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01 May 2001 - 16 August 2001
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Dave Tooley hfhmsite@safeplace.net 16 Aug 01 - IL - (303rd BGA Member)
Hi, I am looking to contact Angelo L. Longo or a family member. He served on the same crew as my uncle and is on one of two to survive the war. I would very much like to talk to him or family member. Angelo was an original member of the Chester Jaques Crew. Angelo was not with the crew when they were shot down. He subsequently finished his tour with the following crews: Jacob James, Don Gamble, Ralph Hayes, Kirk Mitchell, Curtis Olson & Don Stockton. If anyone has any knowledge about him please respond to the email address. Thanks!!!!
Douglas R. Cerzosimo DCerzosimo@hotmail.com 16 Aug 01 - Meherrin, Virginia - (family of a 303rd Member)
Dear 303rd: I believe that I am a somehow related descendant of a Sgt. Bernard P. Cerzosimo of the 358th Freeland Crew, Pilot: Troit D. Freeland. My father, Ronald R. Cerzosimo served in the Air Force out of Texas in the late 1950's. He lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania near Willow Grove Naval Air Base. It was an exciting discovery to see an ancestor who served our country with so many other distinguished men. I would like to learn how exactly I am related to Sgt. Cerzosimo of the 358th. I will be sure to visit this site again. Best wishes.
Bill Marlowe marlowe@simflex.com 16 Aug 01 - Wilson, North Carolina
Love reading about the 303rd Bomb Group. We all owe them a great deal.
Thomas Robert (Tom) Fowler sandy.fowler@mindspring.com 16 Aug 01 - Geneva, Florida
Dear Sirs: I was made aware of your web site by a friend, Major Raymond Preece (ret.) who knew of my interest in learning about the war experiences of my uncle, Colonel Robert R. Fowler. Lt. Fowler flew with the 303rd, 360th squadron. I was thrilled to find his name mentioned herein! I was even more excited to find the crew photo, although I must confess the picture does not look very much like my uncle. I spoke to Uncle Bob too rarely about his B-17 missions. He retired from the Air Force in the mid seventies and passed away in 1989. Could you offer me any advice on how best to learn more about missions, planes, crews, or anything else related to Col. Fowler's war experiences. Many Thanks - Tom Fowler
George W. Jessop georgejessop@hotmail.com 14 Aug 01 - Utah
Excellent site! Thank you to all members of the 303rd and the Mighty Eighth. Your willingness to risk all secured our freedom from tyranny. Thank you. George W. Jessop III, USMC (ret) World War II living History Association, SLC
Sgt Robert Adams adamsr66@hotmail.com 14 Aug 01 - Schweinfurt Germany
U.S. Army, 2001 In Schweinfurt Germany.
Kenneth Mark Heckendorf kheckendorf@chariot.net.au 13 Aug 01 - Adalaid, South Australia
As a flight instructor, I search anything about vintage aircraft, especially WWII vintage. I saw the name Heckendorf and thought I would have a look.
Glenda McGinnis McGee gjmcgee@hotmail.com 13 Aug 01 - Manassas, Virginia - ( family of a 303rd Member)
My father was Eddie McGinnis who flew with the 427th crew of Charles W. Mars. They were shot down on March 26, 1944 and several of the crew became POWs as did my father. Recently we have made contact with Mr. Bill Dallas and will have the honor and pleasure of meeting him in Baltimore Maryland on Sunday, Sept. 9th at the Marriott Hotel. If there are other crew members or families out there my family would love to hear from you. Unfortunately, dad is no longer with us, but my mother, my sister and I would love to hear from you.
Nanette Shuhart gstr8up@aol.com 13 Aug 01 - Ocala, Florida - (family of a 303rd Member)
I am the daughter of Norman Shuhart, member of the 358th BS. I wasn't even thought of back in those days (I was born in 1959),but my cousin told my sister about your website and she in turn told me, and I have gotten a lot of information that I had never known. My father passed away in 1961, I was only 18 months old. The picture you have of the Henderson Crew has been hanging on my Mother's living room wall for years and I have my own copy also. I think this is a great website. Thank you for giving me information that I otherwise wouldn't have known.
Judson F Watson Jr jtelstar33@aol.com 13 Aug 01 - North Carolina
As a member of Roger W. Erickson's crew, 360BS, ball turret gunner, I missed several missions due to having mumps. It was necessary I complete the tour with fill in crews there at the end of my tour. I cannot find those crews listed and have ordered the CD-ROM which may include this information. Any of my fellow crew members that may see this message I would like to reestablish contact Judson F. Watson Jr.
Rick Pierotti RickPierotti@aol.com 12 Aug 01 - Nashua, New Hampshire
What a great site!! God bless you folks for helping people to NEVER, NEVER, ever forget these extremely brave and courageous young men that risked and gave their lives for the sake of all of us in the free world... yesterday and today! May God always bless them for their efforts... both living and dead. "They just don't seem to make 'em like that anymore!" Best Regards,
Jeffrey Morgan LLoyd jeffmorgan1@bigpond.com 12 Aug 01 - Australia
My interest in aviation history guided me to this web site, also my respect and admiration for those young crews far from home flying out day after day and so many never returning . I have printed out a list of the war time bases which I hope to visit next year, I myself was born in 1944 while all this drama was at its hight. Thank you.
Mitchell A. Schwefel masesq@peoplepc.com 10 Aug 01 - Toms River, NJ
Could someone kindly advise me of what happened to the JERSEY BOUNCE. I recently read a book about the Memphis Belle and learned that Capt. Morgan and crew members had flown several of their 25 missions in her. Although I know that there was a popular swing song by Benny Goodman titled The Jersey Bounce I would like to know if the plane had any connection to New Jersey. lastly this is a wonderful site about some of the bravest and heroic men of this and other time. Regards from a thankful babyboomer (1947).
John F. Dittmar Jfd2023@netstep.net 09 Aug 01 - Cottekill, New York
Would like to hear from any of my other crew members who are still alive.
Lloyd JH Grant palidin@worldnet.att.net 09 Aug 01 - Lakeland, FL - (303rd BGA Member)
My father Lawrence H Grant flew with the 303rd as a navigator in the 427th. He completed his 1st combat tour with this group in May of '43 and was then assigned to the 45th Bomb Wing HQ until Feb. of '45. At that time he was assigned to the 452nd BG(H) as group navigator until the War ended and the Group was decommissioned. I am hoping to find someone who may have had a similar connection to the 452nd BG (H). There is not a wealth of information available about this group on the internet. Comments, and/or guidance on this will be greatly appreciated. Best regards to all and thank you again for the outstanding job you have done with the 303rd site.
Alan Feltner afeltner@cfl.rr.com 09 Aug 01 - Melbourne, FL - (family of a 303rd Member)
I would like to correct the caption of one of your photos. One the first photo page, at the bottom, there is a picture of the famous "Rhythm Pilots" dance band. As you may recall, these guys played all over England and brought a lot of good P.R. to the 303rd. Anyway, my father is the trumpet player who is the first person to the left in the back row. His correct name is Bob Feltner. Although he died in 1988, I would greatly appreciate it if you could correct this error. He was very proud of that band.
Roy T. Walker walkerr@netdoor.com 08 Aug 01 - Mississippi
An excellent site and perhaps the best I have visited. Found the information I was looking for in a matter of minutes. A big thank you to the people who have made this endeavor available to the public.
Gert Kemker gert@kemker.myweb.nl 07 Aug 01 - The Netherlands
I'd found the name of Raymond Kemker on the web. I did not know that the name Kemker exists so many times in the US. My backname is also Kemker and I do know that this name comes from Germany. I was interested for this page because I used to fly as well and so I read these pages. Maybe he is a relative and lies his roots in Europe/the Netherlands, who knows?. I was/am very interested in the air war above Europe during WW II. I still read a lot of books about it. Wish you all the best, Gert R. Kemker, The Netherlands
Laura Ann (Clark) Cunningham laurabug12@home.com 06 Aug 01 - South Bend, IN - (family of a 303rd Member)
My grandfather Martin Lee Clark just passed away on Aug. 4th. He was a member of the 303rd Bomb group. At the services I heard about this website and wanted to check it out.
Bruce Eisen Winter jowin1960@hotmail.com 05 Aug 01 - Bradford, RI - (family of a 303rd Member)
My name is Bruce Eisen Winter. Philip Eisenwinter is my grandfather's brother (Fred). We were very excited to find this web site. We had heard that he was a pilot in WWII but knew little more than this. If there is any more info on the 427th Eisenwinter crew's missions we would be interested. Thank you, Bruce Eisen Winter
Edward L. Finnell finnelel@aramco.com.sa 05 Aug 01 - Saudi Arabia - (family of a 303rd Member)
Great site. Enjoyed seeing some of the names and people I've heard my Dad talk about before he passed away in '95. Thanks for doing the work.
John Carpenter pacsdrug@kc.rr.com 03 Aug 01 - Kansas City, Missouri
Just finished reading "Half a Wing, Three Engines, and a Prayer," and several other histories of the Eighth Air Force and the B-17 program. Born November 25, 1943. Thanks, Guys.
John Stynes john@jstynes.freeserve.co.uk 03 Aug 01 - UK
Searching for record of Harry T Sample on behalf of relative. Thanks for the info.
