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01 December 2004 - 30 April 2005
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Ewa Bratosiewicz warsaw-guide@o2.pl 30 Apr 05 - Warsaw, Poland
Hi, I am a professional guide of city of Warsaw. While looking info re Boernerowo district in Warsaw I accidentally found your web page. I would like to refer to the photograph signed with the following title: B-17G #43-39220 Smilie Jack aka Shillelagh after crashing at Boernerowo (Okecie airfield) near Warsaw, Poland on March 15, 1945, Lt Thomas W. Richardson, Pilot. The B-17 was on its seventh mission. All crewmen were unhurt. Just a quick comment / correction to the above. Boernerowo airfield is not the same as Okecie airfield. These two are separate airfields. Before the WWII in Boernerowo, which was outside of Warsaw from the West - the training airfield existed, while in Okecie (in Warsaw) the civil airport had already operated. There was another small airfield in Bielany (north of Warsaw). Best regards, Ewa Bratosiewicz
Dana Euler dana.euler@lakenheath.af.mil 27 Apr 05 - England
I was very pleased to find your web site. My father was T/Sgt John D. Mours B17G #42-97187 360 BS. He was part of mission #203 that landed in Switzerland 13 Jul 44. He was interned and later escaped, and returned to England in Oct 44. He returned with a group called the Blister Club, which I am currently trying to find more information on. It has been wonderful reading the stories and finding information about my father. Thank you and God Bless. Dana
Rosemary Grandwilliams Rosemary920@aol.com 25 Apr 05 - N. Bellmore, NY - (family of a 303rd Member)
I enjoy seeing the photos of the men who served with my husband, Louis and comparing some of the pictures of the men we have met at the various reunions.
Janet Webb janetw@mcsinternet.net 25 Apr 05 - Waynesville, NC - (family of a 303rd Member)
I use to see this site, then I had to change e-mail, so lost my favorites. I really like history. An uncle, James D McClure, was a tail gunner in the clear bubble under the plane. He made missions from England to Germany.
Diana dianachitown@yahoo.com 22 April 05 - Clifton, TX - (family of a 303rd Member)
I just wanted some info on my Uncle Raymond Gilstrap. He was shot down and captured on 1/14/44 He was on a b17 and the pilot's name was Eich. I wanted to know about his pow camp and when he was released. My mother said that he was released on pow trade. Any info you can give me will be appreciated. He never talked about his war experiences with his family. He did of lung cancer in 1997. Thank you.
Vincent L Whitney lee.whitney@verizon.net 21 Apr 05 - Goleta, CA - (family of a 303rd Member)
I have two uncles that were members of the 427th Squadron:
Whitney, Cecil J "Red" Sgt. #19050395
Kirtley, Gaylord S Sgt. #19050612 (Uncle by Marriage)
I am extremely pleased to find this web site and find both of my uncles on it. I would be happy to hear from any of my uncles friends. Sincerely, Vincent L Whitney
Anderson - de.aa@bigpond.net.au - 21 Apr 05 - Australia
If only I could find such a Site as this for the 305th Bomber Group based at Chelveston UK WW11. Even so this is so interesting. Although a young teen during the war, with brothers in the Uk services our home was always open to their friends and also to some US servicemen. A home cooked meal, them trying to teach me Poker ( I think it was called 5 stud, ), many memories. I recall some names Robert O' Connell, Orlando De Fuscio, Stan Hillier, Joe Dominguez. can't recall the others. My cousin tells me they were all stationed at Chelveston. One I think was a cook. I will keep searching.
Paddy Keeney Celtic_traitor@yahoo.co.uk 18 Apr 05 - Donegal
Dear Sir, On the 20 Febuary 1944, I was walking along Fintra beech, Killybegs, Co Donegal Ireland, when at approx 1430 hrs, I noticed B17 Bomber 42-97553, carry out an emergency landing. All the crew managed to escape safely and I had the privelage of shaking hands with the pilot, 2Lt Frederick L Rowan and his crew. Would it be possible to pass on my regards and best wishes to these gallant men. Yours sincerely, Paddy Keeney
BILL HELLER wheller@attglobal.net 18 Apr 05 - - (303rd BGA Member)
The Grandson of ROBERT CUNNINGHAM has advised me that "BOB" passed away on 17th of April. He was 85. "BOB" CUNNINGHAM was a popular pilot in the 359th Squadron. He was a lead pilot at war's end. He was liked by all, and had a great sense of humour. I flew several missions with "Bob" in Group and Wing Leads when he was being groomed for Air Commander Lead pilot. We visited a few times after the war and we had many telcons in between. I will miss him. Thanks, BILL HELLER
CMSgt Edward Beard, USAF,Ret edonaldb@msn.com 16 Apr 05 - Aurors, Co
I was stationed with then CMSgt Henry J Eich at Macdill AFB from 1960 to 1962. He was quite an inspiration to me, as a young NCO, and taught me many valuable lessons in leadership. It was though his great influence that I was able to complete a highly successful military career. He was one of about five role models I could look to and his excellent examples enabled me to solve many difficult problems quite successfully. If anyone out there knows how to contact him, I would appreciate passing these comments on to him. Thanks Chief Eich.
carl lamica clamica1@twcny.rr.com 16 Apr 05 - Syracuse New York
i have a brother who served in 8th air force in ww2 he made 25 missions. his out fit was the 338th squadron.45th wing. iwould appreciate any information you could send me about this thank you very much carl lamica
donald o. "SPEC" campen,jr. ibspec@aol.com 14 Apr 05 - Richmond, VA - (303rd BGA Member)
am member of 303rd. was hoping some viewers in pasadena/houston,texas may be able to research info about sidney w. newby a crew mate. he retired from thw wwii nespaper in houston(NOW UNDER ANOTHER NAME) retired in pasadena near GILLEYS. thanks for checking with funeral homes,paper ,court, veterans groups, church etc. grateful thanks for assistance. ant family info whatever?
Colin A Pomeroy CPomeroy@aol.com 13 Apr 05 - England
Hi from the UK. Sir, I am trying to found out details of a B-17 which ditched off the Dorset coast (near the little village of Abbotsbury) on Sunday 5th December 1943. Most, if not all, of the crew survived - being rescued from the water by local fishermen. Any possible ideas, please? Yours in comradeship, Colin A Pomeroy, Squadron Leader RAF (Ret).
Lori J. Pleasant lpleasant72@adelphia.net 11 Apr 05 - Bennington, Vermont - (family of a 303rd Member)
I am the grandaugher of Staff Sergeant James H. Pleasant, 358th Bombardment Squadron, 303rd Bombardment Group (H). I look for his picture in the POW section and the pictures. I did not see it. I would like to submit a picture of him. My grand father was a POW of Stalag XVII-B in Kerms, Austria. I am very proud of my grandfather and my heritage. I want to learn all that I can to pass on to my children.
RICHARD A THOMAS richard@thomas.fsnet.co.uk 09 Apr 05 - U.K.
Darren M Hoyle darren@cheshirecam.co.uk 09 Apr 05 - England
Regarding the loss of 427thBS/303rd BG(H) B-17 #42-3124 on 4 August 1943 which crashed in bad weather on Arenig Fawr. I thought your members might like to know that I have visited the crash site and memorial on the summit of this mountain and was moved by their tragic loss. Let it be known that these young men did not die in vain and are not forgotten. I have a photographic website and my latest galleries are of Arenig Fawr, and I have dedicated this collection of images to those brave men. My visit to the mountain and memorial on the summit can be viewed on the link below. http://www.cheshirecam.co.uk My thoughts are with the relatives of the crew of this B17 Fortress. Darren
Martin Dunn martinlisa.dunn@virgin.net 04 Apr 05 - Peterborough, England
Sir, I have just spent an interesting hour or so viewing the contents of your excellent site. I originally did a web search for information on the B-17 crash on Cheviot hill, England, and to be honest didn't expect anything to come up. Please allow me to give you a little bit of background information regarding my interest in that particular event. I was born and raised in Alnwick, Northumberland, England and my father William Richard Dunn was an original member of the St.Michaels church boys choir ( also known as the "Reivers"),who,I believe erected the propeller monument at Braydon Crag in 1968. I was saddened to learn from your website that this monument no longer stands. I spent many happy days up on Cheviot hill with my father, who in his spare time was a voluntary National Park Warden. I couldn't have been more than 8 or 9 years of age when I first visited the monument and the crash site. The cheviot hills in winter are a pretty inhospitable place, and as a young boy I used to try and imagine what it would have been like on that cold winters night in 1944. I visited the site numerous times in my youth and on one occasion managed to recover what I believe to be a .50 calibre bullet, which after all those years subjected to the elements was a little worse for wear but still in one piece. My last visit to the Cheviot was probably around 1982 -1983, after which I enlisted to the British Army and served for 17 years at various places around the world. My father passed away in 1998 and after my discharge from the army I moved to South Eastern England where I now live with my wife Lisa. We live in Peterborough which is only 30 minutes drive from Cambridge, where I notice there is a monument to the 303rd at the cemetary at Madingley, which I plan to visit in the very near future. Thanks again for the excellent website, it was very informative. I would like to take this opportunity to send my very best regards to all your members past and present and all the best for the future. Yours Sincerely Martin R. Dunn
