passed away on 7 June 2008.
Betty Holmberg Horton --- bhorton45verizon.net --- 20 Nov 08 - Haddon Hts. NJ USA
My Mother, Betty Love served in the British Army during WWI and met a wonderful GI named John Holmberg. They married and Mom and their one year old son came to the states while Dad finished his tour in England. My Dad and Mom loved the 303 BG and made trips back to Molesworth. Dad passed away in '89 and Mom just joined him this August 4th .Reunited at last. My son is now joining the Veterans Sons in honor of his Grandfather.
George Kiney --- aurtoroatlanticbb.net --- 19 Nov 08 - Johnstown, Pa USA
Beautiful, very touching. My father is buried there, Plot a row 25 Grave 10, 313inf-79div. KIA 12-14-1944 with Cap. John McCabe anti-tank co. I have not visited his grave as much as I would like to. Thanks for the wonderful tour. George Kinley son of Fred Kinley
Anna Christensen --- anna063centurytel.net --- 17 Nov 08 - Al
Searching for grave of my uncles. They were both killed in WWII. I can not get the United States Army to even acknowledge their existance. Edward T. Christensen was in the 101st Paratroopers, he was killed at Market Garden on September 21, 1944. George D. Christensen was in the 26th Infantry, he was killed on January 9, 1945 at the Battle of the Bulge. Both were buried in Luxembourg Cemetery.
Tim Steineman --- tsteinemangmail.com --- 17 Nov 08 - Stuttgart, Germany
My dad was a B/N in Jack Stocks' crew (359th BS). While I have visited the site before, I have not seen the crew photo before. Thanks VERY much to those who keep this site updated. It is very much appreciated. Dad died in 97 after celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary. Mom is still with us as are nine children, 22 grandchildren and nine great grand children.
Jeffrey Dietrich --- jdietrichdp-engr.com --- 12 Nov 08 - Green Bay, WI
My father was the engineer in Thomas Duncan's crew. I would like to hear from anyone in that crew. Thanks
Jonathan --- fencer_jsyahoo.com --- 11 Nov 08 - Newbury, UK
A great website. I run one on RAF Greenham Common, a former USAAF and USAF base in the UK; www.greenham.greatnow.com Currently working on a film about the loss of 2 B-17s in the area in December 1944. It will be shown in Dec this year.
Chris de Jong --- 07 Nov 08 - Noordwijkerhout, Holland
Wednesday november 5th 2008, my buddy and I, visited Omaha Beach and Pointe-du-Hoc. The reason was that the two of us, as former Dutch Marines, served together 31 years ago and decided to make a trip to Normandy and pay our respect to our fallen comrades in arms. To see the graves and the battleareas made me very humble and I would recommend everybody to see the American War Cemetery at Omaha Beach. A Marine Salute.
dorothy anderson --- de.aaexemail.com.au --- 01 Nov 08 - australia
I am still hoping someone would remember Sgt Joe Dominguez who was a cook stationed at Chelveston WW11 also Crew members Robert W O.connell Stan Hillier Orlando De Fuigio Some of the lads visited my Aunts home in Rushden ( her name was Mrs. Porter ) or my parents home in Luton Bedfordshire. Please note change of email address..Dorothy Anderson