JFR jfr.bt@t-online.de 02 Aug 01 - Germany
Hallo! I have short message for you: I am 36 years old and I live in Germany, 50 miles near COLOGNE. My father was born 1924 and he was fighter-pilot in WWII (JAGDGESCHWADER 104). He finished his pilot-training in ROTH/NÜRNBERG 1945 with MESSERSCHMIDT BF 109G, but he was not in combat, because after that the war was over. After war he was a POW in an american camp. I noticed now the THUNDERBIRD CREW and the TURRET GUNNER. I cant believe! Because the name of my father is WALTER HEIN, too! (sorry my english, missing my dictionary, but I hope you can understand) Best Regards and Viele Grüße from GERMANY! Jörg Hein
Tom Buckner tbuckner@quixnet.net 01 Aug 01 - (family of a 303rd Member)
I'm Major Tom Buckner, a USAF Reserve HC-130 pilot. My dad was 2/Lt James C. Buckner, 02060237, a 358th BS navigator. he passed away on May 30, 1996. I just visited RAF Molesworth. I saw the memorial and the memorabilia in building 100. I was moved and very impressed. I seek any information on my dad's service in the 303rd, and contact with any Bomb Group members who remember him. I understand he was on George Fielder's crew, but was on Werner Georing's plane as lead navigator when it crashed on 15 Feb 45.
Ginger Craven gcraven@saa-sds.org 30 Jul 01 - Memphis, TN 38117 - (family of a 303rd Member)
Great website! My father Jim Craven was the navigator on the Thunderbird on mission #79-November 6,1944 over Bottrop, Germany. On November 10, 1944, the B-17 he was in was shot down over Cologne. Is there any way to research to determine what B-17 he was in that day? Thank you!
Zacharia S. Fleming lowendzorro@aol.com 29 Jul 01 - RAF Lakenheath, UK - (family of a 303rd Member)
Hi All, I am the grandson of PFC Lenville Fleming, who was stationed w/ the 303rd in the early part of 1945. I am serving w/ the USAF and am stationed at RAF Lakenheath. In a recent discussion w/ my father, I discovered that my grandfather had worked w/ the 303rd (I had always believed that he had served w/ the Army in Germany). In looking through your website, I found information about my grandfather, and was curious if you could tell me anything about the 444th. (I assume it was an Army detachment working on the base). My grandfather passed away approximately 5 years ago and I know very little about his time in Europe, so any help would be appreciated in piecing this puzzle together. Thanks in advance, Love and Respect SrA Zacharia S. Fleming (Proudly serving for the 3rd Generation).
Diana (Shuhart) Tuell mynanie517@aol.com 29 Jul 01 - US - (family of a 303rd Member)
My Father Norman L. Shuhart was a member of the 358thBS. He was a WG in the Henderson Crew. He was taken captive in Feb. of 1944. He is pictured with the crew on this website. Just wanted to let you know it was a nice surprise. As soon as I came upon the picture I recognized him immediately. The picture was taken 2 years before I was born. My Father passed away in March of 1960 at the age of 41 from a heart attack. He was a great person with a fantastic personality. Would be interested in any information I can get on this plane and the Henderson Crew, including the name of the plane. Cannot seem to find it anywhere. Thank you for letting me chat. Diana (Shuhart)Tuell of Ocala, Florida
Alexander L. Blondeau, Jr. Blondeau@eatel.net 27 Jul 01 - Baton Rouge, LA - (family of a 303rd Member)
My father, Alexander L. Blondeau, who is now deceased, was a bombardier on a B-17 during WW II and he was stationed in England with the 8th Air Force. A B-17 recently flew into Baton Rouge on a tour and I had an opportunity to personally inspect the aircraft. After that experience I located my Father's DD 414 and learned that he had been assigned to the 358th Squadron of the 303rd Hvy Bombardment Grp., which led me to your website. I was initially unable to locate his name, but, after looking through all of the last names in your roster, I found that his name had been misspelled as Bloudeau, as opposed to the correct name of Blondeau. I don't know that it makes any difference, but you might want to correct your records to indicate the correct name. I can fax you a copy of his DD 214 if you need confirmation of the correct spelling. I enjoyed looking at your website (particularly the photo of my Father's crew), and I compliment you for a job well done. My Father was always proud of his service with the 8th Air Force, and I'm sure that he would be pleased to know the actions that you have taken to insure that he and his comrades will not be forgotten.
Rick Collier collier@missconet.com 27Jul 01 - N.E. Arkansas
My Uncle Guy Collier was a member of the 360 Sqdr. and is 88 years old now. It was great to see him listed and find a picture of him. He is the 3rd from the left on the bottom row. This is a great site. All you guys that served in WWII are Heros! Not just the combat personnel, but all of you. Thanks for saving the world so me and my family can live free! Rick Collier
Candice Richardson Candice@webtv.com 26 Jul 01 - Florida - (family of a 303rd Member)
Thanks to all the crews of the 360 bomb squad 303 bomb group who died and fought so I could live free and for 2 LT Carthel O. Gaskin --my uncle --you will never be forgotton--you laid down your life --and we are FREE-- because of great men like you.
Joe Kennedy joe@jfk2.freeserve.co.uk 25 Jul 01 - Dallas, Moray, Scotland, UK
July 2001. Have just returned from a glorious holiday in Brittany, France staying in a gite not far from PLUVIGNER. On a visit to the town one day, we came across the memorial and gardens dedicated to the Joseph E HAAS crew from 'Beats Me' of the 360th Sqn lost on the 23Jan43 raid over Lorient. As a serving aircrew instructor on the RAF Nimrod conversion unit based at RAF Kinloss in Moray, Scotland, I am naturally interested in historical aviation events. I feel it is particularly important for young people to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and therefore I commend your Association for its part in this process. The web site is clear, comprehensive and easy to navigate and I was pleased to be able to put faces to the names on the memorial at Pluvigner. I wonder if you could provide any further details of the mission and circumstances surrounding the crash of 'Beats Me'and whether it would be possible to put me in touch with the Radio Operator, Charles L Roth who instigated the memorial. Again, many thanks for the site and your help.
Bob Nelson cryoman@arkansas.net 24 Jul 01 - Blytheville, Arkansas
Hi, I'm the Mississippi County, Arkansas Veterans Service Officer. One of your contacts is Guy W. Collier. He came to see me today with your letter. I guess he just wanted to make sure is was on the up and up. By the way, I think what your doing is tremendous. You folks were my hero's growing up and still are today except I leaned more towards the Marine Corps. IN SERVICE TO VETERANS, Bob Nelson
David Dunaway daviddunaway@hotmail.com 23 Jul 01 - California
I am doing research into air crews interned in neutral countries. If anyone has a family member (whom I may email) or knowledge of this please email me.
John H. Barr D21776@aol.com 22 Jul 01 - Brandon,FL
I have always had a fascination with the Flying Fortress and just wanted to thank the men who preserved my right to come and go as I please through their enormous sacrifice.
Virginia (Sirany) Wolner wwolner@usfamily.net 22 Jul 01 - Minnesota
Hello, Web surfing by our son found the 359th Sirany crew. George Sirany was Gin's (Virginia) uncle and a great and respected friend. He was an avid par golfer and had many outings with us (dinners, football games at the University of Minnesota, family gatherings). He has been missed deeply since his passing. Thank you for your site. Bill and Gin Wolner
Stevin Oudshoorn s.oudshoorn@zonnet.nl 22 Jul 01 - The Netherlands
Wonderful site. Love to come back every time! I am researching crashes on 30 July 1943 (Kassel Mission - 1 plane lost) and 11 January 1944 (Obersleben Mission - 11 planes lost). I am looking for ANY information regarding the 303rd on these dates. Research started with a 91st BG and a 447th BG crash, but I would like to get the whole and complete story of these days, so if anyone could get me any info on the 303rd's participation (other than than can already to be found on this website)Please let me know! Kind regards, Stevin
Frank P. Weil Ltcolfrank@aol.com 21 Jul 01 - California - (303rd BGA Member)
I drop in periodically, just to see what's new. It's a great site!
Keith D. Smith cinkdssam@aol.com 20 Jul 01 - Indianapolis IN - (family of a 303rd Member)
I am oldest son of Orphus Smith Jr. of Thomas Duncan's crew, 427th BS. Our mother received a letter from Sam W. Smith asking if this was the Orphus Smith of the 303rd and telling us about the association. And dad is a proud member of the 8th Air Force, 303rd Bomb Group, 427th Bomb Squadron. Although he is 82 years old and resides in a convalescent center, he still can recall many of the stories and I have all of them. His health and mobility are declining, but he was very glad to know someone had the history of the 303rd. Our family will join the 303rd Association. Thank you for this web site and the great job with the history of 303rd........keep up the good work!
Patricia A Niel hightech@netins.net 19 Jul 01 - Iowa - (family of a 303rd Member)
Hi, I am the daughter of S/Sgt Arthur L. Burnham (TG). My Dad is still living and doing pretty well. He lives in Palmyra Maine. He was part of the Roller Crew-359th BS. B-17F Knockout Dropper #41-24605 (BN-R) Original crew assigned 359BS:23 June 1942. I was so excited to find this web site and the pictures, especially the one of the 359th Original Crew. Pilot: Jack Roller, Dad is bottom right. Dad does not have any of these pictures nor does he have a computer. I have just finished copying them for him and will send them out. If there are any of this crew still living I know he would love to hear from them. His address is Arthur L Burnham Sr 445 Madawaska Rd. Palmyra, Maine 04965-4043. Phone # 207-487-2452. I know this would make Dad so happy. I want to thank any and all of the people who made this web site possible. Pat Niel
Louis Fish fish378@aol.com 19 Jul 01 - Joliet, IL
One of my former crew members contacted me. He is a member and I am planning to join also.
Mark Munoz camarkssite@angelfire.com 18 Jul 01 - Sacramento, CA
I know George Turinsky of the 427th BS - he is a good man. I wanted to pass on my email address to him. He gave me his email address once, but I misplaced it. If you could pass this on to him I would very much appreciate it. My name is Mark Munoz and my email address is mark_munoz@hp.com - thank you for your help. **One Note: I don't think anyone can even begin to understand what the servicemen of the world wars went through - unless you where there experiencing it. To those men and others that have served for our country we owe a huge heart felt thank you. Whether any particular war is right or wrong our men and women were there doing what they felt in their hearts was right - for them, their families, and friends and their country. God Bless.