Thomas E Raines traines@comcast.net 02 Apr 05 - Fort Wayne IN
My Father was a member of the 303rd Lately he has expressed an interest in contacting any living crew members. I have printed a membership form for him, hopefully he will send it to you in the near future. I am ordering the CD for him it should give him many hours of pleasure. Thank you for your work and dedication.
Cyndi Pace capnrap@comcast.net 01 Apr 05 - Vancouver, WA
I used to work for the great John Vincent Lemmon and I recently received some return mail and was trying to find out how he was doing, and tripped on this site which I must admit brought back very fond memories for me. Thanks.
Ron Welling rwell44@cox.net 31 Mar 05 - Gladewater, Texas - (family of a 303rd Member)
Thanks to everyone of the 303rd BGA, my father-in-law, Glenn V. Hudson and his wife, Laverne Hudson were killed in an auto accident on Sept. 19, 2004. I helped Vince in his efforts to learn how to use a computer. And spent a lot of time with him browsing this website. I just thought I would take another look around. I miss him and the stories he told of his days in the 303rd. He loved this association and always looked forward to the conventions. Thanks for the work you do in keeping this site going and in keeping the memories alive.
Helen C. Strong / Morgan vjhstrong @ aol.com 29 Mar 05 - Ypsilanti, Mich - (family of a 303rd Member)
My father was ROBERT LEE MORGAN of the Rolland M. Haines Crew- 359th BS group. I have been looking for imformation about my dad. He also a POW of Stalag XVII-B. I don't know much about him but I hope to find out. Thanks to this web site.
Henry Lanier hlanier512@bellsouth.net 27 Mar 05 - -
my father a waist gunner on a b-17 his name was edward e. lanier s/sgt air ship yankee doodle dandle. please contact me commander VFW post 4670 warm springs. GA.
Fank (Francis) Hinds fhindssept@aol.com 25 Mar 05 - Iowa, USA
My Son is a Marine vet and served in Vietnam. How do I go about getting his name put on a brick for the Vietnam Memorial being established at Savannah, Georgia, at the Eighth Air Force Museum?
Paul Patist paulpatist@hotmail.com 25 Mar 05 - The Netherlands
The Mississippi Chapter of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society is trying to locate former members of the 8AF so if you or a relative were involved please contact: Bettye D. Jackson, 15 County Road 126, Oxford, MS 38665
MERLYN SEM merlyn@nccray.net 25 Mar 05 - POWERS LAKE, ND - (family of a 303rd Member)
Very interesting site. Obert Enget is my uncle and I get him talking about his involvement in WWII as often as I can. He mentions that he hears from some of the old group usually at Christmas each year .It would be great to get all of them together,let them talk, and just listen .I would like to sometime hear some "Uncle Obert" stories from some of the crew sometime .Obert is having some health issues at the moment, and has been in and out of the hospital/nursing home quite a bit this past winter. Still wants to get back to his own home soon .I hope he will be able to do this, and he probably will,as he is tough as nails yet, and his determination second to none. PS I downloaded the picture on this site and printed it for Obert a couple years ago, and he had another picture of him and a different crew and pilot at his home in Minot, ND. I am wondering what the story behind that crew was? I think he said they had to crash land that plane on their return. I also would like to know the name of the planes if they had one. Obert couldn't remember. Thank you. Merlyn Sem
James L Phillips JLPhillips1934@comcast.net 22 Mar 05 - Kalamazoo, Michigan
i was a crew member of a B29 ser# 48-1119 stationed at RAF Molesworth, England in 1953. Our group was the 582th Air resupply Sqdn.It is an honor to be associated with such illustrated group of veterans that were stationed at Molesworth. I wonder if the guys remember the old pub called the Black Swan.
Gail A. Coleman GailColeman2003@yahoo.com 19 Mar 05 - Hanston, Kansas - (family of a 303rd Member)
My uncle was 2nd Lt. Harold J. Kuhn, from the state of Kansas. He was KIA on January 5, 1944 taking off from Molesworth, England on a mission. I am very proud of your great web-sight to the memory of these very special group of guys. Through the help of friends I have been able to put some puzzle pieces together, as to some of the facts that may have happened on that terrible morning on Jan. 5, 1944. It is emotional to me to learn new facts! If anyone else out their has any additional information on like the other crew members like the bombardier, navigator, gunners and so on let me know!! I just recently made contact with the pilot's nephew and I was glad to do so, as I found his name on your guestbook. Lets keep um flying and the web sight is great for us family members of the 303 bomb group.
Klein sklein@leg.state.vt.us 19 Mar 05 - Montpelier Vermont - (family of a 303rd Member)
Norman M. Klein, my father was a member of the 303rd and flew with Roger Kuykendall until becoming a lead navigator. Always interested in hearing more about him!
Joanne Hagadorn jhagadorn@onetel.com 17 Mar 05 - RAF Molesworth, UK
I am researching Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire. It appears to have been used as a satellite base for the 8th AF, 91st Bomb Group, 323rd Bomb Squadron during WWII. Looking for stories /facts concerning the property, the owners (George and Elsie Bambridge), etc. Thank you, Joanne Hagadorn
Edward A Eschinger edeschinger@msn.com 16 Mar 05 - Wellington Fl. - (family of a 303rd Member)
My father was murdered by German civilians on April 17,1945. I am just sorry the civilian that killed him was never punished.
Helen C. Morgan vjhstrong@aol.com 15 Mar 05 - Ypsilanti, Michigan - (family of a 303rd Member)
My name is Helen C. Morgan, I have been looking for information on my father, who is Robert Lee Morgan USAF in 1941. I have two pictures of him, but I don't know anything about him. He had passed away in June 11, 2002 in Baytown, Texas. He was also a prisoners of in Stalag XVII-B,Krems,Austria. I went to the National WWII Memorial in hopes to find someone that might had know him. His plane was B-17F #42-5430 Good Enuf. His position was (RWG) S/Sgt. So I hope to hear from some other member of his squadron. Thanks, HELEN C. MORGAN
John Ragar johnragar@aol.com 12 Mar 05 - Grand Junction, Colo
Hello, I met ( He was my neighbor ) Mr. Russel Warren many years ago. Russ was a member of Captain Baldwins Crew of the 303rd BG. I have a picture of the crew dated 15-5-43. The day after their 25th mission. I've not found the picture on your web site. Would you like a copy? Could you identify the other crew members? Are there any crew members still out there? Thank you. John Ragar
Sandra Khambatta sandrakhambatta@hotmail.com 12 Mar 05 - England
This is just the 'friendly hello' you mention above. I came across this site while searching for information/photographs of Theodore G Swanson who was engaged to be married to my mother before he was shot down and killed in July 1943. He was based at Molesworth.
Louis De Gennaro degennld@lemoyne.edu 12 Mar 05 - Syracuse, N.Y.
Flew same mission to Dresden 4/17/45 (351st) Any more books?
Mark Davy MDavy@aol.com 12 Mar 05 - Germany
On Tuesday one of your passengers with a one way ticket was found by workers digging on a site near the Kliniken Dortmund. It's weighing 5 German Zentners. According to the television the fuse seemed to be quite intact but no problems occurred during deactivation. Patients and also premature born babys on an intensive care unit had to be evacuated. German TV brings some very good researched programmes on the air war these days. I hope lots of fellow citizens watch that. For instance the Bayerischer Rundfunk had a documentary on the air campaign against ball bearing plants in Schweinfurt in 1943. Best regards Mark Davy