Bob Jeske frogger673@aol.com 18 Jul 01 - Redwood City, CA
I arrived at Molesworth Feb 1954, with the 582AR Group. Departed Sep 1956. What a joy finding your web site, I have many fond memories (and some not to fond) of Molesworth. I have enjoyed all of comments made by guests, and of the pictures. I visited Molesworth in Sept 2000. My first visit back since I left in 1956. They would not let me on the base which was a big disappointment. So I went into the Village Pub and chatted with some of the locals, they are still the same friendly, open, people that they were 46 years ago. They were more than willing to share the info with me that I looking for, which was "what happened to the 582nd after I left."
Mark Mikulski markarmy@aol.com 17 Jul 01 - Virginia - (family of a 303rd Member)
My Father, Wellington (Mac) Mikulski, is a life member of your organization and is looking for any of his former crew mates. His aircraft was "Ain't Miss Behaven" when his was ground crew. He was with the Carpenter Crew when he first went to England. Shortly afterwards his was taken off flight status and made part of the ground crew of "Ain't Miss Behaven". If anyone out there knows anything of the either crew my dad would really like to hear from them. Please email me with any information that you might have. My dad is not online so I am helping him in his search for his friends from the war. Thanks in advance! Mark Mikulski & Mac Mikulski
Robert E. Creaghan rectree@hotmail.com 14 Jul 01 - Baltimore, MD
Did not know that there was a 303rd organization until my grandson found the Ackerman Crew while surfing the net. I hope to be able to come to the reunion in September. Bob Creaghan
Robert Green fylogs@crosslink.net 14 Jul 01 - Virginia - (family of a 303rd Member)
Enjoyed your web site. Ran into my uncle this morning (Alen Frey) and noticed the website on his reunion hat. Appreciate the hard work that has been put into this web site. But more than that, I appreciate the freedom your members gave to this country. Gentlemen, I salute you. May God bless you all. Best Regards, Bob Green
Joe Thompson joe.thompson@erols.com 14 Jul 01 - Ambler, PA - (family of a 303rd Member)
I assisted TSGT Ellis Mowery (303 BG)(The Duchess) find your site tonight. He loved it!!!!! He may be reached through this address, I will pass info to him. Thank you, Joe Thompson, MAJOR, US ARMY RESERVE
Malcolm W. Brown mwillieb@aol.com 11 Jul 01 - Arden, N.C. - (family of a 303rd Member)
Dick Johnson FortDriver@aol.com 10 Jul 01 - Deale, MD - (303rd BGA Member)
I just read the poem-prose by Kantor that you just inserted into the web site. It is a work of art!
Buck Brown brownb56@hotmail.com 08 Jul 01 - Rock Springs, Wyoming - (family of a 303rd Member)
I would like to say I really enjoy this site, I've been a WWII enthusiast since I was a little kid. But I became even more interested after talking with the Great Uncle Harold J Brown. After talking with him it brought the war into a more personal perspective. I would like to try and keep this short by saying thanx to all the veterans who fought to keep this great nation free. If you know my uncle feel free to e-mail me, I would love to hear from you.
Lynna Kay Shuffield friday@argohouston.com 07 Jul 01 - Houston, Texas
I am working on the War Dead Project for History of Milam County, Texas to tell the history of 270 men who have died from this county during 4-wars (WWI, WWII, Korea & Vietnam). One of the men, 1Lt Sam Oliver (from Milam County, Texas) was a pilot and was KIA on 10 Jun 1944. Four members of the crew survived and bailed out. There is no MACR report and therefore I would like to find any living members to find-out what happened and caused the crash after take-off.
Penny Hampl plpper@aol.com 06 Jul 01 - NH - (family of a 303rd Member)
My father-in-law was a member of the 303rd. He was amazed to see the picture of his old group.
John Wilson johnwilson@fuse.net 05 Jul 01 - Sharonville, OH (near Cincinnati)
This site was mentioned on the 381st BG listserv. Excellent site. Keep it up!
santo santo.delprete@tin.it 03 Jul 01 - Italy
Complimenti per il bel sito realizzato.
Bill Q. Effinger bestqualityenter@aol.com 02 Jul 01 - Minnesota
Randy Richard rrtrsrjr@aol.com 02 Jul 01 - Louisiana
I am looking for members of Russell Meier's crew, 359th BS. My dad, Vernon Richard, was the BTG. Their primary aircraft was the "Ain't Misbehavin". They flew missions from April through June of 44. My dad is in good health and wondering about his old crew. Any info concerning his crew or the "Ain't Misbehavin" would be appreciated.
Doug Anderson boogiewoogie12@hotmail.com 01 Jul 01 - Bainbridge, NY
A car nut buddy of mine from Connecticut, Bob Swanson, told me about your site last night. He had found it “surfing.” I don't have a lot of time now to really appreciate it, but I must say great job!
Brian S. McGuire brianmac2@hotmail.com 30 Jun 01 - Spaldwick, England - (303rd BGA Member)
Just a quick note to let 303BGA members and others visiting this site know about the military people serving at RAF Molesworth today. My movers come tomorrow and I am about to depart for the States after 9 years at Molesworth, but the many things I have been involved in to honor the veterans of the 303rd will continue unabated. The people wearing the uniform (and civilians and contractors) today take great stock in what preceded them, and are very proud of their heritage. The Top Three (senior non-commissioned officers) will maintain the memorial to the 303rd at Molesworth, giving it an occasion clean and ensuring flowers are placed on appropriate occasions. The US Marines at the Joint Analysis Center will take over the annual Christmas Card project, wherein JAC and 423rd Air Base Squadron volunteers have sent over 10,100 cards to 303rd veterans and widows the past five years. Three individuals have volunteered to brief the newcomers to the base on the 303rd history. The JAC Protocol Office will ensure that visiting veterans and families are properly receiving and shown around. The annual hangar dance honoring 8AF veterans will continue (8 June next year: all WWII veterans have free tickets waiting for them). The JAC will continue to display artwork honoring the 303rd, probably the largest collection of art honoring any unit in the Air Force (approximately 130 items are now the property of the Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum in Savannah). Some have wondered if some things might change when I leave; guess what - I was only the point man for hundreds of volunteers who will continue to keep alive the unequalled heritage of the Hell's Angels and the 8th Air Force. Cheers, mates.
Irene Snyder Rene1350@earthlink.net 28 Jun 01 - Arizona - (family of a 303rd Member)
My cousin 1st LT. Gabriel Rudolph was a bombardier in the Arnold P. Moselle Crew . His daughter found the site and told me about it. He is now deceased, but his memory lives on with his daughter and grandchildren. It was great to see the picture of him as I opened the page his daughter gave me. She found it accidentally while surfing the net. Since I was a civilian during the time of World War II, it still interests me to see the old pictures. My husband served in the Navy at the time and Gabe's brother, Harold, was also in the Air Force.
David Bacon dabacon@hotmail.com 28 Jun 01 - Homewood, Alabama - (303rd BGA Member)
MESSAGE TO ALL VETS: Any of y'all who will be in the south during the 4th are welcome to come on over to the Point Mallard veterans celebration and honoring in Decatur, Alabama. Events recognizing our veterans will be occurring all day on the 4th. See ya there.
Sharon Rudolph Kuritzky sharon@kuritzky.com 27 Jun 01 - Grand Island, NY
My father was Gabriel Rudolph, died in 1974. I was surfing and found the photo and will give to the grandsons he never met. Thanks,
Dennis S Smith, Membership/Roster ds111th@lodinet.com 27 Jun 01 - California - (303rd BGA Member)
I wish to report that I have assigned the number 2200 to a new member in the Association. His name is Victor M. Craig (358th) Ball Turret Gunner. His application was received and referred by one of his sons.
Melissa Ann Jehnings lissa7@home.com 27 Jun 01 - Bristol, CT - (family of a 303rd Member)
I found this site when my mother asked me to try and find reunion information for my grandfather, Francis .J Fink who was a member of this group. It is fascinating. My grandfather never talked much about his fighting in the war, but would tell us general stories. Now that I know a little more about his group, I hope to ask him more about the history and events he was involved with and was witness to.
Valcee Cox vcox@crcom.net 26 Jun 01 - Big Spring, Texas
My uncle flew a B-17 during WWII and I was looking for pictures of his plane. I do not know its name and have not acquired what unit he was in but the one of the damaged pictures sure looked like his plane. I only remember the picture of his plane when I was a little boy so memory does fade and when one gets a little older scenes do grow dim. Any how thank you for the opportunity of checking in today. Sincerely, Valcee Cox
Desiree Hoo des1778@aol.com 26 Jun 01 - California
I am part of a reunion committee trying to unite classmates from 1960-1986, and any and all staff associated with our now demolished high school (Pacific High School, San Leandro, Calif). We have recently unveiled our own website and upon doing so, have had many interesting topics and conversations. One of which comes from Bob Shayler, who's father is one of two men to receive the French Cross. Bob gave a link to this site and I am signing your guest book to thank you all for your efforts in the war, and producing this website for an accurate account of what actually took place. Thank you again, Desiree (born after the war)
[14 men from the 303rd BG(H) were awarded the French Croix de Guerre]
Ed Walker edmeg@bellsouth.net 25 Jun 01 - SC
As a friend of LT Milton Abernathy, navigator on the Bass crew shot down on mission #106. I have been trying to fill some gaps in his mission record. On mission #91 the post mission report has him as navigator on the Clark crew of 42-37794. This plane number does not appear on any of the web sites records. He doesn't remember the name and so I wonder if there was a spare plane from another bomb group available at that time for the mission. Also, he flew on 42-31583 which is listed as Clover Leaf and Little Princess. Later that plane would be the lead bomber on mission #106. The details available on this site are awesome and I wonder if a reader might have an answer to those two concerns.
Donna (Jackman) Rose rosefrancis@hotmail.com 24 Jun 01 - Billings, Montana - (family of a 303rd Member)
I am looking for information about the crews my brother (2nd Lt. Lon E Jackman) was with before he was KIA over Germany. Robert W. Sheets Crew and the Alexander Alex Crew.
Clark Hyman Clark.Hyman@home.com 23 Jun 01 - California
My father, Harold Hyman, told me many stories of his time overseas. If anyone out there knew him, please contact me. Thank you for fighting for my freedom, even before I was born! Warmly, Clark Hyman
Douglas Jackman dougjackman1@home.com 23 Jun 01 - Tacoma, Washington - (family of a 303rd Member)
I have just learned that I could gather information regarding my oldest brother, Lon E. Jackman, Jr. who served in the 303rd and was killed in a mission over Germany, December 20, 1943. Who ever is responsible for this website can be proud of what a superb job they have done. I have learned more about my brother today, than I knew in my 65 years. Thank you very much.
Dale Clemens clemensd@mediaone.com 21 Jun 01 - Marco Island, FL
My cousin, James Harwick, is one of your former pilots.
Vida Millek Millek.Vida@emeryworld.com 21 Jun 01 - North Carolina
My father is S/Sgt John P. Millek (TG) was with the Patrick H. Brabant crew 359th BS. After the service my father married Helen Stahl and they had four children. Margaret, John P Jr., Nicholas and myself Vida. My father had a breakdown and my parents were divorced approx in 1952. We (the kids) have just recently learned about our father, and are anxious to find out anything about him. What his likes were, what made him laugh. We cannot talk about him to our Mother, and were not allowed to speak of him growing up. I am the youngest and my Aunt told me he did hold me once. We learned he died when he was 68 years old but I don't know what year. Any information on him would be appreciated
Wallace Cassels wbcassels@aol.com 21 Jun 01 - South Carolina
I cannot begin to express my feelings to the families of the servicemen who gave their lives in service to their country. Please accept these few words,coming from my heart.If it was not for their service I and millions of others would not be living in this great country we have today.
Donna Jackman rosefrancis@hotmail.com 21 Jun 01 - Billings, Mont. - (family of a 303rd Member)
I am looking for information of the # 5th Bomber Crew of the 358 Bomber Squadron the "Whiskey Sheets" - Bob Sheets, Pilot, George Wallen, Bombardier, Larry Peacock, Navigator, Lee Souders, Engineer, James Donnelly, Armorer, Tom Sullens, Ass't Armorer, Ernest Dubray, Radio Operator, Leonard Smith, Ass't Engineer and Earl King Ass't Radio man.
Alan Hallum 19 Jun 01 - Covington, Georgia
Your web site is the result of tremendous amount of work. I found it very interesting. I noted in your site that my father, Bertrand Hallum Jr. [360th BS], is listed as not found. For your records, he is living in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. He has no middle initial, so the C. listed in his name is not correct. I have forwarded the web site to my father. If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me.
Mary Johnson Hemminger mejs@juno.com 19 Jun 01 - Nashville, Tennessee - (family of a 303rd Member)
Hope to be attending the Baltimore reunion with my father, Rev. Robert L Johnson. Just browsing. See ya there.
Michelle Hunt blueeyes@gateway.net 18 Jun 01 - Ohio - (family of a 303rd Member)
My father, who was a gunner in Korea, told me about this web site on Father's Day and so here I am. My uncle, John Hunt is mentioned on this site too. Thank you for bringing US history to the web. I have learned more from this site than you will know.
Michael P. Kearns mpk816@hotmail.com 18 Jun 01 - Utah - (family of a 303rd Member)
My Dad, Peter F. Kearns, was a Master Sergeant/ Engineering at Molesworth with the 303rd. He began service at Molesworth in 1942 and was stationed there until l945. Dad passed away in l994 at the age of 76. I recall him talking about the "City of Albuquerque" as an airplane he was assigned to. (I just looked at a picture of the flight crew (including Dad) on the website). If you knew my Dad, I would appreciate any information you might have. If you have any info on the plane, I would appreciate that as well. He was pretty quiet about the WAR, so a lot was left unsaid. My son is in AFROTC, a senior and just got married in "Albuquerque"! In addition his father-in-law is a retired AF Colonel (Kirtland AFB-Albq.). Just a strange set of circumstances. We would like further information if anyone has it! Thanks so much!!
Kenneth C. Elmore kenelmore@mcleodusa.net 16 Jun 01 - U.S. IL - (family of a 303rd Member)
My Father Kenneth L. Elmore was a member of the 303rd bombardment Group(H)Hell's Angels" combat team.He was stationed at Molesworth, Cambridgeshire England from 12 September 1942 through 11 June 1945. My father is now deceased and I am tryin to locate any information concerning his service record. My Father absolutly refused to discuss what he went through while he was in the air force. I found several medals in a box when I was very young and my father put these up and to this day now one in our family knows what he did with these. My mother stated that he had two air medals and two distinguished servie medals just to list a few.My Mother stated the she also beleives his group was awarded a unit presidental citiation for a special mission he was in, however she does't have much more info than us as he never discussed the events that took place with her as well. She did tell us kids that he was the only survivor of the group of men he flew with. Any information you can provide would be most appreciated. I would also like to know if I can get the air force to replace these medals that were lost. Thanks!!!!
Jane Ann Mickle Hornberger jahornberger@aol.com 15 Jun 01 - West Chester, PA
I am the daughter of James D. Mickle, 359th pilot. Dad is alive and well and enjoys the newsletter and especially enjoys the diaries and adventures. He has not seen any of his crew members since 1945 but would enjoy communicating via my email address if you choose. Hope to hear from you soon! Doug via Jane Ann Hornberger
Dana Fulghum Sullivan wyndrushlab@yahoo.com 15 Jun 01 - Granite Bay, Calif.
I am the daughter of Lt.Col Harold Fulghum. My father is 86 years old. He is still alive and doing well.
Joshua M. Lary mimir26@genevaonline.com 15 Jun 01 - Wisconsin - (family of a 303rd Member)
My grandpa, R.W. Lary, flew from '44 thru '45 in the 303rd. He has told me many stories and I have made it a mission to find all of his missions flown and document them for him. Since then, I have become very interested and "awed" at what you all have been through. I continue to thank him and all of you who did this for our country. You are truly the greatest generation that has ever lived...God bless!
Elroy J. Zimdahl Zimstenz@nconnect.net 15 Jun 01 - Wisconsin
I got here looking for more combat stories as documented in the book HALF A WING, THREE ENGINES, AND A PRAYER. I really appreciated what I found here and wanted to let you know that I found your work on this web site to be nothing short of splendid . Keep it up as I will be back . Thanks for honoring the men (and women) who gave of themselves to win the war.
NOEL François natael1@libertysurf.fr 14 Jun 01 - France
I am at present a policeman in the region of the marl and I am a fanatic of the B17. I would like to be able to realize searches (researches) on the ground concerning the crashs of fortressdans is him(her,it) of France during their missions of bombardment on Germany but I do not find an association which can supply me the necessary information in celà. If celà is possible for you would be formidable for me.
Cindy Young Gordon gordonboss1@aol.com 14 Jun 01 - Federal Way, Washington
My mother gave me my father's military papers recently and I would like to put them in book form to give them to my family as a keepsake. I was looking for an AP photo from the New York Times of the Buzzing of the 1943 World Series. My father, Elmer William Young was one of the pilots. I remember seeing this photo in a scrapbook that a relative had in Indiana but I have only found a local clipping from what I assume is a paper in somewhere in Indiana and that doesn't have the photo and the story. If you know of the the article and photo and where I may find it please e-mail me. Anything else that you may have would be of interest too. Thanks, Cindy Young Gordon
Donald S. McClure dsmcclure@earthlink.net 13 Jun 01 - USA - (family of a 303rd Member)
Excellent! My Father (James D. McClure) was a ball turret gunner with the 303rd. He passed away in 1973 and I have been looking for information on his Group. Thanks to all the good people who have worked so hard to make this web site possible.
Nancy Turinsky Kuntz jkuntz@putnamcityschools.org 11 Jun 01 - Oklahoma City
I just did a search for the name "Turinsky" and found this site. The Turinsky name is not very common and I am interested in knowing some background. My grandfather came from Czechoslovakia in the late 1800's and settled in Oklahoma after making the 1893 land run. He was 20 years old at the time. My father was Frank Turinsky.
Derik Stefandel bltmiller37@aol 10 Jun 01 - Indiana
I am a buff of the B-17 . Thanks to each and everyone of the 303rd. And all other vets.
Tony ttccrockers@freezone.co.uk 09 Jun 01 - Norfolk, England
Fine site and nice tour, please can you tell me if there is a enamel type badge, of the the bomb group or squadrons, that I could obtain to add to my collection. Regards, Tony
Ron Shook ronaldwshook@hotmail.com 09 Jun 01 - USA
Gentlemen: I was directed here from the AVG web-site by a new member who called himself 'Blue Leader'. We met (?) when he answered a question about the 'Eagle Squadrons' for me. I am not sorry he did! I've visited a lot of sites but never have hit one like yours.... simply great! Triple A+. Ron.
Edward Richkind erichkind@aol.com 09 Jun 01 - CA - (family of a 303rd Member)
My father, Max Richkind, was a member of the 303rd. I found a picture of him with his crew (358th, Donald D. Stark pilot) on this website, and I wonder if there are any others connected to it who might have stories to tell.