Patricia O'Leary Little 11 Mar 05 - Montana - (family of a 303rd Member)
I have not visited this web site for awhile, but it's great to see the posting activity! I recently visited the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, and toured the small museum there dedicated to the 390th. While my father was in the 303rd (James W. O'Leary), I still found myself getting choked up, and holding back the tears proved difficult at best. I don't think I can ever really convey the depth of my gratitude for all that has been achieved by the war veterans of our country. This nation's greatness is due in large part to you. Thanks to the members of the 303rd, and to any other vets reading this post. Your sacrifices will not be forgotten.
Bill Goodberlet bgoodberlet@mtmyork.com 11 Mar 05 - York, PA
My name is William Robert Goodberlet and I am the oldest son of the only son of Arthur Goodberlet (my grandfather) of Kankakee, IL. I am interested in finding out more about or contacting the family of Lt. Clarence J. Goodberlet. There don't seem to be many Goodberlets out there and we must be related somewhere. Please let me know what I should do next to pursue contact. Thank you very much!
Jan Ruth Mills jdcp1230@earthlink.net 08 Mar 05 - Tucson, AZ
We are looking for information about Eugene G. Edmonds, a crew member of the Miss Lace bomber shot down near Linz, Austria on April 25th, 1945. Local people remember him well and would like to contact him, if possible. If anyone knows any informatin about other crew members of the Miss Lace, please contact me. Thank you.
Harry G. Burkitt harryburkitt@aol.com 06 Mar 05 - Nashville,TN
My uncle was Benajah G. Burkitt. I found 1 photo of him that i think was miss labelled, He was the person in the middle of the back row of 5 in the photo. He was in an accident on 1/5/44 taking off Molesworth, on a mission. Is there any other info source,like basic pilot training records,total flight time,type aircraft he would have flown while in the service. I think he was in central Florida at one time before going to Eng. Thank for any help. Capt .Harry G Burkitt United Airlines B-737 ORD
Alan Griffin alangriffin@fastnet.co.uk 06 Mar 05 - Leamington Spa, England
I would welcome any contact with family members of John Van Wie's crew (Butch) Toots shot down on 25 July 1943 over Hamburg. I would particularly like to hear from Jay Primavera and Merrill Susan Loyd, both of whom are relatives of the Butch crew and who have both left comments in the Guest Book in the past. My emails to their addresses on the website have come back undelivered and I can only assume they have changed their ISP'S and addresses. Help/information on all of the Van Wie crew would be of great help in a magazine article I am preparing. With thanks and greetings from England. Alan Griffin
Phillip L. Fisher PKAgency@aol.com 04 Mar 05 - Apache Junction Arizona - (303rd BGA Member)
I finally got around to visiting your website and reading the latest Hell's Angels Newsletter. You featured us and Schaubergers in the May 2001 Hell's Angels Newsletter. I have a picture of the burial site of my uncle Dale M. Fisher in France before his body was returned to the USA. I also have a picture of his burial stone in Traverse City, MI. You may already have a picture of him. If you do not, I will be glad to send you copies.
SSG Rey Rivera rrg9550@yahoo.com 03 Mar 05 - Ft. Eustis , VA - (family of a 303rd Member)
Hello, I am trying to find out any information I can on my wife's grandfather, 1LT. Patrick H. Brabant (P) crew of the "8" Ball B-17F #41-245981. Her father recently passed away and we are trying to put together some stuff to try to answer some questions she has about her past. Thank you so much for your time. I also am in the military. I thank you for your service to our country in the past. I just returned from Iraq a year ago and am proud to be part of our nation's defense.
Mike Eisenhart meisenhart@eduhsd.k12.ca.us 02 Mar 05 - El Dorado Hills, California
I decided to enter my last name under "search" and I found your web site. It was very interesting. Thanks for making sure we never forget the contributions that the men of the Armed Forces made during our wars. Also, thanks Uncle Bill for your visit with my dad during his illness. I hope all is well with you and Aunt Mary. Sincerely, Mike Eisenhart
Robert Hall robert.hall@akeiel.ang.af.mil 01 Mar 05 - Fairbanks, AK - (family of a 303rd Member)
I have a picture of a B-17 (I believe a B-17g) named "The Duchess". Her name appears on the left side of the fuselage directly above the two small windows. It is written in a cursive writting and is the only nose are except a long list of bombs indicating missions. This is supposedly the B-17 my Grandfather flew in as a Ball Turret gunner in 1943-1944. It does not match any other nose are pics of "The Duchess" I am looking for anything like pictures or crew manifests or anything I can connect to my family. Thank you
Andy andyf.em@tiscali.co.uk 01 Mar 05 - Oxfordshire, England
Hi all. I'm currently reading "Half a wing, Three engines and a prayer" by Brian D. O'Neill. The accounts of many of the 303rd's crews contained within this book are incredible. I just wanted to pass on my highest regards and respect to the airmen of the B-17 Squadrons and all those who served in the allied air forces during WW2. Thank you.
JOSEPH E CALLERY JOECAL36@HOTMAIL.COM 28 Feb 05 - MILFORD, MASS - (family of a 303rd Member)
Seiwert Chris christianseiwert@t-online.de 27 Feb 05 - Saarlouis, Germany
Hello, thanks for your interesting informations. My father was with the 88-Flak near Saarbrücken in 1944 trying to hit your airplanes. Thats why I am interested in the whole subject. On may 11th a B17 of the 305th bombardment group was shot down over my hometown. Pilot was First Lt. M. Holbrook. One crewmember landed with his parachute only a couple of yards away from my mother. One GI was killed, the others were captured.
Robert L. Bates batesn@usd428.org 26 Feb 05 - Great Bend, KS - (303rd BGA Member)
I will try to attend the reunion in 2005. Robert L. Bates, 359th Squadron
Ann Mangarpan rascal52@earthlink.net 25 Feb 05 - Florida
i have a copy of ivo m. de jong"s book mission 85 and am wondering if there are any other copies out there? my father was mentioned several times in it. he was part of it. i have been through a series of strokes so if there are any spelling errors, please forgive me. i would like to get some more copies if at all possible. thanks ann mangarpan
Irene Willis irenewillis2@juno.com 26 Feb 05 - Brunswick, GA - (family of a 303rd Member)
My late husband, S/Sgt Johnnie E. Gray was a member of the 303rd. Bomb Group, 360 Bomb Squadron. He was (RWG)Hell's Angels, 360 Casello Crew and also on Satan's Workshop. If any one was in either crew and remembers my husband, I would appreciate hearing from you. Gray passed away on 12/30/84. We have four children who would really love to hear anything about their dad's service. Thank God for all you service men that gave so that we might live. Thanks. Irene (Gray) Willis
Don A. Bowles donbowlesep@hotmail.com 25 Feb 05 - East Palestine , Ohio
Just looking for anyone who remembers my father, Don D. Bowles. I'd love to here from you and I plan on attending the Dayton reunion. Thank you, Don A Bowles
Keith Hastie kehastie@yahoo.com 25 Feb 05 - Athens, GA
Gentlemen, I'm trying to locate a self-published book by 303rd pilot William Crawford. The book is titled "Wiesbaden - 15 August 1944" and is listed on your Books, Videos, and Publications webpage. I would also like to make contact with a former 427th pilot named Bob Bliss, who I believe is from the San Francisco area. I'd like to talk to Mr Bliss about his friend and my uncle, 1stLt Harry S. Cook (KIA). Thanks ahead for any help or leads,
Alan Griffin alangriffin@fastnet.co.uk 23 Feb 05 - England
Dear friends, I live in England and in semi-retirement I am a volunteer guide in St Paul’s cathedral in London. You will know that there is in St Paul’s a memorial chapel commemorating the twenty eight thousand American Servicemen who lost their lives while based in Britain during the Second World War. I recently discovered that in 1952 The London Times newspaper published a commemorative book to mark the dedication of the Chapel and also that a copy of this book had been presented to the next of kin of all those who died. Needless to say, all copies of this book are in the USA and no one I have spoken to can recall having seen one in England. I was recently very fortunate in being able to purchase from the States a copy of one of these books. What I hadn’t realised was that each book was dedicated to a named individual. The book that I have bears on the front cover the name of Staff Sergeant T G Swanson USAAF.