Stuart Tait stu_tait42@yahoo.com 08 Jun 01 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I am doing models of aviation MOH winners' aircraft and need photos of Mathis and Vosler's aircraft. I enjoyed going through the site. Thanks
Bill McGuire A43fool@aol.com 08 Jun 01 - Westchester Cnty., NY
A terrific site and memorial to a great pilot and a remarkable plane. When I see the photos of Kingman after the war, I often wish that those planes could talk and we could listen to their stories. This site does just that in a way. Thanks. Bill McGuire (author of "After the Liberators: A Father's Last Mission, A Son's Lifelong Journey" (Parkway Publishers Inc., Boone, NC - 1999)
Claire O'Brien bossfish@jps.net 08 Jun 01 - Grass Valley, California - (303rd BGA Member)
Now that I'm somewhat over my "jet-lag" I must write and tell you how thrilled I, my son Dennis, and friend Louise Bradley were to have visited Molesworth last week, and to have attended the Hangar Dance on June 2nd. We were met at the train on May 30th in Kettering by Robin Beeby, and taken directly to Molesworth, where we met Brian McGuire, and were given a tour, shown where the various installations were during the war, and taken inside where we saw the display of artworks we have heard so much about. We can't say enough about how we were treated by Robin and Brian, and the memories we have brought home. I hope my photos turn out well, to augment the memories! We even had lunch at The Fox, the pub just outside the base, where I am sure my uncle, Lt. Vere Wood, and his buddies on occasion enjoyed a break. We stayed at Thrapston, had a couple of meals at "The Tasty Bite", where the owners do much to keep the memories alive with window displays and photos on the walls..also bought the booklet there of the history of Molesworth. They even put a Glenn Miller tape on for our benefit! Brian also took us to Madingley to see the graves of so many brave Americans..truly a beautifully-done and well-maintained cemetery. Afterwards we went to Duxford..more thrills, and info to impart to my husband and other sons, who are air-memorabilia addicts. I could go on and on, but will end by saying how much we enjoyed the Hangar Dance..the displays, the music, the sight of so many in USAAF (and other) uniforms..and of course the biggest thrill of all, the American veterans being "piped" in to the applause of all in attendance. Thank you, Robin and Brian, and again, thanks to all who have worked so hard to establish and maintain the organization and this website!
Michael E. Guhr mikeyg517@hotmail.com 07 Jun 01 - Korea (Kunsan AB) - (family of a 303rd Member)
I am the grandson of Sgt. Delbert E. Guhr. I am trying to find out any kind of information other than already listed on this web site. Any help would be appreciated.
John A. Jenkins jjenkinsr@cs.com 07 Jun 01 - Redmond, WA - (family of a 303rd Member)
I offer the following response to Herr Hafner's recent Guest Comment. Some who prefer political correctness to historical fact may take offense with what is stated. For the most part, my comments are limited to the Germany of WWII. Under no circumstances are they meant to reflect adversely on the Germany of today.

Shortly after the surprise attack on American military installations in Hawaii by Imperial Japan, Winston Churchill spoke before the US Congress and posed the following questions. "...What kind of a people do they think we are? Is it possible they do not realize that we shall never cease to persevere against them until they have been taught a lesson which they and the world will never forget?..." This sentiment could certainly apply to the remaining Axis Powers. Once Germany embarked on its plan to subjugate Europe using a combination of ground forces and aerial bombardment, it would be terribly naive for anyone living in Germany during WWII or today to believe that the ensuing conflict would leave the cities of the Third Reich unscathed. Also, it may be difficult to believe, but there were civilian casualties which resulted from the German bombing of London, Coventry, Warsaw, Guernica, etc and the later use of the V1 and V2 weapons. Noncombatant casualties are one of the many tragic misfortunes of war. The world can only hope that the events of 1933-1945 are not repeated.

Leslie Karr lkarr@kih.net 06 Jun 01 - Corbin, Ky - (303rd BGA Member)
I would like to know the present address of George Anthony. He flew with the 303rd Bomb Group in 1945. He was from San Diego, CA
Barrett Tillman btillman63@hotmail.com 06 Jun 01 - USA
I'm researching a Smithsonian Press volume on Medal of Honor airmen and hope to complete the entry for TSgt Forrest Vosler, who died 17 Feb 92. He was buried in Arlington but I've not found where he lived at the time of his death. Any details will be gratefully acknowledged in the book.
Andrew Schrader buger94@hotmail.com 05 Jun 01 - Washington State
Hello, I'm a grandson of a WW2 veteran. Grandpa has told me story's about the war and I never get tired of hearing them. He served in a Army infantry division. He is 80yrs old and the toughest guy I know. I must say that all I knew about the name Hells Angels were the things I heard about the infamous biker gang. I had no idea there was a bomber group of the 8th Air Force who flew under that name. I play Combat Flight Simulator 2 online with other gamers, we fly bomb runs, multi-player missions, and dogfight. Of course the only casualties we suffer is, lack of sleep, or eye strain from staring at our computer screens for hours. The reason I came here was that we started a new squad and called it the "Hells Angels". I was surprised to find out from the squad's leader that there was a squad who flew under that name in WW2. We have 18 members now and as far as simulation goes we are good pilots. I just wanted to say thanks to the real Hells Angels. Thanks for doing your part in securing freedom for me and my family.
Wanda Gibbons LuluLibra@aol.com 05 Jun 01 - El Paso, TX
I have been looking for any info on a cousin that died in 1944. He was a gunner in a new B-24. He was stationed in England with the 8th but I do not know what wing he was attached too. Can you give me any info on how to contact anyone to find out. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Wanda Gibbons.. Thanks also for a beautiful site on the 303th. We need more like it for this younger generation.
Tim Robertson kenpo5000@aol.com 05 Jun 01 - Ohio
I helped a veteran get back to England, to see the air force museum there. He was a member of the ground crew in 303rd bomb group and now I am looking up information for him and printing it as he can't do it for himself. We also got to Normandy. I think he will like this. Thank you.
Bill Heller wheller@attglobal.net 04 Jun 01 - NV - (303rd BGA Member)
In reply to BERTHOLD HÄFNER on our website, I am sure you realize that on both sides men fought for their patriotism. Each in his own way. Whether it was for his Country or his Fatherland. However, it must be realized that one side won and one side lost. That is war. That is history. I am certain my comrades from the US Army Air Corps are, indeed, proud of their heritage. But, they also have a certain respect for their adversaries. This is war. We should learn from it. So bed it.
Francis Hinds francishinds984@aol.com 03 Jun 01 - Iowa - (303rd BGA Member)
The 303rd web site has brought me some old memories and I have found much info on buddies I have had during the period of world war two. Some good, other sad news. The presentation of the numerous articles, etc. on the web site are excellent. I have been enjoying my CD/ROM disc on the 303rd. it has so much info on the activities of our group. Could you by chance know how I can contact the 8th Air Force Academy in Col. by e-mail. I want to visit there this summer.
donald o. "SPEC" campen,jr. ibspec@aol.com 02 Jun 01 - Richmond, VA - (303rd BGA Member)
as the only known living member of pilot charles lonski's b 17 427th crew, i have been ,as i attempt to help ed miller on his great good project for our assn., attempting to locate crew kin or others that have info helpful. i recently ,through aol white pages,found 4 bourgot names and addresses in mobile,ala. i wrote each asking for info on bobby bourgot our tail gunner.they were mailed on may 29th ,'01. WOW!!! in today's postal mail got a letter from his sister in law ,providing his wife and another son's info there. as i am reading that letter ,bobby's wife EDNA came on my phone, she being surprised that i had gotten the letter. it was a most lifting chat. she has a diary of his ,army orders, poems he wrote describing his experiences. good to now know that bobby lived to 1968 and as an accountant ,had children and loviing family. EDNA ,after our chat phoned her son about our website ,while he was in tulsa,okla., and he opened our site and is so elated he phoned EDNA and she phoned me, as how pleased they were to see our crew and their loved one on our sit's crew photos. all us should urge all our acquaintances to go to our site as all would gain a greater appreciation for our service to our freedoms.
Robert Bourgot obergot@aol.com 02 Jun 01 - Georgia - (family of a 303rd Member)
A salute to all 303rd members. I am proud to be the son of Tail Gunner Joseph Bourgot, 427th sq., who passed away in 1968. I was moved when I saw his crew photo on this site, a photo which I have held dear for many years. My family has a few artifacts and photos from his service years, including the diary he kept of his missions, but I was quite young when he died, and he never had a chance to tell me about his experiences personally. I would enjoy any correspondence with members of this association, and would be proud to offer any service possible. Sincerely, Robert Bourgot
Carol Peklinsky cpeklinsky@aol.com 01 Jun 01 - Wheeling, West Virginia - (family of a 303rd Member)
(widow of Anthony J. Peklinsky) Thank you for all of this information. My sons are looking for any information of their father, Anthony J. Peklinsky He was shot down on May 1, 1943 and taken prisoner. Three survived out of a crew of 10. The pilot was Vincent Walsh.
Mathew Walters y2001freack101@aol.com 01 Jun 01 - Michigan - (family of a 303rd Member)
I'm so glad I found the site it has my grandpa in it!
Pat Yelton nee Hammons pyelton@fuse.net 31 May 01 - USA - (family of a 303rd Member)
Just found out that my brother's picture is at this site. Thanks so much. It's a great site.
Berthold Häfner Bhaefner@t-online.de 31 May 01 - Germany Berlin
My mother survived the Mission 857 1. März to Bruchsal as a girl in the age of 22. She was shot by Gunfire from the fighters. my Grandfather fought against the flames these day on the top of our House during the airstrike. Over 1000 woman, childs and men were killed on these Day in Bruchsal. And on 15-16 February Dresden? I dont think that this Target was as it is written a military Target! I understand very well that the americans are proud of there history,and so many young men died for the freedom of other nations like the German one, but every history has two sides! On your very well done webside i can only see of patriotism of the Winners.