I am now researching the circumstances of S/Sgt Swanson’s death so that we can tell his story to our million visitors each year as typical of the very human stories that lie behind the names in our Memorial Books in the American Chapel. I also plan to write an article for the St Paul’s magazine Dome.

S/Sgt Swanson served with the 360th BS based at Molesworth .By looking at your website, I have already pieced together the circumstances in which S/Sgt Swanson was killed in action and I have found a photograph of his crew. I wonder if any visitors to your site may be able to furnish any further information to fill in the details about Sgt Swanson’s life or can perhaps direct me to any sources of information in America. I am particularly keen to locate any living relatives of Theodore Swanson whose home town was given as Michigan - or is this his state of origin rather than town? Maybe someone can give me the address of the local Michigan newspaper which might have carried a story of this man’s death in July 1943? A photograph would be invaluable as would be a photograph of B17 42-29606 (if one exists).

I would be delighted to hear from anyone who can help me to fill out the details of Theodore Swanson’s life and death. I can be contacted by email at alangriffin@fastnet.co.uk or at my home address Braybrooke, 2a Victoria Street, Leamington Spa, CV31 3PU, England.

With my thanks and congratulations on a superb website which is a fitting memorial to hundreds of brave men. Alan Griffin

David L. Ocamb davemarjo@juno.com 22 Feb 05 - Phoenix, Arizona
I had a family member on B-17 #42-102949, which is listed on your website as part of the 303rd BG. However, I believe there may be a mistake in the listing. Information obtained over two years ago from some folks in Amsterdam indicates #42-102949 was part of the 351st BG, 510th BS stationed at Polebrook. She went down enroute to, or from, Augsburg on 19 July 1944 with most of the crew; only two surviving as POWs. Would appreciate hearing from anyone having more info.
Maurice J. Paulk mjpmtmanenterprises@cccusa.net 21 Feb 05 - Wood River, NE - (303rd BGA Member)
To Judy of Beaumont, TX--Texans were everywhere!!! I can remember of 4 who were in my barracks R. Sidney "Sid" Ward ~ Charles "Sex" Sexton---both dec.prior to 1990~Loy Ramsey [dec 1990 about 90~Joe Clay SR. still living in Grove TX We wer in the 444th Sub-depot Air Corps Supply.
Mia Krell miakrel@msn.com 21 Feb 05 - St. Augustine, FL
I am looking for information on my Great Uncle Gerald (Gerry) Van Erkel. I have inherited his Honorable Discharge papers along with a very worn picture of a bomber called the MISSION BELLE. There are six men siting on the top of the plane, one is my great uncle. His papers state he was with the 359th Airdrome Sq, Airplane Armorer 911, serial no.36 196 218, Cpl AAF. He was from South Haven, MI. If anyone has any information on the plane or my great uncle, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!
Carol Peklinsky cpeklincky@aol.com 21 Feb 05 - Wheeling, WV - (family of a 303rd Member)
I am a widow of Anthony Peklinsky and my children are interested in any information about their father. He did not give us much information about his experiences and also about his capture and placed in Stalag 17B from the time his plane crashed and his confinement as a POW.
BILL HELLER wheller@attglobal.net 21 Feb 05 - Las Vegas, Nevada - (303rd BGA Member)
For JUDY of Beaumont, Texas who asked if there were any Texans in the 303rd "Hell's Angels" Bomb Group .... Judy, aren't Texans EVERYWHERE? And, YES there were Texans in our Bomb Group, and, in the Squadron I commanded we had a Texas who was known as "Tex" Huddleston .... and I have been searching for him ever since the war, with NO success. "Tex" Huddleston helped my crew when they were green, when we first got there. A lot of the discipline and brilliance with which my crew operated was due to "Tex" Huddleston's tutelage and friendship. Thank you. BILL HELLER ....
Blase Buonpane gjones283@hotmail.com 20 Feb 05 - Thousand Oaks, CA
I am looking for anyone that knew Vincent A Buonpane. I wrote a note last year but my E-mail has changed so I am writing again in case anyone knew him and could let me know about him. I would appreciate it if you could give me any information you have. He was my uncle and is now deceased. Thanks so much. Blase Buonpane
Audrey Miller audreymara@aol.com 20 Feb 05 - Springfield, Ohio
My name is Audrey Miller. I am 27 years old and live in Springfield, Ohio. My father was in the air force and we were stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base in the 80's. The reason that I am writing this email is because when I was young my girl scout troop would travel to St. Avold for our yearly community service weekend. For four years, we would go and clean each individual grave and place an American and French flag in the ground. We would also participate in the ceremony on Memorial Day. Every year, when all the people around me are planning cook outs and long weekends out of town. I always remember the weekend where we would pay our respects to the men that died far from home and far from their families. I am a mother now, and I am so thankful that I have my memories of my weekend working at St. Avold to tell my daughter.
Judy rtimekeeper8@aol.com 15 Feb 05 - Beaumont, TX
I was doing some research for my husband. He asked me to look up Hell's Angel's during the war. I had close family in the war. The more I look at your website the more interesting it gets. I would be interested to know if there were any Texans in this group. Makes no difference. God bless all of them and all who dedicate their time and efforts to this web-site.
David Ellis davenrobn@tds.net 13 Feb 05 - Michigan - (family of a 303rd Member)
Still looking for information on my father Richard R. Ellis 303rd Bg AAF served on the Miss Liberty with the Nafius crew 1942 to 1945 trying to find proof that he got a purple heart for being wounded. was told he was wounded some place called the Argon or Algonquin woods any help would be great. also looking for any different crew pictures with Richard and other crews he was with I'm his Son Thank You
Michele Lindquist michelelindquist@sbcglobal.net 11 Feb 05 - Oakley Ca - (family of a 303rd Member)
My uncle: Art Mehlhoff just past away does anybody have any memory of him?
A.C. Robinson eldoradousa@netscape.net 11 Feb 05 - United States of America
First Lt., Arthur R. Mehlhoff, [Temptress #42-107196] was a long time friend. He passed away February 7th, 2005 at the age of 88. I am paying my respects to him and the to rest of his comrades in arms, members of "The Greatest Generation".
Robert Colburn methsuthsela@aol.com 10 Feb 05 - Las Vegas NV
Dr. L. Dennis Craig 10 Feb 05 - Tampa, FL
Do you have any information on Ambrose G. Grant, a member of the 359th? He became an oral surgeon and I was stationed with him at MacDill A.F.B. in Tampa, Florida.
Dick Johnson fortdriver@aol.com 09 Feb 05 - Deale, MD. - (303rd BGA Member)
I just looked over the personal photos in your new program to visualize all the old members of the 303rd. Looking over these photos confirms my thoughts that WW11 was fought by children!
Larry Plummer lp3337@cs.com 08 Feb 05 - California
Hi, I would like to know what the APO number was for Molesworth. I know that quit flying there in 58. I was at Ruislip from 61to64 and worked in the mail terminal. I remember that Molesworth was the military prison then. But I can't remember the APO. I have been on most of the U.S bases in the U.K. and it is part of my history. Thank's. Larry Plummer.
Alex George alex.george@tesco.net 06 Feb 05 - England
Excellent site ! Just reading the book "3 engines half a wing and a prayer" that brought me to this site as I was searching plane names. My father flew in WW2, mainly in a "Baltimore", a lease/lend plane I am led to believe .
Dan Ciminelli nebodan@aol.com 05 Feb 05 - Struthers, Ohio - (family of a 303rd Member)
Frank Kimotek was my Uncle and I'm proud as hell!!!!!
bt scheidweiler bscheid@bellsosuth.net 04 Feb 05 - Atlanta, GA - (family of a 303rd Member)
Capt. James R Steeg was my gr uncle. I am looking for his children as I have much family history to share. Can you help me find his children? Thanks
Peter M. George Gatliff BGatliff28.1@Juno.Com 04 Feb 05 - Lawton, Oklahoma
My father was in this group during WWII. Now My son is stationed at your base. His name is E4 Jamie Gatliff and married to Niki. My Daughter inlaw I have never met. I was invited to visit my kids this coming March. I call my son and daughter inlaw my kids because I raised Jamie by my self because his mother died when he just turned seven years old. Anyway his mothers father served in the Marines during WWII and survived Sapion and Okianwa. His grandfather was personal body guard to a admiral called Halsey. I was a Marine during Vietnam. When he stated he wanted to join the US Airforce, I was very happy. Because the USAF is the best in World.
Barbara Parry barbaraparry@comcast.net 02 Feb 05 - Highland, UT - (family of a 303rd Member)
My father Neldon Reid Bishop, recently passed away on Sunday 23 January 2005. He was 81 years old. He was a ball turret gunner and his crew's picture and a mural of the B-17 bomber painted by Keith Ferris is in the Smithsonian Air and Space museum in Washington DC. He was truly an American Hero and I will miss him greatly. I cherished listening to his stories of when he was shot down over Germany and was a POW. I was always very proud of my Dad. He loved the USA and felt that we should honor and respect those serving our country. Thank you for maintaining this website. My mother is still living and so you can send correspondence to her at" Jean Bishop, 712 W. 640 N. Orem, UT 84057
Huw Davies rhian@penywaunfarm.freeserve.co.uk 02 Feb 05 - UK
Hi. Looking at the photo of James Pratt's crew - most names are missing. Front row left is Sgt. J.J. Scheueuer who was fortunate to miss that fateful trip. Compare with photo of 2-29955 (Mr. Five by Five) taken prior to 2nd Schweinfurt and published in the book entitled "Half a Wing, Three Engines and a Prayer" by Brian O'Neill. Photo is courtesy of Paul Scoggins. Have been to the crash of James Pratt's B-17 2-3124 in 2002 and have photos of memorial and crash site (no charge!!!) should anyone require current copies. We known most of the details of this tragedy, but if anyone can help us with precise information please mail us. Huw&Rhys Davies
Miguel Angel Avila wingman_mx@yahoo.com.mx 31 Jan 05 - México, Distrito Federal
I found this web site thanks to the book "Half A Wing, Three Engines and a Prayer" and being a mexican interested in the history of the World War II and specially the war in the air, this sites it´s one of the best in the net. I also interested in know more about the hispanics who fought with the 303rd and I hope in the future this issue could be put into this great site. Greetings from México City.
Win A Smith winasmith@yahoo.com 30 Jan 05 - Salisbury, England, UK
I work for the Alzheimer's Society in Brown Street, Salisbury. Our office is in a building supposedly constructed of a prefabricated kit brought over from the USA and used as a Donut Dugout. We are trying to verify this for our 20th anniversary celebrations in 2005 which coincide with the 60th anniversary of the ending of WW2. Does anyone remember where the Donut Dugout was and better still did they go there? I hope to hear from you!
Ron Villegas RFVSarge@aol.com 29 Jan 05 - Dallas, Texas
Good stuff! Glad to see that there are sites like this so the kid coming up will know just what the "Greatest Generation" did.
Janelle (Warren) Hearn west2318@yahoo.com 29 Jan 05 - Moses Lake, WA
While researching Daniel "Chappy" James for an upcoming informative speech, I decided to pull out my father's scrap books and try to find information on the squad he was stationed with. I knew some of the history, Clark Gable being one of the pilot's, The Memphis Belle, the King and Queen touring with the Princesses. Now I have flight information to put with the photos and plane history. My children both received A's on presentations they gave in there history classes using their grandpa's photos. I wish we would have had this information then.
Chuck Milton dkmilton@msn.com 28 Jan 05 - West Richland, WA - (303rd BGA Member)