Jay Haskins hellcat_one@hotmail.com 31 May 01 - RAF Molesworth England
My wife is with the U.S. army. We are a year and a half into a three year tour at R.A.F. Molesworth. I look forward to attending the hangar dance here June 3rd. I met a lot of the guys who came over for the reunion last year. One who said his name was Tom Gunn has stuck with me. His son who also attended last year wore a jacket with the words (Son of a Gunn) on the back. I hope Mr.Gunn makes it back this year. I look forward to meeting up with him again.
Christina Ramirez Chrys24243@aol.com 31 May 01 - Springfield, Illinois
I am seeking information on my uncle, SSgt Paul D. Ferguson who was a member of the 427th Bomb Squadron. He was a Tail Gunner on a B-17F. The Aircraft number was 41-24620. The name of the plane was "Snap!, Crackle!, Pop!" The Pilot was 1lt Donald E. Stockton. My uncle Paul was killed in action on January 13, 1943, over Lille, France. His body was returned to Molesworth, England. I am hoping to find someone who knew my uncle, or may have even been on the mission where he was killed. I never knew my uncle Paul. I was not born until two decades after he died. I think of him often and wonder what he might have been like, had he lived. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you sacrificed for our freedom. God Bless you all. Sincerely, Christina Ramirez
Jeff Geist hefhay@aol.com 31 May 01 - Pennsylvania - (family of a 303rd Member)
I really just wanted to say, "Thank You!". I wanted to show my friends and family pictures of my grandfather, William Latshaw of the 358th crew during his years in the service. I'm am very proud of him and admire him in more ways than can be imagined. He is just a wonderful human being and our family is blessed to still have him around today. Thanks "Gompen" and to all those who served.
Simon Underdown underdown@mealrigg.fsnet.co.uk 31 May 01 - Cumbria, UK
Dear Sir/s. Just dropping you a not on behalf of my father, seeing as you wanted anything with WW2 flying connections, to say that at the same time as one Underdown was flying B 17's for Uncle Sam, another was flying Spitfires for the RAF - he's still going and enjoys learning about WW2 flying from any angle. All the best with your Association.
Sheila Bassett Pranger sbpranger@worldnet.att.net 30 May 01 - Chicago
Anthony Joseph Pranger, deceased, was in the Hundredth at Thorpe Abbotts 1945. Someplace have Contrails My War Record and another book on the missions of the Hundredth and his photo album of pictures taken during bomb runs. Also, have his 201 file. We value them for what all of you went through.
Honor Kever dccarpenter@sk.sympatico.ca 30 May 01 - Saskatchewan, Canada - (family of a 303rd Member)
My Dad, William (Bill) Kever has never talked too much about his experiences during the war and I would like to know more about his squadron, etc. He has recently joined your membership. I look forward to reading more on your website.
Marie M. Duggins (Casavant) mmduggins@aol.com 30 May 01 - Cumberland, Rhode Island
I found your weblink from the ancestry.com web page. My dad was in the 8th army/airforce military pool during WWII. He was a mechanic and chauffeur. I think his group was the 45th (Artillery?) division. He was spared front line combat because he was such a good mechanic, they kept him in the back fixing all the equipment. In any event, he died last year and his name was (Antoine) Edgar Emile Casavant born 2/4/1919 died 2/9/2000. He had pictures of some of his group but we don't know their names etc. I would like to find someone who may have known my father or a way to search for history on the unit he served in. Any suggestions.
Blanche Barnes Gangwere bgang-mo@worldnet.att.net 30 May 01 - Missouri
Two days ago, my son sent me an e-mail stating that he had found something which he thought might be of interest to me. It was this web site. He was correct. You see, I was a Red Cross Clubmobile girl during World War II and was stationed at Kettering, England. Once a week, from about August of 1944 to January of 1945, I helped serve coffee and doughnuts to the men of the 303rd BG at Molesworth. That was so long ago that I doubt anyone will remember me. But, I remember a few of the men I met, and one in particular. While perusing the material, I found several pictures of him and it brought back many memories. It is obvious that much time and effort have been spent compiling this material. Those of you who put it together have done an excellent job. You are to be highly commended. It is so important that a record be kept of the heroism and sacrifices made by so many.
Charles Sikora ChasnReet@worldnet.att.net 29 May 01 - NJ
I would like to find crew members Edwin Bjorn and Cyrus Cruttenden. Thank You in advance for all your efforts
C. Hennessy chris.hennessy@insignia-re.com 29 May 01 - England
I read the book "Half a Wing Three Engines and a Prayer". This has made me appreciate the sacrifice and Bravery made to provide the freedom we enjoy today. Excellent Webb site.I will be visiting again.
Wallace Goldfarb pineneedle@qwest.net 29 May 01 - Maine - (303rd BGA Member)
I was surprised and happy to find a photo of my crew, 2Lt. John P Watson, pilot. There is an error in the legend shows me as a waist gunner, and Hollifield as the ball turret gunner. These should be reversed - I flew the ball in 30 of our 31 missions, and in the tail on the other. Hollifield flew all 31 in the waist. We finished our tour shortly after D-Day. If it is possible to get Charles Coe's address, either email, or regular mail, I would appreciate it greatly. Incidentally, reading about Harry Gobrecht's tour, I see that he flew many missions in Neva, the Silver Lady. So did Watson's crew. My memory is not totally clear on this but I believe we were assigned to Neva when she replaced the original which was retired about May 1944. Keep up the good work. Wallace Goldfarb, Serial #12092720
Donna Montgoemry dmontg1117@aol.com 28 May 01 - Michigan
Hi. Just stopped by to Thank All the men and women that were involved in the Service to the United States of America. Without your sacrifices made for our country, we may not be the nation we are today. I am resolved to help keep the memories alive of all the brave people that helped us remain free by telling my Girl Scout Troops about them. They are writing to many of the remaining 303rd members to let them know that we have not forgotten them. So God Bless and Keep You. Mrs. Donna Montgomery, Cesar Chavez Academy Girl Scout Troop Leader, Detroit, Michigan
Sharon McLane kiltdare@aol.com 28 May 01 - Maryland - (family of a 303rd Member)
I am trying to find out what role my dad played with the 303rd Bomb Group. I found his picture under the crew pictures. He was part of the William T. Baker Crew - 360th BS; B-17 #42-5854 Alley Oop and the William T. Baker Crew - 360th BS B-17 #42-29754. Is this possible? I see that you are having a reunion in Baltimore from Sept 5-9. I live right outside of Baltimore. I would love to meet someone who knew my father, but I'm not a member of your association. Would you be able to tell me what specific missions my father flew in? Did he get any awards for his service? Also, Hell's Angels appears to be all in Europe but I thought he was in the Pacific too? Is this possible? His name at the time was Lt. Joseph T. McLane (He retired as a Major). He was a consultant for the Enola Gay Exhibit at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. That's why I have the question as to Europe or Japan. How can I go about locating someone who knew my father? I would love to know more about his service. Unfortunately, he passed away in July, 1982 and I have so many questions still unanswered. Any help you give would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Sharon McLane, his daughter
Rebecca Collins rebeccac@megalink.net 28 May 01 - Dixfield, Maine
Hi, My name is Rebecca. I have a friend who was in the 358th BS crew (Wallace Goldfarb). [358th John P. Watson Crew] He told me he was the "BT" although the crew picture has him listed as a "WG." We walk together everyday for exercise and he has told me many many stories of the B-17s and of his experiences during the war. I enjoy hearing everything he has to tell me, particularly because I am 49 years old and not born until 1951. I have learned to appreciate what he had to go through along with all the other service men to make a better life and world for me to live in. When I found this web site and was able to see a picture of him and his crew it brought tears to my eyes. Suddenly, for the first time, the war felt real to me. Also, I found a picture of an actual formation sheet which happens to have his plane listed for the flight that day which ironically was "MAY 28th" (1944) and today happens to be "MAY 28th, 01." What feeling that gave me. I feel I have just entered a another time, another world. I am so glad he lived to come home. I'm so sorry for all the young men who died or suffered. So I want to thank whoever put these pictures together. It has been great to see these pictures and see my friend as a young man (he is now 78). It helps me to understand more of who he is as a person and what it was like for him to be part of the war. Thank you. Rebecca Collins
Anne McLane Birmingham abirmingha@aol.com 28 May 01 - Maryland - (family of a 303rd Member)
Great Website!
Lloyd Grant palidin@worldnet.att.net 28 May 01 - Lakeland, Fl - (303rd BGA Member)
It has been awhile since I posted a comment here. Today I am here to pay my respects to all the men who served with my father in what ever capacity, and to say "Thank you". I encourage everyone who visits this site to take full advantage of the great wealth of information that has been compiled on this website. It has been a labor of love and devotion. The men responsible for putting it all together are to be commended for this act of unselfish pride. Lloyd Grant. (dad was a navigator in the 427th ).
Dan Patterson dmp@dantana.com 28 May 01 - Spencer, NC
I have good picture of Norden bomb site at www.GoRowan.com My father helped build them in Durham, NC during the war.
Franklin J. Koberna fjkkubby@aol.com 28 May 01 - Utah
I am a former link instructor at Lockbourne Army Air Base Columbus, Ohio. Are there any pilots of the 303rd that might have taken their B17 training at L.A.A.B ? Also would any of your members have played for the Base basketball team ?
Roy F. Statton sstatton@aol.com 27 May 01 - Lincoln, Nebraska - (303rd BGA Member)
I just heard about this web site yesterday. It looks very interesting
Crystal A. Chapin roncrys@bellsouth.net 27 May 01 - Georgia
My uncle told us about your web page, S/Sgt Joseph E. Serpa was my uncle. Do you have any information on his life or death? Thank you.