My son helped me to find this site. Looking for some of my old squadron members. The names I remember are Doug Demarest, a ball turret gunner; William Hollingsworth, a Bombardier; Gene Wright, the waist gunner; Harold Scheer, the navigator; Robinson was the first engineer; John Tolluss the pilot, and the co-pilot was Jack ? I was the radio operator. If any of you are out there, and still alive and kicking, let me know. I'm 82 years old now. Thanks for the opportunity.
Matt McGrath sgt1812usmc@yahoo.com 28 Jan 05 - Massachusetts
To update you, among your missing group mates, you have Norman J. Morrissette. Norman, sadly passed away in 2001 in Exeter, NH. He was a close friend of our family.
Al Lopez alshe2@bellsouth.net 28 Jan 05 - Jacksonville, FL
I have a flask that was given to a LT. BJ Peaslee at the WORCESTER AIRPORT on OCT. 8, 1927. I would like to know if he is the same person, there is a dent right below his name on the flask appears that is "could be from a round" if anyone is interested I could email a picture. Also if he is the one and the same are there any relatives, if so they can also contact me.
Dick Krahl dick.krahl@cox.net 27 Jan 05 - Las Vegas NV
My father was Adolph L. (Lenny) Krahl. He passed away of natural causes in the early 1970's. I notice the only reference you have of him is in a listing of Rochester's crew. I would like to know of any memory anyone has of him. Are any of Rochester's crew still alive?
Jeff Scherrer scherrer@inav.net 27 Jan 05 - North Liberty, Iowa - (family of a 303rd Member)
Joseph Skubal (37675455) was my Grandmothers brother. He was a tailgunner when he was killed in action. Thank you for this website, the story about his crew was very interesting as I knew very little about him. If you know any more about him, please feel free to contact me. Thank you very much, Jeff Scherrer
David Alba jdavidalba@yahoo.com 27 Jan 05 - Provo, Utah - (family of a 303rd Member)
Neldon Reid Bishop is my grandfather and passed away this past Sunday at his home in Orem, Utah. He was the last surviving member of the crew displayed in the Air and Space Museums WWII mural "Fortress Under Fire" by Keith Ferris. Funeral Services are listed below. Feel free to contact me for any information. Sincerely, David Alba
Dick Olson dolson@geographix.com 26 Jan 05 - Denver, CO
Your section on POW camps is great. With regard to Stalag III, I wanted to mention that the man who kept the ledgers on the personnel in the South Compound, Ewell R. McCright, did receive the Legion Of Merit in October of 2004. Here is a link to a story about Mr. McCright and the medal award. http://www.aiipowmia.com/inter24/in191004scribe.html Also, there is a very interesting two part story about McCright and another man, Arnold Wright, who has done great work on behalf of WWII prisoners of war. http://www.ardemgaz.com/Prev/POW/
Wayne Bailie webale@ksu.edu 24 Jan 05 - Manhattan, Kansas
I am a nephew of Homer P. Bailie.
Lea Henn eric_lea_henn@hotmail.com 23 Jan 05 - Victoria BC Canada
Just found this site and noted the name of S/Sgt Thomas Henn.. My father Eric A Henn was an instrument technician in the war and sent overseas for I believe three years. My dads cousin was a pilot Howard Henn who was in the RAF. I was wondering if Tom were still alive as dad seems interested in and about Henns Revenge.. Any person can help or offer information this would be appreciated.. Lea Henn (son)(our family originates Wolverhampton/Tipton)
Cleveland Woodward Whitten cwhitten@midland.edu 23 Jan 05 - Stanton, TX - (303rd BGA Member)
Greetings from the ROCK FARM in Martin County, TX. My Sioux City, Iowa War Bride (10-8-44) and I have been living on the family farm since fall of 1976. We had our 60th wedding anniversary last fall. Had my 87th birthday on 12-8-2004. I want to thank all of the 303rd Bomb Group members for all of their support for the website and news letters. Keep them coming. Thank you.. I am going to search for the rest of my crew.. found John L. Williams in Florida and J. W. Northam in Texas through this website..
Jana Schwartz jschwartz80906@msn.com 21 Jan 05 - Colorado Springs
Your website is amazing. My son located the write up of the Plocher Crew's last mission. It was the first time we learned about my father and his last mission. Clair A. Tyler was the co-pilot that died in that mission. We are interested in learning anything we can about Clair. We have been trying to locate a write up or obituary in the Morro Bay or San Luis Obispo paper. So far, the paper has come up with an article in March 43 that Clair was reported missing and stated that he had flown in the North African theater of operation before flying out of England. There was a second paper clipping dated April 7, 1944 with a list of those serving that included Clair. We would like to find out when the families of the Plocher Crew last mission crew were notified of their survival or death. Is there any chance of reaching Martin E. Plocher or any other members of that crew? I purchased your the CD and sent it on to my son. We have tried to get a copy of his records....but, they were destroyed in the St. Louis fire in the 70's. Thanks for your time and help, Jana
Harrel A. Waltmire captterry1@yahoo.com 19 Jan 05 - Port Charlotte, FL - (303rd BGA Member)
Who ever did the work on this web site did a great job. I miss seeing the guys, but it is next to impossible to do so. I wish the best of health to all. Harrel Waltmire, Foley Crew
Thomas C Booth JR 18 Jan 05 - Trabuca Cyn. CA
I was told that my Grandfather was one of many who helped transform the B17. His name was John Booth. Only met the man once. Would like to know as much as pos. Died wishing he could of been up in the air and a hero, but left on the ground in a hanger giving life to the birds. THANK YOU ALL FOR MY FREEDOM & my LIFE, my sons & grandsons will know of the thundering birds- MIGHT IN FLIGHT-HELLS ANGELS.
Michael Lawrenson MNMLawrenson@cox.net 16 Jan 05 - Scotttsdale, Az - (family of a 303rd Member)
My brother and I are searching for any information on our father - George C. Lawrenson who was a member of 303rd Bomb Group, 427 BS. My father passed several years ago and we would like to learn more about his service to our country during WW II. We know he was also part of Chester Oranges flight crew serving as a co-pilot. Any help with our search would be greatly appreciated.
E. Godwin 15 Jan 05 - United States
I just want to congratulate you on the "Individual Photos" page you've incorporated into the site. It's thrilling to see the new additions every day and such a gift to see the faces of those who were a part of such a tremendous family called "The 303rd". Thank you all for continuing to make visiting this website such a wonderful experience.
Mark McLaughlin gigamath2@aol.com 15 Jan 05 - Gaithersburg, Maryland
T/SGT William C. McLaughlin was my father (deceased March 1979). I searched your site and found a name that matches his. But the corresponding photo of his crew does not match. His name was listed in two crews on your site, Daum and Fackler. The Daum crew photo lists my father as being in the pick, but I can assure you that it is not him. My sister has this original photo and I will try to get it for you. If you have any other photos on your site that I may have missed, I would like to know.
Thomas W. Ross, Jr. TomRossJr@AOL.com 14 Jan 05 - Monroe, N.C. - (family of a 303rd Member)
I very much was excited to see my father's picture on the steps of Lilford Hall with other Medical personnel. My father was Thomas W. Ross, MD. He was stationed at the hospital between 1943 and 1945. I was very young when he left for the service and when he returned he did not speak of his service to his children. My wife, sisters and I will be visiting England in March. My question is can one possibly visit Lilford Hall or is it still there? Another question is, where were the physicians housed during the war, if nurses stayed at Lilford Hall & patients were housed in temporary tents? Any information you can share would be appreciated. Tom Ross
Amber Jenks aljenks@comcast.net 13 Jan 04 - Ft. Myers, FL USA - (family of a 303rd Member)
This is great. My Grandfather is James P. Angeloff and was a Sgt. I love seeing old photo's of him and seeing how much my family resembles him.
Bob Michaels hir0@hotmail.com 11 Jan 05 - Hamburg, NJ
Searching for any information on a WWII heavy bomber called "Little Joe". While it could have been a B-24, I think it was a B-17 flying out of England. I believe the aircraft was named after my brother. Please e-mail me if you have any information about this aircraft.
DALE H. TRIPP dhtripp@kskc.net 10 Jan 05 - Nardin, Oklahoma
I'm reading Brian D. O'Neill's HALF A WING, THREE ENGINES AND A PRAYER, in which several 303rd websites are mentioned. I'm a Korean Cold War (in country 1955-56) veteran, and a lifelong WWII history buff.
James T. King king17jdjkj@juno.com 10 Jan 05 - Mogadore, OH
Thank you for your site. I am the son of Earl J. King who was assigned to the 427bg. The information on your web site has given me a view of the 303rd, since my Dad has never really talked about the war. I learned some, when I was younger by the pictures he has. Thank You. James T. King
Colin I. Gray cigray@bellsouth.net 09 Jan 05 - Yulee, Fla., - (family of a 303rd Member)
My Mother found this site somehow and relayed it to me through my Sister. My father Johnnie E. Gray, we called him Earl, was a waist gunner. We lost Daddy Dec. 30, 1984. He really didn't talk about his service much, but when he did he was really proud of his crew and his country. I will visit this site frequently and try to find out more about my dad and the 303rd.
Jacob Easter easter_jacob@stumail.emporia.edu 09 Jan 05 - Emporia, Kansas - (family of a 303rd Member)
While visiting my grandfather, Melvin Howell, I was shown printouts of this website that had been sent to him from a fellow crew member. I love to listen to my grandfather tell his stories from WWII, as he loves to tell them. Yet, as he gets older his stories sometimes get mixed and it gets harder to put together one story from a collection of many. Without my grandmother's assistance I would have an even tougher time. But she wasn't there so she only knows what she has been told years ago. If anyone reads this who knew my grandfather or knew of his B-17, Buzz Blonde, I would love to talk with you. Thank you and please e-mail me, Jacob Easter
Heber Dean Hansen xtreu@juno.com 08 Jan 05 - West Jordan UT
Was a member of 358th Bomb Squadron, 303rd Bomb Group. Shot down on my 25th bomb mission over Bremen Germany. POW for the remainder of WWII. Interested in any information concerning the "lead" crew with whom I was flying as Division Lead Navigator sometime early in the year of 1945 over Bremen Germany. Went overseas with John M. Twomey and crew in June 1944(?). Was stationed on the Wash in England at Molesworth prior to being shot down. Hope this helps identify my situation.
Steve Dulick sdulick@aol.com 08 Jan 05 - Venice, FL - (303rd BGA Member)
Does anyone remember me from Elmer Young's crew?
Jackelyn Chuba senator73@shaw.ca 08 Jan 05 - Winnipeg, MB , Canada
Hello, I ended up on this site while trying to find out any information on the Chuba family name. Since my father and most of his side of the family have passed away, I am having a hard time finding out any of my family history. If anyone knows anything about chuba's in manitoba I would appreciate any info! Thanks
Keith Webb kgee@oldcmp.net 07 Jan 05 - Australia
The crew transport vehicle on your Jeeps page is a Canadian Military Pattern Ford F8 with a British built body. Great site.
Steve Tuel toolbox@fred.net 07 Jan 05 - Frederick, MD
Your service to our country is truly moving, and will not be forgotten by this "young" man.
Bill Dallas Wmjdallas@aol.com 06 Jan 05 - Austin, Texas - (303rd BGA Member)
I'm late or very early with my Christmas and New Year greetings. I've been in the hospital and confined to quarters for over a month. Just now able to sit at my computer. A belated MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. Bill D
Andy Jackson ajackson@southaxholme.doncaster.sch.uk 06 Jan 05 - Epworth, England - (303rd BGA Member)
Having done quite a bit of research into the landing of B17F #41-24606 Werewolf, in the grounds of the Langdon Hospital near Dawlish, Devon, on 23rd January 1943, I am delighted to find a 'new' picture of the aircraft, that I have never seen before, [the picture in memory of L.A.Ingignoli], on this site.