Mike Bull Wightbull@supanet.com 27 May 01 - Isle of Wight, England
My first visit to this site, very impressive. I am a regular visitor to Norfolk on holiday and have often visited Thorpe Abbotts (100 Bg), as well as several other former air bases of the mighty 8th. Will be going again this coming September, any task required by any members willingly undertaken if at-all possible, Mike Bull
Herbert R. Keithley, Lt Col, USAF (Ret) hrkeithley2@cs.com 26 May 01 - North Carolina
In Mar 1945 I had orders to report to the 303rd Bomb Group as a B-17 pilot. While on leave I received a Western Union message which revoked those orders and transferred me to B-29 transition/combat crew training, with ultimate assignment to the Pacific theatre. I have always felt that I had a relationship, however brief, with the 303rd BG and the 8th Air Force.
William H Leger, CWO4 USAF(Ret'd) legersb@syix.com 26 May 01 - CA
My brother in FL came across your web site address and sent it to me, as he knew that I had been in the 8th during WW2. I was in the 864th Air Engineering Sqdn, attached to the 4th Ftr. Gp. stationed at Saffron Walden, Berks. Debden aerodrome I ran a mobile repair unit from there,from 1943 to 1945. After the war I reenlisted, wound up in SAC till I retired from the 9thSRW in 1970.
Damian Jungermann djungermann@hotmail.com 26 May 01 - Brooklyn, NY - (family of a 303rd Member)
My grandfather is John J. O'Donnell. When I was a boy he told me of his experiences in WWII. I developed a deep respect and reverence for all involved. The bonds that were developed between the men. Being shot down and becoming a POW. All of the new films in the past few years seem to have brought the experiences of WWII to a whole new generation. My grandfather's experiences in WWII had a profound effect on him and I feel honored that he shared some of those with me. I just want to express my thanks to the creators of this web page for helping bring more in-depth information to light. Thank you and God bless. Damian Jungermann
Leonard Volpe lvolpe1@rochester.rr.com 26 May 01 - New York
Great site. I am a VietNam vet. I was having breakfast with a buddy and his dad gave me the site to check out. I can't remember his last name but his first name is Jim and was in the John Scott Crew standing in the middle back row. I just want to salute you and all our fellow vets from all the wars. Peace to all and "Welcome Home"!
Jim Olson jolson21@csc.com 25 May 01 - Wethersfield CT
Thanks for providing a great web site.
Gary Gault gary_gault@hq.dla.mil 25 May 01 - Ft Belvoir, Virginia
Gentlemen: Thanks for your support in allowing me to use some of your great photos for my webpage project at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia! My site address is: http://mason.gmu.edu/~ggault/FullNineYards-1.htm. The object was to explain why America embarked on an aerial campaign in WWII, and the tremendous costs in lives which resulted from the air campaigns in Europe and the Pacific. Countless generations owe much to you aviators who fought so long and hard to preserve freedom and human dignity during that all-encompassing conflict. Thanks Again, Best Regards, Gary Gault (703)767-5067
Jim Woods jwoods4269@home.com 25 May 01 - Maryland
You have one helluva web site! I'll be back to get more good pointers. I'm webmaster for 489th site.
Larry Nelson fift1frd@cs.com 25 May 01 - Mission, TX
I'm looking for the name of the us army air corps training unit that was located at rosecrans air field, st.joseph,mo. from 1942 to 1945. also looking for the unit roster from same location. looking for my half-sisters father, he was kia sometime from 1943 to 45. location unknown. Thanks for any help. larry nelson us army, vietnam 67-68
Jim West JimWest@IndianaMilitary.org 24 May 01 - Franklin, Indiana
I see some of the nurses came from Camp Atterbury, Indiana. You might enjoy our web site for that camp, at http://www.IndianaMilitary.org If any can supply any info on our camp, it will be appreciated. Jim West, Vice-Chairman, Camp Atterbury Veterans Memorial Association
Robert C Culp bobculp@msn.com 24 May 01 - WA
I enjoyed your web site. I flew 30 missions with the 100th Bomb Group.
Col. Kenneth G. Gould, Jr., USAF (MC) Ret. kgould@flash.net 24 May 01 - Houston, TX
I was an Army Air Corps brat at Langley Field, VA when the first B-17s arrived in 1937. My Father, Col. Kenneth G. Gould, Sr., was Base Flight Surgeon at Langley. He later was Chief Flight Surgeon for 3rd AF in Tampa, and later the 13th AF in the Pacific in WWII on Moratai, Leyte, etc.
Bill Fadely bfadely@shentel.net 24 May 01 - Virginia
I have taken sometime to go thru your complete web site and I don't mind telling you it brought tears to my eyes. I was just 5 yrs old when WWII started but I have always been fascinated with aircraft. I enlisted in 1954 and retired 22 years later. But I have been an avid fan of the great 8th Air Force. What it accomplished was magnificent. I was assigned to the 323rd Strat Recon Sqdn of the 91st Strat Recon Wing (SAC) at one time and during WWII it was the 323rd BS {H} of the 91st BW {H}. I have the greatest respect for your generation and what you accomplished under the conditions that prevailed at that time. I salute you all and your WEB SITE is 2nd to none........
Pat Hallden-Abberton phab001@aol.com 24 May 01 - Pennsylvania
It is possible that the "Robert Hallden" shown in one of your crew photographs is the uncle I knew only as my father's brother "Bob" from old family photos. He was killed before I was born. It will be a unique opportunity to show this picture to my Dad and see if this really is a picture of his older brother, taken over a half-century ago. Thank you.
Billee W. Hoornbeek siuslaw@pacificwest.com 24 May 01 - Florence, OR
I am the first cousin of Donald L. Gibbons, Co-Pilot of Roth's plane on May 19, 1944 when they were shot down. DL (Bud) was a POW.
Ann Geil ageil@austin.rr.com 24 May 01 - Austin, TX
My brother served and was killed in WW II. He was on a B17 also, Navigator. Plane was downed 17 Feb 1945. I recently visited the 8th Air Force Museum near Savannah, GA. Soon after my visit, I donated $150 for a marker for him. That has been 17 months ago and I have never heard whether it was installed or not. Would you have any information on this? Thanks. Ann
Shelby (Harris) Cernoch shelby@newnorth.net 24 May 01 - Antigo, Wisconsin - (family of a 303rd Member)
Dear Sirs, My father was a member of the 303rd.Bombardment Group(H) 358th Bombardment Squadron(H). His name was Theron H. Harris, #16 091 894, Grade-Cpl.- Date of entry into service 27 May 1942- Date of separation 29 Sept.1945. I was wondering why I could not find him at this site. I have several pictures of him and fellow crewmen,and planes at my photo site. I did an album of "Military Memories". It also includes news articles of the "Hell's Angel's from the Stars and Stripes and other papers. There are also 2 pictures of a couple of planes that crashed as they got back to base after a hard trip. If you would like the large copy of these pictures, write me and I will rescan them at full size. To get to my Albums; www.photopoint.com then enter my e-mail address shelby@newnorth.net. I would also like to identify some of the men in the pictures. You are welcome to pass along the entry to fellow members. Dad would be happy to know some were still around. He passed away 1 Dec.1986. Thank You for a wonderful site, just wish I could find my dad.
Joe O. Williams franjoe@surrealnet.net 24 May 01 - Erwin, North Carolina
I've been searching around for information about my brother, Lt. James R. Williams, 0-713985, arrived in England late September 1944, killed October 19, 1944 in what I think was a landing mishap by an incoming plane that skidded into the flight line. He was pilot of P-47 Thunderbolt, still in a training group, 495 AAF Fighter Tng. Gp. He was buried somewhere in England and removed to Athens Ohio in summer of 1948. Just thought maybe this tng gp may have been training for escort for your Org.
Sara Brower ibrow127@yahoo.com 24 May 01 - PA
Enjoyed the website. I'll have to show it to my father sometime. He was 8th - 942nd Photo Recon. Great job. Sara
Jim jconvery57@home.com 23 May 01 - Missouri
I have a 1/72d model of hells angels No. 41 24577. Do you have any history on this aircraft? What are the names of the crew members and are they still living? If you have any information on this I would like to here for you. These planes are more than models to me they are a snap shot in time like a photo. I like to look at them and remember that men risk their lives in these planes and wonder what is must have been like flying to the target through flak and enemy fighters. When I was young I use to dream about how exciting it must have been but now that I am older (58) I just wonder how you did it. I often wonder if I would have had the courage to do it. On this memorial day week end I want to thank you for you service to our country. Best regards
Reginald & Mary Burgess mansonburgess@mcmail.com 23 May 01 - London, England
Our good friend Malcolm Magid is a member of 303rd Bomb Group and he gave us the address. I have not yet explored the web site but will send comments when I do.
William W Kurnik BillK1983@aol.com 23 May 01 - Illinois - (family of a 303rd Member)
My dad (deceased) Walter F Kurnik was a navigator in the 303rd and related some great stories when I was a kid (embellishing somewhat I am certain).
Raymond E. Haakonsen haak23@aol.com 21 May 01 - Illinois - (303rd BGA Member)
Hello... enjoy the web site. Thanks for all the work... Looking forward to seeing everyone in Sept. I am in the 427th Squadron... Bye for now..
Richard Ketner mepengy@earthlink.net 21 May 01 - Pennsylvania - (family of a 303rd Member)
Thank you for all your work! I'm anxious to sit with my father to show him what I've found (and you've accomplished). My dad is Wilbert L. Ketner (on your missing list) he's alive and well, but doesn't surf the net!! I want to review this with him prior to giving his info! I'm a fan of all aircraft. My dad, son and I attend WWII weekend at Reading, PA every year. I'm also named after and Godson of Lt. Gen. Richard M. Montgomery of USAF -deceased. He was on Curtis Lemay's staff and a friend of my parents (same hometown of Altoona, PA). I will be visiting your site soon to research as much as I can and to buy some gifts. Thank-you again.