With the greatest respect, may I make one very minor point. The description on page 2 describes the landing as an "emergency wheels up landing". Surely George Oxrider's remarkable landing, on just one engine, was definitely wheels down!?!

With very best wishes and a Happy New Year. Andy Jackson, B17 'Sally B' Ground Crew
PS Have a look at our website on: www.sallyb.org.uk

Irene Willis irenewillis2@juno.com 05 Jan 05 - Brunswick, GA - (family of a 303rd Member)
After 60 years, it was so interesting to find pictures of my husband, Johnnie E. Gray. Johnnie passed away 12/30/84. I am interested to know how many of this crew, Lead Crew- Mission #98 and John J. Casello Crew- 360th BS are still living. If so, I would like to get E-Mail from them. Thank you for publishing this information. God Bless. Irene (Gray) Willis
Edward Lassak laasake@msn.com 05 Jan 05 - Los Angeles Calif.
This is the best web site by far about the b-17 planes, where was the 303rd located in england? and the "lassie come home" b-17 was it ever in the 396 bomb group at snetterton heath? thanks ed and again great job!!!!!!
Duane Burt duaneburt@charter.net 04 Jan 05 - Dallas, Texas
Hello...My name is Duane Burt and I am the only grandson of Earl R. Weatherby (Your records on this site show his name as Weathery). My grandfather, now deceased, was a co-pilot and pilot of B-17s in the 427th BS and I am looking for more information on his tour of duty, friends, missions, etc. As a child and teenager I remember him telling various stories of his time during the war, and now that I am older I am once again interested in this chapter of his life. As a first request, I am wondering if it would be possible for you to change the spelling of his name on your site from Weathery to Weatherby?....Thanks for your assistance.
Jerry Lee Fegette jerryleefegette@msn.com 04 Jan 05 - Dallas Texas - (family of a 303rd Member)
As of April of 2004-- Iva Lee Fegette's address is Walnut Hills nursing home-- 5515 glen lakes drive-- dallas texas 75231. (303rd bomb group and 359th bomb squadron). Cards and/or letters are welcome. Thanks Jerry Lee Fegette
Col. Darrell Lindsey, USAFR (Ret) dlindsey130@bellsouth.net 04 Jan 05 - Brownsville, TN
I was a child during WWII, but have always appreciated the gifts to us from our WWII veterans. Thanks for keeping the memories alive.
Patrick Praats Patrick.Praats@Pandora.be 03 Jan 05 - Antwerp (Belgium)
Hello , I just received the URL adres from someone . I wanted to let you know my URL, a site dealing with the resistance during World War 2 . A part of it is the " Maquis of Senzeilles " http://www.praats.be/senzeilles.htm Greetings Patrick Praats
Scott McGuire Sscottdrgn@aol.com 03 Jan 05 - Westerlo NY
Thomas W. Ross, Jr. TomRossJr@AOL.com 02 Jan 05 - Monroe, N.C. - (family of a 303rd Member)
Only recently did I find out the unit & hospital where my father served during WWII. He died in 1979 & a sister's son had some of his medical books where we found the 303 Hospital written in his handwriting.. My father obtained his MD degree from Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA. He practiced in Charlotte, N.C. before he joined the service in l942. Can anyone provide me information about my father"s service time. He went into the service as a Captain. Any help would be appreciated. Sincerely, Tom Ross
Wally P. Fydenchuk wpf13@hotmail.com 01 Jan 05
Americans RCAF RAF WWII:
I am researching US citizens who served with the RAF RCAF during WWII. After Pearl Harbor, many would transfer to the USAAF. Some ex RCAF 303 BG members:

+Keith Bartlett
Arthur Middleton
+Ted Woddrop
Edward Troy??
Jack Rolfson
Robert Halpin
Harold Bolsover
John Brehm RAF or RCAF?
Calvin Swaffer
Dallas Kendall
Donovan Manifold
Kenneth Murphy
Dave Rogan RAF or RCAF?
Paul Tippet RAF or RCAF?
George Counts RAF or RCAF?
Francis Harris
Any names/information/contacts would be appreciated Please contact: wpf13@hotmail.com
Jim Smith smlmth@maine.rr.com 31 Dec 04 - North Yarmouth, Maine
Hello: My uncle, Perry K. Smith was a prisoner in Stalag 17B from October, 1943 until camp liberation in April, 1945. My father, Lt. W. Ross Smith was the leading soldier involved in the liberation of the camp. He promised his mother that he would liberate his brother before coming home. My uncle, with the able assistance of his wife, Sally, compiled his diary entries during his time in Stalag 17B into a book titled "We call ourselves the Broken Wing". Copies are still available. My father died in 1986 and my uncle died last year. Anyone having information related to the liberation or memories of my uncle Perry K. Smith please contact me. Thanks, Jim Smith
Sharon Peyton speyton_@hotmail.com 31 Dec 04 - Ohio - (303rd BGA Member)
1. Great web site!
2. My dad's co-pilot was Cpl Victor N. Shook from the Dayton, OH area. Is he still living?
3. My father was Paul E. Reed a member of the 359th, Oliver Lee Bashor's Crew.
4. I have been going over my dad's footlocker items from the war and found two "silk"? maps of Germany.
Thanks for all you do to keep the memories alive! I appreciate it. Sharon Reed Peyton
Peter van Waterschoot Peter.vanWaterschoot@SNS.nl 30 Dec 04 - Netherlands
I have recently adopted the grave of Arthur E. Sheehan Jr. (303rd BG, 360th Bomber Squadron) at the Margraten-graveyard in the Netherlands. I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of information available on your website. Thank you very much for your effort. I wish to state my ongoing gratitude for the unconditional bravery of among others the 303rd Bomber Group as a cause of which the Netherlands became a free country.
aart 30 Dec 04 - Netherlands
hello, very good site, also the link sites, gruben from holland!!.
scott sharkey threesharks@provide.net 29 Dec 04 - Holt, Michigan
Thank you for having this site dedicated to the B-17. In this day and age many people forget about the brave men and women that gave their lives for the protection of our freedom in WW2. I'm 33 years old and every day I thank these brave men and women for what they gave to me and this country. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
Zane Klepper zklepper@yahoo.com 29 Dec 04 - Higginsville Mo.
I was in the Army in Kitizen for two years (67&68). Want to THANK YOU ALL!
Richard ROakes1049@aol.com 26 Dec 04 - Texas - (family of a 303rd Member)
I'm thankful for the work that others have done to make up this site. Thank you very much.
Byron D. Corn byroncorn811@ev1.net 26 Dec 04 - Terrell, TX - (303rd BGA Member)
Christmas Holidays bring reflections of a winter spent in Molesworth AAFB, England. We were working on our 30 missions! Ties which have lasted a lifetime were formed!! Respect and greetings to all who were fellow crew members of the mass formations we flew together. -- This holiday has allowed us to have another contact with the remaining 5 crewmates of the Capt. George Newton crew. Thanks for keeping this Webpage open and working!! --Byron D. Corn, Radio Operator on the Newton crew.
Roger John Breyer rbreyer@i2k.com 25 Dec 04 - Prudenville, Michigan
Hi, we were very proud of our Uncle "Stub" Fredrick L. Breyer and all of his commarads bravery. Roger John Breyer (nephew) Fredrick L. Breyer. Best regards. Roger Breyer
Dan Bauer dbauer@tds.net 23 Dec 04 - Monroe, WI
A great site, so much information. Some time ago I interviwed Col. William Calhoun for an article on Clark Gable I did for Air Classics Magazine. I am currently working on a historical novel regarding the air raids by the 8th Air Force during 1942. Thanks once again!! Dan Bauer, www.DanBauer.com
Steve Bond s.j.bond@city.ac.uk 23 Dec 04 - London, England
Firstly, many congratulations on the excellent website, which I found fascinating.

The Milton Keynes Aviation Society, based in South East England, www.mkas.net) has organised two highly successful gatherings of WWII aircrew, a fighter pilots's forum in 2001, followed by a bomber crew forum in 2003, both chaired by Air Marshal Sir Roger Austin.

We are planning a VE-Day 60th Anniversary forum in the evening of 12 July 2005. The intent is to bring together a small number of fighter people from all sides of the conflict, to recount experiences and answer questions from the audience in open forum. We already have a German night fighter ace coming over specially for the event, plus an RAF pilot who flew Hurricanes and Spitfires in Burma, and are now actively seeking USAAF participation.

It occurred to me that with the importance of this anniversary, there is a high chance that some 8th Air Force veterans might be in the UK at that time, and we would be absolutely thrilled if any would like to join us, either as members of our pilots panel, or simply in the audience. If this is the case, I wonder if you might be able to help us track down any willing "volunteers" please?

The event will be held in the historic and highly appropriate surroundings of Bletchley Park, some 50 miles north west of London. You may know that Bletchley Park was the home of the code-breakers who did so much sterling work cracking the German Enigma codes during the war.

Todd Parsons Toddlparsons@hotmail.com 23 Dec 04 - Oklahoma
My grandfather flew with the 95th in WWII he flew the majority of his missions in a B17 by the name of Sweet Jo. I'm just looking for any kind of information on that. Anything would be great. Thank you.
Thomas Tersigni tom@tersigni.net 22 Dec 04 - Costa Mesa, CA
My interest is in the amazing story of Carl Fredrickson's escape and survival following liberation from a German POW camp by the Russian army. Carl, a co-worker for many years, tells me that a son and a granddaughter are researching the Net for material to publish his story.
Tim general_carnaby@hotmail.com 21 Dec 04 - England
Just found you while looking for pictures of Germany. I saw the pictures of a flattened German city. Then I saw the thousands of US graves. Then I couldn't make sense of the two. Now I am so sorry I don't understand the awful losses those people experienced. That's because I'm too young - at 43. Those lined-up graves. That is very sad. I have also seen German graves in Cannock, England, and that is terribly sad as well. There are many thousands there.
Robert P Lofquist robert.p.lofquist@snet.net 20 Dec 04 - Connecticut, US
I am genealogist searching for all the "LOFQUIST's in the world. I expected to spend only two to three minutes finding "Gordon B. Lofquist". At least a half hour later I close the site. I looked through much of the site and found it very interesting to see what our hero's in the 1940's went through. Thanks for your service. Bob
Bill Adams, Wood carver 19 Dec 04 - London, England
Dear Friends of The 303rd Bomb Group, it is with deep regret that due to circumstances beyond my control, that I am unable to send any more of the wood carvings to the U.S.A. Should the circumstances change at any time I would certainly continue to send the carvings I am sorry that this has happened. It has been a privilege and a honour to have made the carvings for you and the 303rd Bomb Group. From your wood carving, friend in London England.
Michael Szustak michael.szustak@jetblue.com 18 Dec 04 - Lewiston, ME
Reading "Half a Wing Three Engines and a Prayer" found address in back of book.
Dennis Smith ds111th@lodinet.com 18 Dec 04 - Lodi, CA - (family of a 303rd Member)
A note to all of the members of the 303rd BGA. Yes, we have moved. Marriane and I are now living in a much smaller dwelling in the FOG capitol of California, "Lodi". New information is:
Dennis & Marriane Smith
11156 E. Woodbridge Rd.
Acampo, CA 95220
e-mail: ds111th@lodinet.com
Please note that the "ds111th" is not all letters, but the letters "ds" then the number "111" and then ending with the letters "th".