Peter Campion generalaccident@thefreeinternet.co.uk 21 May 01 - United Kingdom
I met a member whist on vacation on a cruise who was visiting Madeira he gave me your website address I have forgotten his name: I happened to mention I was a Fighter Pilot{Flying Spitfire Fighter Aircraft}: with Royal Air-Force in 2nd: World War and on "D" - Day supported the invasion Forces at Normandie on June 6th: 1944: Also meeting U.S. Pilots at the International Forces / Rainbow Club Piccadilly Circus closed in 1946:
Lesley Hallden Nowakowski grandma21500@yahoo.com 18 May 01 - Corfu, NY - (family of a 303rd Member)
Robert Hallden was my father's first cousin. As children they were very close. Bobby was killed in his B-17 at the beginning of WWII. It was a tremendous loss to the family, and as I never knew him personally, I have known him through the years through stories and memories that are passed on. I just came across this website and am thrilled to see a photo of Bobby and his crew for the first time. I am very appreciative of this site and will refer back to it numerous times again. Thank you.
Patrick Egan patrick@openmake.com 18 May 01 - California
Your have a fantastic site. It is very informative I hope someone here can help me. My Dad (Don Reid) was a B17 crewman in England and I have almost no information about his bomb group. I have his Jacket patch and wings however. He also had a tattoo on his arm that was crossed eights like a propeller. He said that was his group. 88th maybe? On his patch is the Logo "Impossible? Can Do." and there is a picture of a Beaver holding a B17 in one hand and a Wrench in the other. The beaver is sitting astride crossed eights like his tattoo. Any help in figuring out what group he was with, where and when would be wonderful.
Espen Lovold espysp@hotmail.com 18 May 01 - Norway
Hi. I'm interested to find out if 1Lt. Ole Lovold, from the Eugene R. McCutchan crew -360th BS, is still alive, and if you have an address for him? He looks just like my dad (also named Ole Lovold) and myself, so I'm sure we're related. Your page is very good!
Mark Landry marklinda@net1plus.com 17 May 01 - Massachusetts
Great website! I was pleasantly and sadly surprised when I found photos and information regarding Douglas E. Hicks who was a Tech Sergeant on the "Sweet Pea." Our V.F.W. is named in his honor, but I only knew that he was in the Army Air Force and died during the war. His last mission must have been terrifying after two engines were disabled, German fighters shot out the bomb bay door mechanism after the crew dropped their load and then Douglas bailed out early when the plane went into a spiral. According to his crewmate, Douglas parachuted behind enemy lines, was beat and then shot. At 19 years old, he was too young to die.
Roy Frank irfrank@juno.com 16 May 01 - Hurst, Texas
I am always interested in anything from WWII. I have many books including several about the Bomb Groups out of England. I am 63 years old, was in the Coast Guard but have a love for those flyers from long ago. Am also a history buff of U.S.Army Infantry, European Theatre, and U.S. Marine Corps, Pacific Theatre. Had Uncle who flew the "Hump." Uncle killed crossing the Remagen Bridge.
Vern Ela vela@mail.ucf.edu 16 May 01 - Orlando, FL
I never knew my cousin, Lyman Ela was a crew member, and flew combat missions during the war. Thank you for providing me with this information! Vern Ela, USNR (Ret)
Louis Swiniuch vetroadrunner@aol.com 16 May 01 - Salem, Massachusetts
I was stationed at Molesworth, with the 582nd Airesupply Group 1955-1957.
Kathy Beene thebeenes@worldnet.att.net 16 May 01 - Fresno/Helm Cailf
Looking for info on Puddin's Pride met the man who did the nose art at the Fresno Doolittle reunion. He is Harry Asharr. (I'm not sure on last name spelling) great guy to talk to. He was with the 452 BG. 728sq. Thanks for the great site
John R. Culpin jculpin1@earthlink.net 15 May 01 - Connecticut
Please help! I came across this web site yesterday while researching the genealogy of the Culpin name. I've not had the time yet to browse everything. I was surprised to learn my namesake (John J. Culpin) was a navigator on board a B17. I'm very much interested in learning more about him. My sister is doing most of the genealogy research and would gladly share her findings. If anyone could assist me, I would appreciate it very much!
Alan Blum alnbct@aol.com 15 May 01 - Connecticut - (family of a 303rd Member)
I'm one of the son's of Eugene Blum; my older brother was in Georgia on business and visited a museum down there; anyway's he e-mailed me two websites. I found the website named Joe Worthley crew and saw the picture of my father and the crew, very interesting all of the info I uncovered; I'll keep in touch, my name's Alan by the way.
dr.hans-juergen kuehn h-j.kuehn@gmx.de 14 May 01 - Germany
I am looking for films and photos of the Heligoland raids, perhaps you can help me. We have published two books about the development and destructions of the fortifications of heligoland between 1891 and 1947. Would you like to help and contact us. Sincerely yours, Hajo
Pascale Coadou jopa9@mindspring.com 13 May 01 - New York, NY
Dear Sir, I am a french citizen born in the city of Romilly sur Seine (Aube). Your site appeared as I was looking for information on Romilly. I would be very glad to know more about "mission 66" on September 3, 1943. There is a picture on your site with the crewmen. Both my grandparents are now deceased and I do not have much information about that time of their life or what happened in my hometown at this time. If you have time, I would like to hear from you. Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my mother tong! I enjoyed your website. Sincerely,
Sam Halpert sam8ch@hotmail.com 12 May 01 - Florida
Congratulations on a very fine website. I flew 35 missions with the 91st BG, 324 Sq. from 9/9/44 (Ludwigshafen) to 2/3/45 (Berlin). Please click on my new site www.b17sam.com Comments appreciated. Thanks
Dick Johnson fortdriver@aol.com 11 May 01 - Maryland - (303rd BGA Member)
Due to a notice that I had placed in the VFW Magazine I have found John R. Johnston of the 358th Squadron who was shot down on about his 13th mission. He is 80 years old and will attend the Baltimore reunion.
Harriett Hitt 11 May 01 - Birmingham, Alabama - (family of a 303rd Member)
I think this site is wonderful. My father is William Thomas Hitt. He was a SGT in the 358th. I can't wait to show him this web site. He will love it. Dad is 82 years old and still works 40 hours/week. He will have many stories to tell me when he sees all of these wonderful pictures. We do not have an e-mail address.
Robert F Lewis Jr rob_lewis@worldnet.att.net 10 May 01 - Texas/DFW/Cowtown
I've indulged flight sims for a couple of months now and really only care for classic US fighters, bombers, pby's/ and some helo's. I'm originally from Sacto, Ca. and have known a little about the "real" Hell's Angels since I was young. I'm honored you allow visitors to view photo's and such. Rob
John G. Jedinak ss1jg1@aol.com 09 May 01 - Indiana - (family of a 303rd Member)
Enjoy your site tremendously. Walter F. Kurnik (Nav...Emmitt Harrison crew) is (was) my uncle...he is deceased.... and I remember well his being with the 303rd. Your website always brings new items to my attention. Thanx
Geoffrey Nottage nighthawk_films@hotmail.com 08 May 01 - Sydney, Australia
A wonderful site. More than that, a living history, and probably the most detailed and comprehensive I have found. My uncle served as a bomb aimer with 460 RAAF Squadron, flying Lancasters. I wish there was as detailed a collection of their history as you have with yours. The photograph collection of crews, their aircraft, their history is deeply poignant, and the collection of nose art a constant reminder of the power of women to inspire!! It is interesting to compare the range of nose art with the British & Empire equivalent. "Nick the Nazi Neutraliser" is fun, but those sensuous, reclining nudes are nicer on the eye! I wish you further great things with this site, and I shall return regularly.
Tim Downey tim2sing@earthlink.net 07 May 01 - Riverside, California - (family of a 303rd Member)
I've looked for two or three years for information about my father, Lt. Francis G. Downey. Through your web site I've been able to help my son learn more about the grandfather he never met. Thank you.
Walter Polk waltpolk@aol.com 06 May 01 - USA
Former enlisted USAF; having been stationed at RAF Alconbury 1960-1963; 58 years old and realizing the need to fully appreciate my past and try to enjoy the future.
Ed Rathje edr@jmi.com 05 May 01 - NH
Hello - I enjoyed seeing your site, in conjunction with my first efforts of building my own site about my uncle's story. He landed in Switzerland on 4/24/44 at Altenrhein, after the Oberpfaffenhofen mission. I had a struggle finding this town until I finally got it spelled right. On your page of landings in Switzerland, I see that there was at least one other on the same day at Oberpfaffenhofen (misspelled). See my author's notes at my site about this! I have a link to the current airport and Dornier factory at Oberpfaffenhofen at http://www.jmi.com/WWII. Congratulations on your efforts and your great site.
John Stewart jstewart@btinternet.com 03 May 01 - United Kingdom
Website obtained in book entitled "Half a Wing, Three Engines and a Prayer" by Brian O'Neill. I purchased the book at Pittsburgh airport while passing through on a business trip. It's good to know that the effort and sacrifice of all these young men is recorded for posterity and so conveniently accessible on the internet.
Fred Preller f3red@usa.net 02 May 01 - Texas
Visited the memorial at Molesworth on last business trip - very impressive, and tastefully done. Tony Plowright was showing me the other 41st Wing memorials to go with Dad's 384th BG at Grafton Underwood, and the 378th at Kimbolton. These deeds will live on in memory! Keep the show on the road.
John C. Godburn cljcg@bellsouth.net 02 May 01 - Georgia
While web surfing this evening, I decided to enter just the word B-17. Among the thousands of sites, I discovered this one and decided to look around. As a matter of fact, I am a retired AF member, son of a retired member who flew as a navigator with the 91st/323d Sq. at Bassingbourn from March through June of '45. I have been attempting to locate anyone who might have known my dad (Jack Godburn) who graduated from Nav training in Dec 44. Anyway, your site is great and I am enthused to see there are other folks out there who are as excited/knowledgeable/dedicated to keeping the memory of the "Mighty Eighth" alive and well. Great Job guys.................John C. Godburn, Maj., USAF (Ret)