Dennis Smith, Membership/Roster Chairman, 303rd BGA

Jessica Renee Beck Konkretekid873@aol.com 16 Dec 04 - PA, USA
Hello, I am a granddaughter wanting to find out more about her grandfather, Edward R. Beck. I would like to find out if he had any friends that could tell me more about his life in the army. Sincerely, Jessica R. Beck
For the past seven years, I have spent several days in Higham Ferrers, the nearest town to the 305th Bomb Group Base at Chelveston. During my visits I have seen more of the area than I did in the 28 months I was there during the war. So different! What has impressed me most is the continued friendship for the Yanks by the local English. Long may this friendship reign.
Sheila Lowther Rivera sundaysue@juno.com 16 Dec 04 - Fredericksburg, VA
Although I'm not 100% sure, I believe that my father is the John W. Lowther you have listed on this web site. He died on October 8, 1961. The information on the web site is strikingly similar to the information we had on my father's World War II service. I just can't imagine that there would be more than one John W. Lowther who's plane had crashed, he spent time in the French underground and then escaped through Switzerland. Anyway, thank you for putting this site together, it is a wonderful history lesson and a reminder of the sacrifices that previous generations have made to keep America free.
Heather Underwood pyromagic7@aol.com 15 Dec 04 - Colorado - (family of a 303rd Member)
My grandfather, Clifford B. Underwood was a 303rd member and he passed away in February 2001. I was curious about how he was involved in serving our country and I found your website to be helpful. I was also happy to find a picture of my grandfather with his group on your website.
Leroy E. Daub daublands@joust.com 14 Dec 04 - Fredericksburg, PA
I just put my name in google and found your site. Would be interested in your family lineage to see if they meet some where in the past. Thank You, Leroy Daub
Jan L.H. Koller jan.koller@home.nl 13 Dec 04 - Borgsweer (The Netherlands)
As inhabitant from the village of Borgsweer and chairman of the Reunioncomm, I want to inform you that we want to write a book about the history of our village, and part of that history will be the second world war. One of the many sad things that happened in Borgsweer was the crash of The Avenger from the 303rd Bomb Group (Joseph F. Palmer Crew) We want to write about the crash and the crew, therefore we ask your organisation if we need any approval and when yes by whom? If you have more information and maybe photographs we are interested. I hope you can read or at least understand my bad English. Contact me. Regards, Jan Koller, Borgsweer, The Netherlands.
Mary Molson betsym@elnet.com 12 Dec 04 - St. Charles, IL - (family of a 303rd Member)
Harry D. Gobrecht is my Uncle and I remember him visiting me in Barrington, IL when I was 4 yrs. old and he was in his military uniform because he was back in the U.S. on leave. I visited the Mighty 8th Air Force Heritage Museum in Pooler, Georgia about 4 yrs. ago with my husband and enjoyed it immensely. Never new my Uncle Harry was so famous! The website has changed since I was on it last so I am looking around on it. I am also sending the name of the website to a retired friend of mine in our Model A Club so he can read about my Uncle. He was a Fighter Pilot in the Airforce during the Vietnam War and is interested in seeing this website. Mary Molson
John Yager yagerj@cox.net 12 Dec 04 - Oklahoma City, OK
I want to thank the Webmaster for this site because I have used invaluable information from here to build a model of the "Bonnie-B" which will be presented to the grandson of Neil Bech. I also would like to thank all who served in the 303rd for their service to our country. You made numerous sacrifices with your service for which free men everywhere are forever grateful. Keep 'em flyin'!
Eleanor Webb eleanorwebb@hotmail.com 12 Dec 04 - England
I have just stumbled across this site whilst looking for Stalag 9c. My great uncle, George Ormerod was there and was in the Kings Royal Rifle Corps Corps. Only in the last week have I found documentation regarding his death. He was transferred to Obermassfeld on 7th June 1944 having suffered head injuries. He apparently jumped off a landing onto a concrete floor and fractured his pelvis and had renal damage. I am wondering if there are any survivors who might have known him as apparently he acted as sometime interpreter. The official line has always been that he suffered great bouts of depression and took it into his head that everyone was against him. On 2 Sept 1944 he escaped but was hit by a train whilst crossing the lines. We have a letter signed by J.B.Sherman? and another from Major M.A Johnson 6th Rifles.
Leonard Prophit llprophit@aol.com 11 Dec 04 - Mustang Ridge, Texas
As a general purpose vehicle mechanic at Fairford (Gloucestershire)in 1979-1982, I used to make periodic scrapmetal/ salvage parts runs to Molesworth. Sadly there was very little left at that time. My Uncle Norman was a B-17G navigator with the 91st at Bassingbourn in the early summer of 1944. I am nosing around to learn as much as I can about that time, and I now have this site in my favorites,so that I can visit often. Good job on the site.
Greg Dallos gdallos@earthlink.net 11 Dec 04 - Butler, PA
Hello , When I was a little kid , i've always liked b17s and have ever since !! I put together a few b17 models as a kid . the b17 Thunderbird was one of them ! , blackjack was another one ! loved the show 12 oclock high as a kid ,have the movie ! I like looking and reading the stories of the crews and plane ! If I hit the lottery ! [grin ] I would like to tour the ww2 sites !, it's interesting history ! Brave generation
Wayne A.Davis DavisTailGunner@aol.com 11 Dec 04 - Tequesta, FL
This is an incredible historic document. I was attracted to it by the Group name, "Hell's Angels." While I flew with a different Bomb Group, I find that the Molesworth story completely defines Big Two as I remember it, except for the incredible cold of high altitude and the terrifying and deadly flak which could explode anywhere and everywhere with no warning at all.
Cathy Lund kekedust416@aol.com 10 Dec 04 - MA - (family of a 303rd Member)
I just wanted to let you know that Richard A Lund is my father and he has brought me up with the knowledge of his service as a Hell's Angel member. Every year at Christmas I try to find him something from his service of this division. He was stationed at Molesworth AirForce Base in England. He is in his 80s now and very healthy. He has told me wonderful but dangerous stories of his duty there which I treasure deeply. He received a Purple Heart while He was there and he proudly displays it on a shelf in his living room. I for one am very proud of this man, my father.
Fly/In Cruise/In rjohnson@FlyInCruiseIn.com 09 Dec 04 - Marion, Indiana
Saturday, September 3rd, 2005 is the date for the 15th Annual Fly/In Cruise/In at Marion Municipal Airport in Marion, Indiana. This annual event features antique, classic, homebuilt , ultralight and warbird aircraft as well as vintage cars, trucks, motorcycles, and tractors. An all-you-can-eat Pancake Breakfast is served with all proceeds going to the local Marion High Band program. Arrive early !! See: www.FlyInCruiseIn.com
Wayne Davis DavisTailGunner@aol.com 08 Dec 04 - Tequesta, Fl
Had a couple of friends in the 303rd.
Micha Cook jmc65@ncats.net 07 Dec 04 - Fremont, MI - (family of a 303rd Member)
Am looking for anyone who served with my uncle Harry S Cook. He was a pilot of the "Tiny Angel" for the 427th Bombardment Squadron/303rd Bombardment Group in WWII. He was KIA August 15 1944, and any information about him or his crew would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Matt Sanelli msanelli@accessline.com 07 Dec 04 - Seattle
Hi I am trying to dig up old photos or any info about my father. SANELLI, FLOYD L T/SGT 359TH ENGR 02-06-44 BECH'S CREW If anyone can assist please email me at my address. Thanks
Leslie Jean Newell ljnewell@hotmail.com 06 Dec 04 - Hendersonville, NC - (family of a 303rd Member)
Lt. Richard M. Newell, 8th Army, 360th Bomb Squadron, 303rd (H) Bomb Group, was my father. My name is Leslie Jean Newell. Most of what I know about his WWII years I learned from his military papers. He never told me anything other than that he was a pilot who flew B-17's over Europe and the Rhineland. If any member of his crew or any of their families are still alive, please email me with any knowledge you have about this squadron.
Mark Law mlaw@pci.kscoxmail.com 05 Dec 04 - Topeka, Kansas
As a young boy I always enjoyed going to the dentist. My friends thought I was crazy. Little did they know of the stories that were told to me as my teeth were attended to (never had a cavity by the way). I don't think I really appreciated what those stories meant until I was well into my late 20's or early 30's. And now that my son is of age to serve in the military do I REALLY understand the sacrifices that you and your comrades gave. Several years ago I was given a book about a WWII B17 pilot and his crew. As I read the book it took me back to my childhood sitting in the dentist chair listening (closely by the way) to these same stories. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about the sacrifices that men and women have given to allow me the freedoms that I sometimes take for granted. Thanks Dr., Lt. Carl Fyler, and thanks to the 303rd for your unselfish service to this country. Your efforts and sacrifices parallel those of our first countrymen as well as the men and women serving our country today. God Bless. Mark Law Topeka, Kansas
Fortunak, Richard C. , Jr. fortunakjr@juno.com 03 Dec 04 - North Liberty, IN - (family of a 303rd Member)
Thank you, Dad, and thank God for the Army Air Corps! May you all rest in His peace.